Hello Readers of HSNE, TOV!

Okay, so, I'm sorry that I have neglected this for a long time, but I have come here to say that the HSNE, TOV Quiz Part ONE has finally been made! :)

I'm sorry that it took so long just for this quiz to be up, but the site I was using wasn't really cooperating with me well, and I had to do over the quiz questions over and over... and over... and OVER! XD

But, now I finally have the first part of the quiz up for anyone to take if they want to. The link to the quiz is on my second website, and go to the Links tab, and scroll down to the bottom until you see the title of the category, "High School Never Ends, The Original Version - QUIZ!"

And, I'd like to know if any of you would like to continue taking the quiz once you're all done with taking the first part, and so that I know when to make the next part. :)

And now, I bid all of you farewell for now!

~*Lady Lily of Darkness*~