Updated at the Beginning of Season 7 – November 3, 2011

Before Sublimated Attraction begins I just want to offer a small explanation as to what this story is, but it you want to get started please feel free to skip ahead onto the pilot. For my regular readers please feel free to to go straight onto the latest chapter.

I often wonder watching Bones what the people they interact with think when they watch the dynamic our favorite pair of partners have. Therefore, I took it upon myself as a summer 2009 writing project. Now we are into the fall of 2011, and in my own opinion, my writing has improved drastically throughout writing this and thanks to your feedback and simple improvement. That being said if you see something that you believe needs corrected please let me know, but I reserve the right as the author to not go back and correct or to go back and make the changes if I see fit. If I don't change anything it's not an insult to you it's just me determining that I don't believe it needs fixed for any number of reasons.

The first six seasons are complete. As season seven airs I will be writing pieces for each episode as it becomes available. When there is a new episode, it usually takes me a couple of days following the airing of an episode to post the piece. Mainly because I'm crazy and need to watch the episode at least twice before I'm comfortable writing on it, that and work and the real world has to come first.

For those of you that are new to this story, bare in mind that there are six full seasons, which means there are more than 129 episodes, meaning more than 129 chapters. It is an endeavor to sit down and read them all in one sitting. Also, because they are not normally from anyone in the squint squad you have to struggle to remember whose talking. I would recommend reading it after watching the episode on a re-run or on the DVDs, not that you have to just a recommendation.

As I started with the beginning, there are some repeat characters, but I try as hard as possible to get people outside of the Squint Squad. Goodman, Cullen, Max, Perotta, Cam, Angela, Sweets, and Gordon Gordon all make multiple appearances; Booth and Brennan also make the rare appearance. They are short and will for the most part are always short, some episodes allow me to write on multiple characters which makes them longer, or the episodes are heavy emotionally, 3.15 The Pain in the Heart is an example.

Rolling into season seven this will probably change given that the dynamic has changed so much with 6.23 The Change in the Game. That we shall see how this collection changes and adapts as we go.

Keep in mind as your reading that the relationship we see in today took awhile, including a coma, a flashback, a book, a whole lot of cases, and a separation, to get to so the observations will slowly change. At the beginning of each piece I will let you know who it is speaking, and anything else that I think is important.

The title is from Mayhem on the Cross (4.21, chapter 80). When Sweets and Gordon Gordon are talking about Sweets' book and Sweets say that they have both sublimated their attraction to one another, because their working relationship is paramount.

Before I begin let me make this perfectly clear: I DO NOT OWN BONES. It is the property of Fox, Hart Hanson, Kathy Rechis, the actors that portray the characters and anyone else that I missed. This is a good thing because well to be honest they do a much better job creating a full story than I ever will be.

I just want to thank everyone that has already read, reviewed, favorited, story alerted, and lurks on the story. Please feel free, and you are encouraged, to leave comments on any and all that go up. All right, I think that is it. Enjoy Sublimated Attraction.

Your Humble Author,

Baby Rose