Happy Bones Day! Here's a little snippet from Finn's point of view. Of course I butchered the southern thing but I think it captures how he sees the lab and Brennan.

Bones isn't mine

7.2 - The Hot Dog in the Competition - Finn Abernathy

Have you ever gotten to work with you're idol and found them just so drastically different than you could have ever imagined them. And in fact they're a better than you could have imagined.

I had heard that Dr. Brennan was a bit... well lets just say scientific when it comes to, well everything. And as a result she was supposedly very difficult to a.) get in her good graces and b.) get to know. Fortunately getting in her good graces didn't seem too difficult to me at first. I just did my job, although I miss identified that chicken bone, but seemed none to bothered by it.

I fear I may have stepped in it though when I walked away like a coward because I couldn't handle people probing into my past. But when I got back to my little apartment I realized that I was taking the cowards way out and turned right around and went back to grovel because this internship was all I had and if I didn't commit to it then I had nothing else.

She did seem a bit ticked that I'd walk out but she didn't seem inclined to throw me out. But then she did something that no one ever had and she asked me flat out if I had killed my step-father and when I told her no she asked why I didn't and I had to confess that it was because of her work. That seemed to get me more even keel with her. And then she did something that every impression I'd ever gotten of her was completely wiped away by, she put on a southern accent and quoted John Wayne all while she was inspect the bones. I didn't take it as her mocking me though because she looked up and admitted "I love John Wayne movies," and it was so far removed from anything I'd ever heard or though of her that I could help but smile. That little girl she's carrying is very lucky.

I can only hope that winning over Dr. Brennan is enough to get in everyone else's good graces but I have a feeling that that partner of her's probably won't take a shine to me. I am not looking forward to the day I meet him.