Chapter 13: this is the end for us all, how do we say our goobyes.

I woke up the next morning to a small tug on my night gown. I opened my eyes to see a blurry image of Ben in his pajamas.

"Rae, I miss her." He whispered.

"I sat up and pulled him onto the bed with me. "I do too buddy, but everything is going to be okay." I assured him running my hands through his hair as he snuggled in between Joe and I.

A moment later I felt Joe rustling beside me, and he turned over to see Ben and me sitting together laughing at him. He smiled when he saw Ben, "Hey little man, what's up?" He questioned as he sat up against the headboard.

"I miss mom Joe." Ben explained in a sad tone.

"Well do you want to go visit her?" Joe asked Ben, thinking maybe it would cheer up my little brother to be able to go to the cemetery and just tell her he loved her. Joe thought that maybe it wouldn't seem so bad to Ben if he could just talk to his mother for a while, like she was still there; Sitting beside him, and telling him everything's alright.

"Can we?" Ben asked instantly perking up.

"Of course, we can go see her whenever you want to Ben, as much as you want." He explained.

"Go get dressed, and then we'll go." I told Ben, and he climbed off the bed headed out the door.

Joe and I began to get dressed, and as I was searching through my drawers for a sweater Joe came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me waist.

"So prom is next weekend." He reminded me kissing my hair. I had totally forgotten about it lately because of all of the recent events that were clouding my mind.

"Oh, I forgot." I informed him.

"Well I would love it if you would go with me." He informed me softly speaking in my ear. Of course he already knew that I was going with him, but the fact that he formally asked me like it really mattered to him, made my heart melt.

"Well I heard that Mr. Tambelt is chaperoning, so I don't know if I want to got through his lectures about our dancing behavior." I joked.

"Stevens and Jonas! One arms length between the two of you while dancing!" Joe mimicked our teacher's voice sarcastically.

I laughed, "Oh well I suppose I could put up with it for you." I smiled spinning around and giving him a soft kiss.

"Good, because you're the only person I want to go with." He kissed me back pulling me in close with his arms.

"I love you Rae Lynn Stevens."

"I love you too Joseph Adam Jonas, I always will." I replied

"I'm glad." He chuckled, and I grabbed a sweater as we headed out the door.

I wandered into Ben's room, he was fully dressed, and had a piece of paper in his hand.

"You ready to go see mom? I asked him."

"Yes, I drew her a picture." He handed me the piece of paper, and I examined it. It had a picture of him, with me, and my mother with big white angel wings. It said 'I love you mom' in big letters across the top and a 'Love Ben' written in the right hand corner.

"She'll love it Buddy now lets go give it to her, I pushed my fingers through his hair, and then grabbed his hand pulling him out of his room.

Standing by my mothers freshly dug grave, made me realize yet again how much I missed her. She didn't belong under the ground covered in six feet of dirt, she belonged at home with me and Ben, and most of all I felt she deserved to know that Joe and I were together. I knew she'd secretly always wished that I would realize my amazing best friend was the one for me, and I knew she was letting me figure it out on my own, but I found myself wanting to be able to sit with her, and just have one last long talk about how amazing he was to me, and how she had known it all along, but neglected to say anything.

Ben walked towards my mothers head stone and placed the picture in front of it. "I drew this for you mom, I hope you like it." He told her.

I knew my mother was looking down on us from heaven, and I knew she loved Ben's drawing for her. I also knew that she would always watch over me, always there to think about although I couldn't talk to her anymore. I knew I would make mistakes in life, but I knew she was proud of me no matter what.

"Goodbye mom." I said, before taking a few steps back beside Joe and watched Ben talk to our mom excitedly.

Joe squeezed my hand, and I knew he was the reason I would be okay. He would always be there for me, and I knew that this would make my mother happy, and put her mind at ease wherever she was.

Standing there with Joe and Ben beside my mother's grave, I knew I had a great life, and I was lucky to have the people in it that I did. This was, despite my mother's unfortunate death, my very own happily ever after.


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