Not much to say, other than that this is a funny oneshot in which Luna Lovegood is actually from the Enterprise D, and the world of Harry Potter is... just a book, but that's what holodecks are for.

Everyone in Hogwarts considered Luna weird, it was no secret, and even she knew it. But then again she had the benefit of actually reading the Harry Potter series before, and its spin off short story books. She had always wondered why the author had never decided to put all of the mystical creatures she had thought up into the main seven book story arc. That was why she was in here now trying to change the story. Her parents often said it wasn't good to spend so much time in the holodeck, but she didn't care, she was angry for there not being more mystical creatures in the series.

A nargle could have easily defeated Voldemort, but NO leave it to some incompetent orphan who was abused as a child to have to fight the other neglected orphan who decided to split his soul into pieces long ago. She always wondered what it was with late twentieth century writers and orphans. And what the hell was with the house system? Didn't it actually divide students against each other? Her introspection was cut short as Captain Picard ushered her out to play one of his Dixon Hill holonovels like a giddy schoolboy.

Then another question entered her mind. "Why the bloody hell do we care so much about twentieth century books?" Then another question hit her. "Isn't Captain Picard French?" then a third question hit her. "Didn't she lock the holodeck to only play Harry Potter?"

Ron's yell of "Why the bloody hell is there a bald Frenchman at Hogwarts dressed as a muggle?" answered her question.

Hey it was a better idea than oh what the hell Picard gets trapped in the holodeck in the HP universe.

signed the good dr.