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The PA

(Harry's Personal Assistant)

Chapter 1

Hermione opened the folded newspaper advertisement in her hand and reread it.

Personal assistant required

Must have experience and be respectful

of privacy. Very influential family so discretion is important.

Please send your Owl to the address on the back.

She stood out the front of the imposing house as she reread the address written on her scrap piece of paper. She knew the position was for a PA for Harry Potter. He wasn't as famous as his parents, since he was only one when they defeated Voldemort but he was famous all the same.

The family were very important and held high positions in the ministry. James Potter had been elected the Minister of Magic about 10 years ago and to date, he has been the longest running Minister. Sirius Black is his first in charge and together they make a formidable team.

Lily Potter is the head of the Board of Directors for St Mungos. She was a healer in her younger days and worked her way up the ladder. When her husband became Minister, she left her job to support him. They had two children, Harry and a brother, Jacob. They were born two years apart and were now aged 24 and 22.

Hermione felt rather inadequate standing out the front of the gates waiting to get permission to enter. She knew she was qualified for the job as she had worked with influential families before and had been a nanny to her last family. She was also trained with basic healing spells if an emergency should arise. The gates opened and a lady came out to greet Hermione. She had a nice look about her and Hermione hoped she had a nice personality as well.

"Good morning Miss Granger"

"Hello, I am a little early" Hermione was nervous and you could tell by her voice.

"Not a problem Miss Granger and don't be nervous, you'll be fine, and he's also really nice" the lady turned out to be Amelia and she was Mrs Potters Personal Assistant (PA). She had worked with the Potters for many years now and told Hermione she hoped she would last because Mr Potter (Harry) had a bad habit of losing his PA's. This made Hermione even more nervous. Why did he go through so many PA's? Maybe he was a horrible boss. Oh well, to late to worry now as she was already at the front door.

The entrance hall to the house was as grand as one could imagine, the fittings and accessories were clearly of a high quality and looked beautiful. The stair case was made of white marble with red carpets and gold trim. It reminded Hermione of the Gryffindor common room.

Mrs Potter came down the stairs and even though she was dressed in casual pants, a shirt and jacket she still looked elegant. She greeted Hermione and then took her into an office that was off to the right of the hall. They sat down at an exquisitely carved desk. It was made of a dark wood, possibly mahogany. The whole room was decorated with beautiful vases and antiquities. Hermione was gazing around the room while Mrs Potter was reading over her resume.

"Hermione, I see you attended Hogwarts as well, do you know my son personally?"

"No Madame, I know of him but I was a year behind him."

"I see. You did very well in your owls and Newts, Congratulations. Why did you pursue a career in personal assistance?"

"During the summer breaks I would go with my parents to Italy and we met the Cappella's there, and when I was old enough, they asked me to work with them for the break to see if I enjoyed it, and I have done this job ever since. I really enjoy it." The Cappella's were the Potters of France. They were quite an influential family with Mr Cappella being the Minister of Magic in Italy. The interview went on for about half an hour, with Hermione answering all of Mrs Potters questions with ease.

"Ok, thank you Hermione, do you have any questions?" Hermione considered asking why Harry needed a PA for example and what happened to the last one. She was also curious as to the money but knew it wasn't polite to ask at the first interview. She settled for asking about accommodation.

"Were you after a live-in personal assistant or is living off the premises permitted?"

"It will be up to the person who is offered the position, we have quarters available if need be" Mrs Potter stood up which signalled the end of the interview. Hermione rose and shook hands, she had given Mrs Potter her contact details with her initial Owl.

Hermione walked out behind Mrs Potter and complimented her on her beautiful home. Mrs Potter was pleased to hear this and offered to show Hermione the grounds. Hermione was surprised but accepted with pleasure and the two women walked out into the gardens. Lily only did this with applicants who she was seriously considering as she liked to see them in a more relaxed environment. They walked along together and admired the roses; Mrs Potter had told her to please call her Lily as she really hated formalities. They chatted for quite a while and Lily found she really enjoyed Hermione's company. Lily was impressed with Hermione's intelligence and decided she would be perfect for her Harry.

Harry was a lovely boy and they were proud of him. He had done very well at school and had achieved the highest marks possible. He studied to be an Auror and worked through the ranks rather quickly. He was in charge of the department now which meant less time on cases and more paperwork. They were equally proud of Jacob, their younger son, and when he went his own way and decided to follow his Quidditch desires they supported him fully. He was as famous for his game as he was for his name.

Lily was extremely proud of her family and was very picky whom she would let come into their circle. That was why she decided to look for Harry's PA this time, as the last three had been less than suitable. She thought she could leave it up to Harry as he had pointed out he was old enough to choose his own staff. Well that turned out to be nothing short of disastrous; all three of them were just after a husband who just happened to be the great Harry Potter. So Lily stepped in and Harry agreed after some gentle persuasion plus a stern look from his father.

They had continued their walk and had arrived at the back of the premises to a large in-ground pool. Hermione could see someone doing laps in the full size pool, she noticed it was guy and thought maybe it was Harry. The man got out of the pool and she could see he was very well built. He had long black hair which was slicked back from the water. He also had green eyes like his mother but looked rather rugged, handsomely rugged actually. She was slightly embarrassed that she had caught him at a private moment.

"Ah Hermione let me introduce you to my son" Hermione looked at Lily and Lily could see the fear in her face and she laughed at Hermione's discomfort.

"Oh no, no it's ok Mrs Potter arr Lily" Poor Hermione was stuttering as the young man approached his mother. Lily laughed at Hermione's obvious distress.

"Good morning Mother, you look beautiful as always" he leant down and kissed her cheek, "and who do we have here?" Hermione was surprised by the reaction to his mother and thought that Harry was actually quite nice. If he treated his mother so well, how bad could he be?

"Morning my son, this is Hermione Granger, she has come to apply for the PA position" Lily looked at Hermione and saw how she was admiring the obviously gorgeous body of her son.

"Good morning Sir, I am sorry to have disturbed your morning swim, your Mother and I have been looking through her lovely garden."

"Oh there's no need to call me sir, just call me Jacob, or Jake if you like, that's what my friends call me" realisation dawned on Hermione's face, this was Harry's brother, Jacob,

"I am sorry, I thought you were Mr Harry Potter, Jacob" Hermione was getting even more distressed.

"No that's OK" He leant forward and whispered in her ear, "I'm the good looking one"

Hermione laughed and blushed.

He accompanied them the rest of the way around the property, chatting as they walked. They saw the horse stables and Jacob said he would take Hermione to see the horses next time she came. Hermione was excited and actually enjoyed his company.

As they approached the front of the house, a black Nissan 350Z was parked by the front door. Hermione turned to Jacob and said to him "Is that your car?" Jacob looked at the car and then at her and laughed,

"Sorry Hermione I am not as flashy as my brother, that's Harry's car." Hermione apologised again and felt silly for being so presumptuous. It did give her an image of Harry and his personality though. Hermione had reached the front gates and turned to say goodbye to Lily,

"Thank you so much for seeing me today and especially for the wonderful walk Mrs Potter."

Lily shook hands with Hermione and bid her farewell, she told her she would be in touch if her interview was successful.

Hermione turned to say bye to Jacob and he asked her how she would be getting home, she told him she would apparate and it wasn't a problem but Jacob insisted on driving her home, that was, if she didn't mind waiting for him to put on a shirt.

Hermione tried to argue but neither of them would let her go without a lift home, so she agreed and waited. Jacob drove his car out towards the gates and picked up Hermione. He was driving a Toyota Supra and even though it was nice, it certainly wasn't as flashy as Harry's car. Lily walked back inside and entered her office to see Harry standing by the window looking out to where they were just standing.

"Who is she?"

"That my dear son is your new PA, her name is Hermione Granger and she is perfect" Harry looked at his mother and was clearly not happy.