Oh no! It's new story time once again!

I'm probably confusing everyone now, what with the all the alerts you're probably getting for updated/new stories I'm doing. But, I swear, everything around me is causing me to have more and more ideas pop into my head.

And, this new story was inspired by the song, "High School Never Ends" by Bowling for Soup. I curse my friend, *scourgeluver, for getting me hooked on it!

She sent me a youtube video that has the Twilight movie as the video. At first I was like, "What the hell?!" at it, but after thinking about it, it has given me the inspiration for writing this story.

I won't base the characters off from the lyrics and all. I have the video on my profile if you want to see what I'm talking about.

Well actually, I might use some of the lyrics to happen to one of the characters, or something like that.

Here's the full summary on the story:

~Bella is the new girl to the well-known Spartan Forks Academy, where parents send their teens to spend a whole school year without coming home. At first, Bella thought it was prestigious and primp. But, once she set foot on the campus, chaos broke out. The school has many pranksters, populars, nerds and many more kinds of groups. She meets her friends over the weeks she spends there- including the most well known prankster and heart-throb of the school: Edward Cullen.~

All AH w/ no vampires! No creatures, so sorry!

Might have OOC on some characters, don't know.

Rating "M" for themes later on! I swear, I won't make a mistake for mis-rating it. Please don't be mad at me for not updating on older stories and getting rid of "Weapons of Choice"!

Now, we begin!

High School Never Ends

Chapter 1

Bella's POV

"Bells!" My father, Charlie shouted from the first floor of our small house in Forks, Washington. I got up off my bed and stumbled my way down the stairs, wearing my black tank top and dark jeans with my black converse.

It was July, a full month away from starting my next year in high school. I had moved down from Seattle to Forks, Washington to live with my dad since my mom was busy at her place in Seattle. The old high school I went to- when I just got out as an old sophomore- was perfect for me, where all of my old friends were. Sure, I was in a cool group where we were enemies to the populars, and sure I got into too many fights- where I still have the bruises and scars to show for- but all of my friends in that group stood up for me in about everything.

Now, I was going to a new school, meeting new people and being known as "the newbie". At least I was going to be a junior.

"You got mail from your new school." Charlie told me, handing me a white envelope. I took it from him and made my way into the small kitchen. I opened the letter and began reading it.

Dear Miss Isabella Swan,

We would like to send you a introduction letter to our school, Spartan Forks Academy. Where, the students here are prestigious and primp. No funny business will be tolerated, or severe consequences will be issued.

Students in your grade may help you get around the school, to memorize routes to classes.

No uniforms are issued as well, but please follow these rules for the right clothing to our school:

1.) No showing cleavage

2.) No gang logos

3.) No bandanas/dewrags/ hats inside the class buildings

4.) No sunglasses inside as well

5.) No extreme exposure of skin

6.) If wearing short skirt, please wear shorts of some sort underneath

If the rules are followed, then no problems will be issued.

Have clothing ready for winter, fall, spring, and summer- as we have a gym pool- and any other clothing you'll think that would be necessary for the school.

Please feel free to call the school for any information you would like to know about our school.

Your principal/headmaster,

Mr. Horris

At the bottom of the page was the school number and the address to the school. Hmm, well, at least there isn't any school uniform for me to worry about. I had enough winter, summer, spring and fall wear so didn't need to worry about that.

Also in the envelope was a map of the whole school, with the dorms for the students, and my new schedule. I took a quick peak at it:

1st period: Math

2nd period: English

3rd period: Music

4th period: Theater

5th period: Lunch

6th period: Biology

7th period: Library

8th period: Day "A"- Art; Day "B"- Gym Day "C"- Any workshop you sign up for (Sign up for any workshop on first day)

9th period: Free period

Hmm, its looks a little messed up to me. Switching back and forth from all of those classes, well, I think I'll be running all over the place- since I traced the routes on my map.

The first day of high school starting would be on the first day of August. So, I still had a full month to prepare for it. Notes that were also inside the envelope said I only needed some pencils, a couple of pens and a highlighter. It said that teachers would be supplying the rest.

Shrugging, I went up stairs to my room and placed my letter, schedule, map and the rest of the things in the mail on one of my bedside tables. I grabbed my keys and headed down the stairs.

"Going out somewhere, Bells?" Charlie asked as I made my way over to the door. "Just off to the park. I'll be back at-" I glanced at the clock over the TV to see it was only three-forty six. "at five, dad. See you!" I called out as I shut the door. I headed over to my small white beetle and got in. I started the car and drove to the park.

Little boys and girls were playing on the small jungle gym while their parents sat nearby, watching them. Teens were playing in the field, either throwing a Frisbee back and forth, laying on the grass with their friends, or watching the Frisbee game. I got out of my beetle and walked along the stone path.

"Hey! Look out!" I turned my head and ducked in time as the bright orange Frisbee sailed over my head. It thudded into the tree on my left and fell to the ground. I went over to it and picked it up, just as one of the teen boys came up to me. He had messy blond hair and baby blue eyes. He was wearing a white t-shirt with blue shorts.

"Sorry about that. It sort of slipped." The boy apologized to me. I smiled at him and handed the Frisbee over to him. "It's okay." I only told him back. "I'm Mike. Are you new or something?" he asked as he stuck out his hand. "Um, I'm Bella Swan, and I guess I'm going to a new high school. Does that count?" I asked him. Mike chuckled and nodded his head. "Cool. I'm still sorry about that." Mike admitted a sheepish smile. I told it was no problem and told him I had to go. He said goodbye and I walked back to my car, realizing it was now near five.

I got home, got Charlie his dinner and went back upstairs. That night, I fell asleep into a dreamless sleep.


Time flew over the next few weeks. Soon, it was the morning where I would be going to my new school. Charlie was loading my things in my white beetle. He would be driving me to the school, then he would take my car back to the house.

"Now, please call me if you need anything at all, or if you want to come back." Charlie told me as he turned onto the last street that led to the school. "Don't worry, dad. I'll be fine. I'll call you tonight to tell you how my first day goes." I told him as I took out my BlackBerry from my skirt pocket.

I was wearing a red t-shirt that stretched to my thighs, with a dark jean skirt and red leggings underneath. I had on my red converse to go with it. My duffle bag, suitcase and all were behind us. My hair was in a messy ponytail.

"Alright, Bells." Charlie told me gruffly. He pulled up to the school, then I reached behind me and grabbed my stuff. I kissed my dad's cheek, got out of the car and waved him goodbye, without even glancing at the school.

When I turned around, my mouth dropped in shock.

Sorry to leave you at a cliffy and a short first chapter!

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