Title: A Lot in Common

Author: NeroAnne

Disclaimer: I do not own Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, or Edge.

Summary: Matt Hardy's marriage is falling apart. His best friend Adam takes him to a local gay bar. There, he meets a gorgeous exotic dancer. They flirt…talk and begin to fall in love. But what'll happen when they realize that they are brothers? Oh yeah…and did I mention Orton?


Matt dragged his hands down his face, listening to his wife scream curses at him. His blood began to boil, he grit his teeth. He worked late; he didn't have fucking time to clean the dishes she wanted him to! "Amy, shut the fuck up!"

The redheaded woman stared at him, eyes wide.

"All this shit that you're putting us through, it's your doing! I stood by you when you got drunk and seduced Adam! I stood by you when I found out you miscarried! I've stood by you for everything and you blame me for something as insignificant as this?! I've had it!"

Matt moved to their room, grabbing his stuff. He always kept things packed…

Ignoring Amy's whimpering, he tore open the front door, getting out. He headed to Adam's car, which was still parked out front. He got in, hissing under his breath for the blonde to get him the hell away from there.


Adam glanced over at his best friend, "Hey, man…Jay and I are more than happy to take ya in…"

Matt smiled weakly, "I know…and thank you…" he rested his head on the window, staring up at the sky. Tears stung in his eyes but he refused to let them fall.

Adam sighed, cursing Amy in his head. She was never good to Matt…For one thing, she freaking molested him while she was drunk…she and an old friend of theirs, Glenn Jacobs, had sex and lost a baby…all while she was with Matt…

"You know what? Forget Amy!" Adam grinned, moving into his garage, "Pick out your best outfit. We're going to the garden."

Matt groaned, "Please, Adam…I don't want to go there…" he thought for a few minutes, "Isn't that where you met Jay?"

Adam nodded, "Best day of my life. Come on, Jay was invited to go…and he wants me to meet some of his friends."

Matt groaned, rubbing his temples, "I'm going to regret this."

Adam chuckled, "Wicked Garden, here we come!"


Blue eyes peeked out the curtains. "There are a lot of guys here tonight…"

"So what?" a low, rude voice murmured. "All they're here for is the Hardy slut."

The blue-eyed male frowned, "Don't be such an ass, DiBiase. It isn't Jeff's fault that he's better looking than you are."

Ted DiBiase stood, his fists clenched, "What did you just say, Irvine?"

Chris Irvine smirked, "Hard of hearing, assclown?"

Ted growled.

"Both of you, shut up."

Both men turned to see Jeff's boyfriend, Randy Orton. The handsome male was sitting on a chair, watching Jeff's door with cloudy eyes.

Ted blinked, "Are you okay, Randy?"

Randy snarled, "It's like you said…all they're here for is to see that slut…my slut…dance around for money."

Chris crossed his arms, "If you cared for him…you wouldn't make him do this."

"How else are we supposed to survive?" Randy growled. "I work days…he works nights. That's how it goes."

Chris bit his bottom lip. It would be unwise to say anything offensive to Randy.

Cody Runnels, a new coming dancer came out from the stage. He panted, "I hear," he gasped, "That some guy named Jay is coming to visit."

"What?" Randy stood, "Who the hell invited him back?!"

"I did."

Chris turned, "Really?"

Jeff smiled, his green eyes shining. "Yeah…I know you miss him. I miss him too," he turned around, gasping when his arms were roughly grabbed by his boyfriend.

"What the hell are you thinking?! No doubt he'll bring that bastard Copeland with him, you know how much I hate that guy," he shook Jeff hard.

Jeff winced, "Randy…you're hurting me…"

His grip didn't loosen.

Jeff sighed, putting his head on Randy's shoulder, "Baby…did you take your medication?"

"I forgot," the taller male admitted. "Fuck, Jeff…if Copeland so much as looks at me, you'll get it later on." He warned. "Go finish getting ready, you look fucking disgusting."

Jeff lowered his head, moving back to his changing room.

Chris watched him go, his eyes narrowing. Fucking Orton…

Their boss, Shane McMahon came up, smiling, "Ready, Chris? AJ and Evan are almost done."

Chris nodded, tugging at the tight black pants, "Ready."


"What am I doing here?" Matt asked himself, staring around at all the guys. His vision was blurry, all those damn fluorescent lights bugging the hell out of him. He smoothed out the invisible wrinkles in his silk black shirt.

Adam sighed, "Matt, come on, man. Try to have a good time, at least." He had his arm wrapped around Jay's shoulders. His own shirt, buttoned up nearly half-way, was also black.

Jay smiled, "I can't wait to see everyone…it's been so long." His bright blue eyes appeared nearly silver with all the lights around them.

When the announcer announced that Chris, stage named, "Sexy Beast" was to dance next, Jay squealed, clapping his hands.

Adam smiled, "He's a close friend of ours," he told a confused Matt.

Matt nodded, "I see."

They watched the blue-eyed blond dance, smiling softly. He was really good…they disliked, however, the cat-calls and money thrown about.

After Chris collected the money he earned, he made his way backstage.

"Our next dancer…Wicked Garden is proud to present; "Enigma!"

The beat of a quick, dance song came on.

Matt sucked in a deep breath. The pretty…almost too pretty male stepped out of the curtain, donned in a purple skirt and tight black midriff. His hair was blonde, streaks of purple tinted into it. He had the loveliest green eyes…

The blonde beauty teasingly bit his bottom lip, abusing the poor flesh. He lowered himself to his knees, smirking seductively as the cat-calls rang out.

Grasping the pole, Jeff pulled himself up, making sure to make it as sexy as possible and sticking his ass in Matt's general direction. Wrapping a leg around the pole and hooking it, Jeff slowly turned in a circle, his head tilted back. Wrapping his legs around the pole he put his hands on it and pulled himself up. He slid down slowly, twisting. He landed with his knees crossed, his finger at his lips.

"Wow…I think I just saw some guy throw a hundred," Adam murmured.

Matt barely heard him. He watched as Enigma winked, before he slowly stood, his lovely legs spreading. He shivered.

"Isn't he great?" Jay asked, his eyes never leaving the male.

The dance coming to an end, they watched as Enigma slowly slid onto his knees again. He arched his back, like a cat, before tossing his hair behind him, shooting them a smoldering look.

The whistles, claps and howls from the men finally snapped Matt out of his daze. He watched as the light came on, bathing Enigma in light. God, he looked so hott…


Though he was ashamed, Jeff couldn't help the smile that crossed his lips. He stared into dark brown eyes, the ones that sent a shock through his body. He bit his lips, turning away to wave at the crowd.

'Forget it…a guy like him has to be married.' Collecting the money, Jeff made his way backstage.


Jeff handed Randy the money, watching him begin to count it. He sighed, accepting the bottle of water from Chris, "Thanks."

Chris smiled, "Did you see Jay?"

Jeff flushed. Actually…he hadn't looked at anyone but the dark haired/eyed stranger. "Uh huh," he lied, taking a sip of his water.

Chris smirked, "Yeah right," he leaned forwards, making sure Randy couldn't hear, "I saw you looking at that gu-"


Chris and Jeff both jumped, feeling someone sling their arms around their necks. When both looked up, they gasped. "Jay!"

Jay pulled them close, hugging them hard. He was squeezed just as hard and he laughed happily. "I missed you guys!"

"Missed you two!" Chris and Jeff said in unison.

They let go.

Jay fixed his shirt, "Adam is here and he brought a friend."

Adam grinned, "Yes! I have arrived, make way!"


Adam caught Jeff, hugging him hard, "Hello, sweetheart," he petted the purple-streaked hair, "Very nice dance," he winked.

Jeff flushed, but smiled.

"Hey! What about me?" Chris whined.

"But of course!" Adam cried out, hugging Chris as well, "You were lovely too, dearest."

Jeff giggled, watching them interact. "So, Addy, Jay says you brought a friend?"

Adam smirked, "Yeah, it's the guy staring at your ass right behind ya."

Jeff blinked, turning around. He gasped.

Dark brown eyes stared down into own eyes. A light blush dusted his tan cheeks. "I wasn't looking at your ass," he said softly, his low southern drawl causing Jeff to shiver. He glanced down, eyeing the toned, built body of the tall male.

"I'm Matthew," the handsome male said smiling, he held out his hand.

Jeff licked his lips, "I'm…Jeffrey…" he placed his hand into Matt's, "Pleasure to meet you," he whispered, staring up into the chocolate brown eyes.

Matt quickly wet his own lips, pressing a kiss to the smaller male's hand. He watched those pretty green eyes widen, "Pleasure is all mine," he murmured.

Jeff bit his lip, shyly ducking his head. He jumped when rough hands landed on his shoulders. They squeezed, causing him to whimper quietly.

Randy gave Matt a forced smile, "I'm his boyfriend, Randy."

Matt gave him a weary look, "Matt," he introduced.

Randy nodded. He moved his hands down to Jeff's waist, "Let's go."

"Can't I change? It's cold out…" Jeff whispered.

Matt glanced down at his bare legs…that skirt was really short…

"You'll change in the car," Randy said lowly. He steered Jeff away from Matt.

Jeff was quickly shoved past Adam, Chris, and Jay, "Bye, guys," Jeff whispered before he was led out the back door.

Adam sighed, "Why is Jeff still with Orton?" he asked.

Chris ran a hand through his hair, "You know why…Jeff doesn't have anywhere else to go…"

Matt tilted his head, "Do his parents know he's with that guy?"

Jay sighed, "Jeff doesn't have any parents...he has foster parents, but they couldn't care less about what he does, who he's with or why he's with them…"

Matt frowned. "Terrible…"

Jay's eyes watered, "It is…it truly is."

Chris felt his stomach churn. Who knows what Randy will do to Jeff tonight…


"Baby, please, slow down!" Jeff begged, holding onto the seatbelt for dear life.

The dark blue car sped through red lights, stop signs, and even a couple of people…

"Shut up, bitch." Randy murmured, his tone calm. "I can not believe you. Flirting right in front of me…after all I've done for you."

"I wasn't flirting!" Jeff cried, "I was being polite."

Randy chuckled, "A slut like you doesn't know how to be polite." He unzipped his pants, "Suck me."

Jeff shook his head, "You're driving too fast…you'll kill us…"

"Jeff. Fucking suck me or I'll really kill you later on."

Jeff whimpered, pushing off his seatbelt. He twisted in his seat, slowly lowering his head.

Randy smirked, "Don't think you're off the hook either…you'll be punished for looking at anyone but me."

Jeff only sighed around his dick in response.


I've been dreaming this for a week now. Time to get it on paper, XD.

Anyway, ages are:

Jay and Chris: 24

Matt: 25

Adam: 26

Randy: 24

Jeff: 21

Yup, yup, yup! XD!

None of this is REAL. I have no clue what goes on in the lives of Matt, Jeff, Amy, Adam, Jay, Chris or Randy. This is just for my amusement.