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By Morning

Copyright July 20,1998 by Morning Revised 2001

Limburger sat slumped over his desk, with his head between his hands, bewailing his misfortune, "Failure after failure, when will it all end. I know if those annoying Biker Mice were out of my fins, I would be the fish of greatness I was destine to be. Biker Mice indeed, if they weren't so…..," an idea began to form in his devious Plutarkian's mind

"Yes, if they….. that's it! How could I not have thought of it before? KARBUNKLE,"

 After a second or two, the strange being, who resembled a figure from on old silent horror movie, appear in his usual fashion. " You bellowed," his voice dripped of sarcasm.

"Yes, I have a very important assignment for you, one that I know, will free us of our rodent problem permanently."

As Limburger explained his plan, Karbunkle was desperately trying to hold his breath, so as not to gag from the obnoxious odor and was he finding secret delight in imagining his hygienically challenged employer, falling slowly out of the nearest window, becoming a beautiful green stain on the pavement.


After locking himself in his lab for weeks, Karbunkle emerged handing over the vile containing what, Limburger saw, as his salvation. The Plutarkian adoringly eyed the container, "finally this will do what all my minions, all my weapons, all my efforts have not done." he lovingly fingered the bottle, his mind seeing the praise and admiration he would finally receive from all those who had doubted his abilities.

Karbunkle finding the utmost delight in breaking Limburgers fantasy tells him, "You still have to find a way to deliver your little package, my milk creaminess."

Find a way he did, not wanting to trust this all-important assignment to anyone else, he actually was going to do it himself. This was something he had to enjoy personally, no goons, no bombs, no lasers, but quietly, like the bite of a poisonous insect. It would be quick, permanent and most importantly, a slow, painful, inescapable, final, destruction. The feeling was an ecstasy that only his cruel heart could truly appreciate. After sending a little miss-information, that he knew would bring them to his location, he sat patiently, drooling at the mouth, waiting for his quarry.



As they raced to, what they thought was, another attempt by Limburger to claim more of Chicago for Plutark, the Biker Mice from Mars could never have imagined what they were riding into. Charley, secure in her spot behind Vinnie, was surprised it only took, a little less then a full fledge argument, to be allowed to join the guys on this Limburger bashing. Oddly enough, once arriving at the spot where Limburger was supposed to be, it was surprisingly quiet.

"Hey Throttle, I thought you said Old Lard butt was stinking around here somewhere. Looks pretty peaceful to me."

"You never know what he may be up to, so just keep your eyes open Vincent," Charley said knocking on his helmet just hard enough to make her point.

Limburger saw his targets approaching and he raised the sights aiming very carefully waiting for them to pass. The special weapon was designed to fire precisely at all three at the same time. He had to hit them directly at the base of the neck to get the desired results. With added sensors he wasn't about to miss. He finger slowly caress the trigger, then gently pulled it back. Silently each shot was released and found its deadly mark exactly at the base of the neck. He had done it, finally they would no longer be a problem, and his joy was indescribable.

Throttle was the first to react as the chemical began to enter his system. The sharp pain nearly caused him to slam his bike into his companions, but he was able to stop just short of a disaster. Modo, being the largest of the trio, only felt the small pinch and his reaction was very subtle at first. He could slow safely to a stop, and then reaching behind him, he could feel the device and removed it. Vinnie on the other hand had the most server reaction. He felt intense pain as the object released its poison causing him to blackout immediately. The bike sensing her master's distress slammed to an immediate halt.

Vinnie hung limb over the front handlebars and the unexpected stop caused Charley, the bike, and Vinnie to toppled to the ground. Charley regained her senses enough to pull out of the mass of motorcycle and mouse, to see Vinnie lying in an unconscious heap. She rushed to see how badly he was hurt, immediately seeing the silver dart impaled in his base of his skull. She removed it carefully, keeping it to analyze later.

Modo and Throttle were both beginning to feel the full effects of what ever was now in their systems. They decided to get back to the scoreboard, before what ever was going to happen, happen. A hospital was probably the better choice, but under the circumstances not an option. Modo was able to lift Vinnie on to his bike and the machine allowed Charley to control her, with Throttle following precariously behind.

Through some strange miracle they were finally able to make it back to the scoreboard. Modo got Vinnie on to his bed just before he passed out on the floor. Throttle made it to his bed, but ended up with half his body dangle over the edge. Charley knew they were in serious trouble, but had no idea what to do or whom to call. Maybe, Stoker, but could he get there in time? No, Jack! Not only was he a computer genius, but also with a few other degrees under his belt, she knew he could do something and with their long-standing friendship she knew she could depend on him. Fortunately, he was at a near by military installation working on a project for the government. He always left Charley with his private cell phone number; when he was in the Chicago area, just in case she needed him and she really need him now.

"What's taking him so long? Why doesn't he call me back?" she wondered practically biting her bottom lip off.

Finally the phone rang making her jump and grab the receiver with both hands. Half crying and half-shouting she managed to tell Jack what had happened. Once he was able to make sense of what she said he was on his way, " Don't worry, Kid, it may not be as bad as it looks," he tried to reassure her.

As she waited all she could do was make sure they were comfortable, still breathing, and whisper a prayer or two, she needed all the help she could get. The sweat poured down their faces and she tried to keep cool towels on their foreheads, whether this actually helped or just gave her something to do, while waiting for Jack, she really wasn't sure. Finally she sat down by Vinnie picking up his hand holding it to her cheek, " Don't die on me Van Wham. Don't any of you, dare die on me," her teary voice trembled.

After, what seemed like forever, she heard Jack's bike and ran to let him in. Pulling him up the stairs she practically pushed him to where the boys laid. "Calm down Charlene I'll do what I can." 

After he had examined each and took some blood samples, turning to Charley he said, "I'm going to have to take the darts and the blood samples back to my lab. I'll let you know, as soon as I know anything. I'm not sure of what it is, but something is happening to them. Maybe you should try and get in touch with their friends on Mars, from what you tell me, they may have the equipment and knowledge to better handle this what ever this is."

Charley was silent, but she shook her head in agreement. Jack put his arms around her shoulders giving her a reassuring hug," try not to worry Charley, they are made of pretty strong stuff, especially Ace over there", nodding his head toward Vinnie.

"Please Jack, try to find a way to help them", her eyes looking to him for the only hope they had.

"I'll do the best I can, kid," he gave her a light kiss on the cheek and left.

Charley stood there for a second, she had to pull herself together loosing it now wasn't going to help the guys. She set to the task at hand, first placing another pillow under Modo's head and pulling the blanket up around his shoulders, changing the cloth on Vinnie's brow, adjusting his blanket and taking Throttle's specks off putting them in a safe place. She paused for a second and looked at him closely. She always thought he was handsome, in a Martian mouse kind of way, but he looked different some how. In fact they all looked different, no that was impossible, she was just tired and her eyes must be playing tricks on her.

They moaned and tossed, but finally quieted down and she could try and contact Stoker, Carbine or somebody at the Freedom fighter base on Mars, after 3 straight hours of attempts she finally fell asleep at the vid-com.


Vinnie was the first to regain consciousness, he felt like someone had put his body through a meat grin, but after a minute he was able to at least sit on the side of the bed. He didn't know how he gotten home or what had happen after he felt the pain in his neck.  Looking around the room he saw his bros. were seemingly unharmed, but why was Modo on the floor? He saw Charley sitting at the vid-com and he knew that what ever had gone down, she was there to make sure they were taken care of. He smiled realizing that friends like her, were hard to come by.

He decided he was strong enough to at least try and put her in bed so she could be more comfortable. On standing up he felt weaker than he'd ever felt before, but it would probably pass. As he walked over to where Charley slept, he gently lifted her up and carried her over to the bed.

"Whoa, Charley sure has put on some major weight. You had better lay off the dogs, Charley girl," he chuckled glad that she couldn't hear him, but surprised at how much weaker he felt.

Charley felt herself being lifted and snuggled against the warm body still half asleep. As she slowly opens her eyes she screamed and struggled to get away. "Who-o-o are you? How'd you get up here?" she stammered looking at Vinnie like she'd never seen him before.

Almost dropping her Vinnie yelled, "What's the matter with you Sweetheart? It's me".

Charley just stared in disbelief. Her scream had awakened both Throttle and Modo and seeing Vinnie they realized why. It this was beyond anything they had ever dealt through before. Vinnie was just as dumb founded, when he looked at his bros. Charlie's mouth was just moving up and down and she slowly backed away trying to make sense of what she was seeing. Jack came bursting into the scoreboard hearing all the noise, but stopped dead in his track at the sight of the former Biker Mice from Mars who were now three very human men.


After the initial shock wore off Jack cleared his throat and trying to sound as normal as possible. "Yeah, well, I guess you've already figured out what the injections were. Some how, the chemicals altered your basic Martian metabolism morphing you into humans and far as I can tell, the effects maybe permanent.

"Charley did you get in touch with Mars, Charley… CHARLENE,"! Charley was still standing with her mouth hanging open. Jack grabbed her by the arm and gave her a shake, "Charley, snap out of it, did you get in touch with Mars?"

Charley, regaining her composure, told him that she had spent most of the night trying, but she wasn't able to get any response there had been too much interference.

The guys were still trying to come to grips with what had happened to them. They stared at each other and examined themselves, but neither had yet uttered a word. Even Vinnie who always had something to say about everything stood silent.

Jack trying to offer some small comfort told them, "Look I am no expert on this so I will keep working and see if I can work up a way to undo this. Try to get in touch with your buddies on Mars as soon as you can, the more help we get the sooner we could find an answer."

Charley told him that she would handle the situation, but maybe he should go for now, to let the guys have some time to let the situation sink in. Jack agreed and left for his lab. Charley was trying to find something to say, something that would offer comfort, hope, anything.

"At least you weren't you killed, it could have been a lot worse." They just looked at her.

"Not the right thing to say Charlene." She scolded to herself, but as she examined each one, she began to realize that as humans, they weren't too bad on the eyes. In fact they were drop dead gorgeous. Her attention focused on Vinnie first, he had maintained a very fair complexion, what was the expression, milky white? He was the same height, appeared to be less his normal weight, but he kept that same chiseled physique. Snow white hair hung like silk down past his shoulders and his once pink eyes where now a steel blue and she decided he looked like what a Viking might have centuries ago. The mask had adjusted itself to fit Vinnie's new facial features and that only added to his strikingly handsome appearance

Then scanning over to Throttle, her breath caught in her throat. He had a honey brown complexion and a face that was just shy of beautiful, with masses of copper brown waves that settled wildly on his head, the bangs still falling over his left eye his and the length was just below his neck. The transformation had even changed the appearance of the eyes given him courtesy of Karbunkle; instead of their normal light pink they were now a fire blazing, crimson red. He too had lost body mass in the transformation, but it had nicely translated into a something few words could describe, maybe magnificent would come close.

Finally there was her cuddly teddy bear, Modo. Again not as massive but he had maintained his height, and cuddly just didn't seem to fit any more. He was more like, stupendous or mind shatteringly phenomenal. The bionic arm strangely fit his new body quite well, whether it still functioned remained to be seen. His one good eye also took on another appearance; it was a deep cool onyx black. The gray fur was replace by a dark, silky, olive complexion and with the eye patch and a baldheaded, he put her in the mind of a character straight out of the tale of the Arabian Nights, Sinbad or Ali Baba.

Vinnie as always was the first to say anything, " So bros. what do we do now?"

"Do Vincent, there is nothing we can do. We maybe stuck like this for the rest of our lives, what do you suggest we, DO," Throttle said surprisingly unnerved, he usually being the calmest of the trio.

Modo on the other hand was worried about how their bikes were going to accept this new form. He was going to find out. He walked cautiously over to his, Lil Hoss, but before he could get too close the bike whined and backed away. Not deter by this, he continued toward the bike trying to reassure it, "come on Lil' Darlin, you know me." With that the bike whipped out its laser and was ready to fire. Modo backed off and sunk back on the floor to overwhelm to do much else.

By now Vinnie was deciding that, maybe this wasn't the worse thing that could have happened, as he eyed Charley thinking of all the new possibilities.

Charley caught him, "Vincent Van Wham, I can't believe you would even think about that at a time like this."

"Charley, Sweetheart, I don't know what you're talking about."

"Yeah, I just bet you don't," she said as she rolled her eyes.

To be continued……