Chapter One: Do You Know That Every day's The First Of The Rest Of Your Life...

He was new. Or so I thought. He was interesting, he intrigued me to no end because to me he was unknown. He was gorgeous, although completely unaware of it, and unreadable to me.

The first time I saw him he was sitting directly across the room from me, I briefly looked up from a laughing fit I was in due to my friends, and he caught my eye. Who is that? My brain couldn't place him, I'd never seen him before and figured he must have just moved here. That was the only explanation I could think of. His eyes were smoldering, I didn't want to look away. This was too intense for a Monday morning, let alone the first day of my last semester in High School.


The bell pulled me from my thoughts, and I looked away as the teacher introduced herself, we all knew who she was though; this was a rather small school and all of our teachers were relatively well known especially to seniors. I leaned froward in my desk so that Ally could hear me as I asked her who the new kid was.

"Ohh umm, I think his names Nate, or norm, or nick or something like that?" She responded not really paying attention to me or the teacher, she was texting her boyfriend.

"Hmm, where's he from?"

"Who knows?" I could sense the bored tone in her voice knowing she was totally uninterested in sitting through this class, just as I was.

Trying and failing to avert my eyes from the mysterious man across the room, I had noted by the end of the period that he had dark curly hair, that couldn't have looked better on anyone else, and a perfect bone structure framing the impeccable features sculpted on his face. His dark skinny jeans and fitted top which he had rolled the sleeves up on to just below his elbows, accented his toned body, and made him look like one of the best dressed boys I'd ever seen walk the halls of Essex High.

Who the hell is this kid? I was so curious, and didn't understand really what it was that drew me into him because no one else really seemed to notice this new addition to our grade. Other than another boy who sat in front of him who I'd seen him talking to for a while, and of course Kaitlyn, who was pretty much just a horn dog hoe who would try to make out with any half decent guy in our grade. She was actually pretty entertaining, and I always got a good laugh out of her ditsy ways. She had walked up to him halfway through class with her spaghetti strap, and mini skirt outfit asking him his name, unfortunately I didn't catch it and he was still a nameless mystery to me.

He did surprise me however when he seemed to show no interest at all in Kaitlyn dangling herself over his desk, and tried to withhold a polite conversation with her for as long as she decided to hang around. Looking confused, she had decided to retreat back to her desk after about ten minutes, leaving him to talk with the boy seated in front of him who I now noticed was Joe.

Joe was one of the only truly gorgeous boys in our grade, with his dark straight hair falling perfectly into place, and now that I thought about it had about the same taste in clothes as his apparent new friend. He was until today the only guy to show no interest in all the plastic girls like Kaitlyn, and seriously respected all of his girl friends. He was a genuinely nice guy, and I was extremely lucky because Joe was my best friend. We'd been inseparable since we were about eight years old, and I don't know what I would do without him.

I didn't think there were very many more genuine guys like him around, and was glad to see that my new fascination seemed to be a lot like him. fascination thats exactly what he was to me, because until I figured him out I knew I would be curious.


"Alright grade twelves, I'll see all of your smiling faces again tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your day!" The teacher beamed from the front of the classroom as we all began to file out, not really paying her much attention. Before I made it more than two feet out of the doorway I was swooped up off my feet and swung around by a smiling Joe.

"Whoaaaa, heyy Jonas." I managed as he put me on my feet and hooked his arm around my neck before continuing walking me down the hall. I couldn't help but laugh at my best friend, who was obviously letting out all of his stored up energy after sitting in the classroom for seventy-six minutes.

"Rae Lynn Stevens, that has got to be the most pointless class we've ever endured!" He concluded with an eye roll.

"Why do you do that so much? Rae Lynn Stevens?" I was still laughing from my in-air experience. "Rae's just fine Jonas."

"Ohh I know, I just like to switch it up sometimes, since you always call me Jonas, you know I have a first name Right Rae?" He chuckled.

"Ohh I know, but I've always called you that! Why stop a ten year tradition now?" I shot back.

We laughed again, and looking around Joe to see if Ally was anywhere in sight, I noticed that the new boy was walking alongside him. Are they friends now? They seemed to be rather close already and I was still extremely curious about this handsome addition to our school.
Joe caught the direction I was looking and immediately smiled.

"Ohh yeah, Rae I forgot to introduce you to Nick!" Joe began.

"Hello, nice to meet you." Nick extended his hand with a warm smile.

"Oh hey, it's nice to meet you too." Why did that name sound so familiar?

"Do you remember how I told you about my brother who lives with my father in Texas?" Joe questioned at the puzzled look on my face.

"Yah, ohhhh your that nick!" I pointed out obviously with a smile. No wonder they were so similar.

I couldn't believe Joe's brother was here, Joe explained to me over and over again that they hadn't seen each other in years, and he didn't know when they would see each other again. He didn't talk about Nick much, and I was never quite sure whether it was because he wasn't that close to his brother, or whether it was the opposite and he missed him a lot. I now concluded it was the later, they seemed to have a really strong bond that withstood the years apart, and Joe seemed ecstatic that his brother was now home.
We were now at my locker and I only had one more class to go to, fortunately it was with Joe. We both stuck our books in my locker, and exchanged them for our biology books.

"Ohkay well I'll catch you guys later, I'm off to gym." Nick announced giving me another warm smile before retreating down the hallway.

"See you later man, don't forget to meet me at the car after school."

"Yah, see you then."

"Is he here for good?" I asked Joe as we began our walk to biology.

"I think so." Joe had a goofy smile on his face, and I was really happy that his brother was back in his life, I couldn't imagine living without my little brother for most of my life. It made since for them though because at the time Joe's parents were on the verge of divorce, and his father had just received a job offer in Texas. For his mother this was the last straw, and it meant the end of their relationship. When Joe's father moved away the boys were young, but old enough to decide where they wanted to live their lives, and while Joe opted to stay here with his mother, Nick had a strong bond with his father, so he decided to go live in Texas.

"Dad got another job offer, and it's a really good move for him, but its in Milwaukee, and Nick didn't want to have to start his life over again, so he decided to come home, it's familiar here for him, and we get to be real brothers again." He beamed.

"That's great Joe, I'm happy for you." I informed him with a warm smile.

We sat down as the teacher started talking, and before I knew it class was almost over. The first day of a new semester is always pointless, teachers tend to just talk all period while we do nothing. It was definitely better than an assignment, even if it was a little boring.

"Your coming over tonight right?" Joe whispered.

"Of course, when do I not?"

Joe let out a low laugh, "true."

"Stevens and Jonas, do you mind?" Mr. Tambelt shot us both a look.

"Sorry Sir," Joe replied. She won't shut up."

I kicked him under the lab bench, causing a low moan that only I could here. I laughed and gathered up my books as the bell rang, freeing us for the day.