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5 years old [:

It was another day of practice for the blue haired boy. Tsukimori Len was walking happily hand-in-hand with his mother, the famous pianist Hamai Misa. He was holding a blue violin case on the left, while in his right was his mother. He was bouncing up and down, the case in his hand swaying as he took a step.

"Len. You're so excited dear." Hamai Misa noticed. Seeing her son very happy was rare. Unlike those other 5 year olds who didn't care about eating goo and doing silly acts, Len was matured and disciplined. The boy was always formal, and was never a fan of smiling. Sometimes she wondered if he was a robot.

As a mother, Hamai Misa knew that she missed a lot of things in Len's childhood. She wasn't there to witness all his firsts. Sadness creeped on her as she took a glance on her son. Today was his first recital, and because of excitement, Misa cancelled all her appointments for today. She wouldn't miss this for the world.

"Of course mom. This is the first time I'm going to present in a stage and a lot of people will be watching. More than the number of my fingers! " Misa chuckled at his comment. Presenting onstage was one of Len's dream. He's too young, but he was starting to build his own life. Misa was proud to have him.

"I'm really glad that you're here mommy. Daddy might be somewhere because he needs to do something, but he promised dinner right? Now, you're hear with me, and I'm so happy!" Misa was touched by her son's words. The little guy's so sweet, yet cold-hearted when it comes to strangers. Sometimes she wondered if he's really bipolar, or he's just shy. He never met kids his age; he was always inside the confines of their big house.

"Well, why don't you practice your piece a bit? You want to win right?" He nodded. "Play the piece for me, then I'll be the judge if it's good or not." She smoothed his hair, and opened the door of the vacant practice. While Len was preparing his instruments, Misa was thinking about the song he was playing for three days straight already. At his age, he was talented. Precise notes, wonderful playing technique, perfect posture, what more can they ask for?

Len settled his case at the table and opened it. Inside was a golden violin and bow. It was his parent's gift for his third birthday. Since then, he wasso attached to it. His parents believed that if he learned to play young, then it would be easier for him in the future. And they wanted him to follow their footsteps. With musical genes from both parents, he was really taking the path of a musician.

Beautiful music filled the air as the bow touched the strings. Hamai Misa swayed with the music, closing her eyes and letting it sooth her. She remembered good times with her family, how her and her husband's life changed when Len came in their lives. Len's music was so pure and innocent, yet perfect in his own way. When he reached the middle of the song, another violin started playing.

Len was so carried away with playing the violin. The other violin didn't ruin the song, it made it a lot more better. His body started to sway too, his movements more fluid. Misa had never seen a chilfd gracefully play except for her son. He was really one of a kind.

She was happy to see him being affected by the music of the other violin. Misa enjoyed watching Len sway to the music, a small rare smile present in his lips. He was so calm, so peaceful. Then a thought entered her mind. Violin Romance..

Her hormonal, lovestruck teenager side was alive again. How could she forget Violin Romance? It was the talk of the year during their batch because of her two good friends marrying each other. Both were playing violin, both were rivals at first, but they easily give in. Her mind flew to matchmaking, then hoping that the other player wasn't a boy.

Time passed, the song was about to end. Len was still mesmerized by the song. His mind was still off to La La Land, where everything was quiet and peaceful. As the last note hung in the air, a forbidden question entered young Len's thoughts. Is the other player a girl? Red stained his cheek. He was still young, a five year old to be exact. An organism with one x and one y chromosome like him shouldn't be thinking about the other gender, specially at a tender age.

"Len dear. Wonderful. You'll surely be loved by the judges. Anyway, let's go look for the other player." Len's thoughts were distracted by her mother's voice. He nodded, placed his instrument at the proper place, took her mother's hand, and went outside. What he didn't know was that he's not just going to meet her best friend; he's also going to meet the one he's fall in love with.


Kahoko sighed and took a deep breath as she entered a vacant practice room. Today was the day of her much awaited recital. It was supposed to pass unknown; she never expected her mother to tell her friends about this. Of course, her mother and sister were really there to watched. Her friends, Nami-chan, Mio-chan, Nao-chan, Shouko-chan, Keiichi-kun, Azuma-kun, Kazuki-kun, and Ryoutaro-kun came along with them. Those were the people who was friends with her since they're in diapers. She didn't want to make herself a fool in front of them.

If not for the recital, Mio-chan, Nao-chan, and Nami-chan should be playing princess, with Shouko-chan as the princess. Keiichi-kun would be sleeping inside the small playhouse at his house. Kazuki-kun, Ryoutaro-kun, and Azuma-kun would be playing ball. She slapped her head mentally. She thought she was bothering everyone else, but actually, she was doing them a favor.

Staring at the instrument in front of her, she tried to bury her thoughts. Those things in her mind wouldn't really help in her playing. Add her outfit with nervousness and crazy thoughts. Nami-chan picked it. The thick strapped dress was simply red, witha simple white belt at the waist accented with a big red flower. She was about to argue with Nami-chan a while ago, asking her to at least pick shorts, a tank top, and flipflops, but Nami-chan looked at her like she's mad.

"I have never seen anyone in stage who wear shorts and a shirt with flipflops, except if it's a play. This is a recital, Kaho-chan. People wear formal dresses because it's their time to shine." Nami-chan's exact words. Kahoko's mom, Hino Sayori, even praised the little scheming girl for successfully pushing her daughter with those beautiful clothes.

Kahoko heard someone else playing a violin. The song was simple, sweet, yet it touched Kahoko's heart like no other. It's not the way she felt when she listened to famous musicians; the emotion was foreign to her. It made her relax, yet the same time made her heartbeat speed up. She took her violin, closed her eyes, and her music joined the other one.

The music they made was innocent, yet there's something different with it. It's simple, yet complicated in it's own way. Sweet, yet full of hard notes. Nobosy would ever think that music from two young hearts would result to something as beautiful as that. As the song ended, Kahoko opened her eyes, staring at the window. A question formed in her mind.

Is he a boy? Kahoko blushed with that thought. She was still young, and she didn't know if love was true. The love that she was aware was about the love her parents had, the same as the love in fairytales. And take note, fairytales and her parents got their happy endings. Her hands went limp, and it hung on the sides, holding the neck of the violin and the bow.

The door suddenly opened, which surprised Kahoko. No one knew she was practicing. She turned around, and the red in her cheeks darkened a little more as gold met amber.

The boy's hair was blue, kind of ruffled. His golden orbs were swimming with emotions, and there's a smile in his face. He looked so cute. Kahoko thought, but quickly pushed it away. For sure it's just a childhood crush, or puppy love. Instead of staring at the boy, Kahoko turned to the person beside him. She had the same blue hair, but in her face was a soft smile, and her eyes were pools of brown.

"You play well dear." The blue haired woman closed the distance between her and Kahoko. As she hugged Kahoko, the young girl stiffened. It's not everyday that some stranger would hug you. Kahoko searched for the young boy's eyes, and she relaxed easily, aware that he's present.

"I'm Hamai Misa, and this is my son, Tsukimori Len." The blue haired woman introduced. Kahoko just nodded.

"I'm Hino Kahoko. Nice to meet you." Kahoko greeted, bowing to show respect. She looked back at them and gave a toothy grin.

"You're Sari-chan's daughter?" Misa gasped. She's heard of the little girl during her gossip time with her high school best friend, but she had never seen her before in person. Obviously, she got Sari's red hair, button nose, and plump lips. The couples' eyes were amber, but Kahoko's was a shade deeper. Kahoko just nodded. The announcer suddenly announced that the recital's about to start.

"Okay. We'll wait for you here. Get your things." Misa said to her. Kahoko followed, quickly but neatly returning her things to the proper place. She closed the case. Misa offered her hand and she took it. They went outside and saw Len staring at them. Kahoko let go of the elder's hand and walked in front of Len.

"Hi. I'm Kahoko." She offered a hand. Len looked at it for a while, before taking it and again, giving a smile.

"Hi. I'm Len." He said. Kahoko giggled as he dragged him to the backstage. He just laughed with her, swinging their intertwined hands. Misa looked at them from afar. Seems like I'm in need of a good talk from Sari-chan. It seems like Violin Romance is having its way again.

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