Author Notes: Third fic for my Alphabet Meme. These two are just too adorable, and I'm glad I got a few prompts for them. x)

Pairings or Characters: Mori/Haruhi
Word Count:
Prompt – S is for Starving.

Lunch Time

Haruhi's stomach rumbled as she sat in the library which was, like everything else at Ouran, unnecessarily large and elaborately decorated. She'd gotten lost more than once among the multitude of shelves, but she had managed to find the books she wanted and taken up an entire table with her materials. She had started her research during her free period, but was beginning to realize she'd studied through it and lunch period.

Glancing up at the large, ornate clock above the library doors, she realized she had just enough time before her next class to grab a small bite to eat. The third music room was close by, and she knew where the snacks were kept. She only hoped Hani wouldn't mind her eating a few.

After checking out a few of the most important books, she jogged towards the Host Club in hopes of satisfying her stomach, at least until classes ended.

Peeking in through the door to make sure the room was indeed empty, she stepped through once the coast was clear and headed for the ridiculously huge snack cupboard -- though, she supposed, with Hani's appetite for snacks, maybe that was the one thing in Ouran that was obscenely large for a good reason. She fumbled to keep hold of the several books she'd taken from the library as she opened the door and nearly dropped them when she saw Mori standing inside.

"Mori-senpai!" she cried in surprise. He turned to look at her and raised an eyebrow, which she took to mean he was equally startled to see her there. Before either could ask why the other was there, another loud grumble from Haruhi's stomach answered Mori's unspoken question for her. A blush settled quickly in her cheeks, but his lips only quirked up in a smile as he pulled open a drawer and reached in.

"For you," he said simply, taking the books from her hands with one of his own as he handed her a box. She opened it to see it filled with assorted expensive types of wagashi. Her eyes glistened as she stared down at the delicious treats before remembering who'd given them to her and looked back up at Mori.

"Ah, thank you. Um... May I ask why you're here, Mori-sempai?"

"Making sure Mitsukuni's requested snacks arrived... and you weren't at lunch," he replied with a shrug. She felt herself blushing slightly at his answer, but before she could say much else, the bell signifying it was time to head off to the next class sounded loudly.

"Um, I can take my books back--" she began, but he waved a hand dismissively.

"I'll walk you," he smiled. "You can eat."

Normally, she would have objected, but her stomach let out another loud protest, and she bashfully nodded as he led her out of the snack cupboard and third music room while she took a bite of her wagashi treat.