Today was the first day back to college. Students were cheering, parents were crying, it was an over all emotional day. A very tiny girl with copper red hair, (most of it was hidden by a black beanie) was walking past Greek row; a big smile grew on her face when she saw two familiar men playing with light sabers. The girl's name was Hunter Manning. If you were to take a measuring tape, you would discover that she's only 60 inches tall.

Despite Hunter's small size, she was frequently in bar fights, even though she had just turned 20, people still let her in the bars to drink their booze and play billiards. At the moment her left eye was bruised and her lip was split. Her knuckles were red and raw, but she still managed to smile. The black tank top she was wearing was shredded and showed of a lot of skin. She also wore acid wash shorts that reached mid thigh. Once she got close enough to the guys, she dropped her stuff and gently set down what looked like a cat carrier, and jumped on them.

"Gerkin, Spanky!" She screeched. The three of them fell to the floor, Gerkin was grumbling obscenities, Spanky tried his best to catch his breath, and Hunter was giggling like a school girl. They all got up, and gave her proper hugs. Hunter was brushing dirt from her clothes as she asked, "Where's everyone else?"

A chess table was set up, but no one was there. As she scanned the grass, or what was left of the grass, she saw Embele sleeping, of course. Spanky answered her, "Well, Terrance is inside getting the rest of his pieces, Jeremy is putting his stuff away, and Lenny and George aren't here yet."

The two of them picked up their lightsabers and started dueling again Hunter picked up her luggage and carrier and went into her home away from home, The Vortex. She climbed the steps, careful to miss the weaker ones, and made it to her room. She smiled when she got in. Same dirty wooden floors, dusty furniture, and broken windows. She set down her luggage and the cat carrier, a tiny 'meow' was heard and she let her hairless cat out.

A sphynx with big blue eyes crawled out and meowed again. Hunter brought out a can of wet food and opened it for him. "There ya go Harry," she murmured.

Hunter started decorating her room when Lenny walked in. She was trying her best to pin her poster up, but she was too short and couldn't reach. She was on a stool on her tippy toes, when Lenny decided to say hi. "Hunter, you're here!"

She turned and smiled; unfortunately she lost her footing and fell backwards. She landed on Lenny, who then fell back onto the bed. A cloud of dust filled the area causing Lenny to start sneezing.

"Bless you," she mumbled. He nodded in appreciation, once they both got up, they hugged each other tightly. "I've missed you Lenny, what have you been up to?"

Lenny brushed off the dust from his shirt, "Well the usual, sadly though I think my athletes foot is flaring up again and- What happened to your face?"

Hunter waved it off like it was nothing, "Oh, I got into a battle with an ex two days ago."

His eyes widened, "Are you okay?"

She nodded her head, "Oh yeah, you should have seen him. You'd be surprised how fast a man that weighs 195 can go down with a simple hit from a pool stick."

Lenny was at a loss for words, but wasn't really surprised. Hunter spent most of her time at bars and frequently got into fights, a lot of the time she ended up looking like a mess, but the satisfaction of kicking some ones ass was too good to give up.

They sat there in an awkward silence for a few minutes, this happened a lot when they were alone in a room together.

"Well, I have to go down town for some medicine, so I'll see you later?"

"Yeah definitely, I have to try and find a special shampoo for Harry anyways."

The two of them got up and Hunter stood on her tippy toes with her face to the side, showing him her cheek. He leaned down to give her a kiss on the cheek, and at the last second Hunter turned so they're lips pecked. Lenny pulled away blushing.

"Oh please," Hunter said, "it's not like that's the worse thing we've done."


After finally finding the perfect animal shop, Hunter bought the shampoo and decided to stop at the State Street diner to get her favorite vegetarian sandwich. Once she walked in, a huge crowd of people walked out, including Rachel Witchburn. The two had hated each other since freshman year. They glared at each other and bumped shoulders. Hunter was sure to shove especially hard.

After she ordered her burger a girly scream was heard and she saw Lenny run out of the girls' bathroom. A look of confusion passed her face when a waitress handed him a bill. She walked over to him, "Lenny? What happened?"

He sighed and mumbled, "Stupid kappa."

It looked like Hunter had just bitten into a sour lemon; she looked at the bill and patted his shoulder. "I'll take care of it," she said.

"Hunter, please no. I'll just take some money out from my student loan."

She laughed airily, "Don't bother, you need that money. Last night before I drove here, I won a bet and got some big bucks. I got your back."

You could tell that Lenny didn't like the idea of her paying, especially with what could have been blood money, but he let her do it. He would pay her back though, in a way that the two of them could enjoy.

Hunter and Lenny had been fooling around since freshman year, when she came home drunk and they had sex. Lenny felt terrible for taking advantage of her like that, but she had told him, "You can take advantage of me any time you want,". They never really dated, just messed around.

It was obvious that Hunter wanted more, but she knew herself too well. Hunter was the kind of girl that liked to play billiards till two in the morning, drink until her breakfast that she ate earlier that morning is on the floor, and hang out with men twice her size and age. She wasn't Lenny's type, and that thought saddened her. Luckily though, she isn't like every other girl who likes to talk about heir feelings, she'll just take another shot and go on with her life.