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"Grissom, I can explain," Sara pushed to get her boss to listen to her in his town house as he got ready for court.

"Sara, Ecklie wants me to fire you and unless someone close to you died then I can't excuse what happened. You don't have a night off scheduled for the next three months and you didn't come in last night. How can I just dismiss that, Sara?"

"Grissom," she pleaded, almost on her knees. "Look, I'll do anything just don't fire me. This job is my life…you know that better than anyone! Don't take that away from me."

"Give me your explanation then," he sighed in frustration.

"Okay…anything but that."

"Come on, Sara," Grissom started to walk away from her, ready to throw her back into reality without employment.

"No, please, just…you won't understand…and you'll want to fire me."

"I'd like a little credit. Now tell me or I'll be forced to side with Conrad."

"I was…I was with Catherine last night." She focused on the floor and nervously twiddled her thumbs.

"You were what?"

"This is what I was talking about…but you see…the thing is: you're a hypocrite! We dated for several months and you let it slide and now that I'm with someone else?"

"That was different," he attempted to defend himself.

"Why, because you were involved? That's my point, Gris." She gave up, not wanting to fight with him if it was going to be pointless. "Fine, just tell me I'm fired and let's get this over with."

"Do you love her?"


"Catherine. Do you love her," he repeated, unemotional to get a straight answer from the brunette.

"Well…yeah." Sara looked like she was on the verge of tears. "What's not to love?"

Grissom smiled and inwardly chuckled. "And you're happy, right?"

"The happiest I've ever been other than when I first met you: my best friend."

He spread his smile and looked down at the floor, sighing before meeting Sara's eyes and continuing. "I trust you, you know. I think you can handle being with Catherine and keeping it out of the lab, but you do anything to disprove that…"

She cut him off in the middle of his anger surfacing at the thought. "I know, I can look for a different career or get the hell out of Vegas and find another lab…But I trust Catherine and myself to keep things professional at work and personal at home…as they should be."

"Then…no one has to know you two are involved," he smiled and dismissed everything.

Sara largely smiled and started to radiate joy before rushing over to her supervisor and old friend to pull him into a warm and friendly hug. "Thank you for understanding, Gil. I love you."

"I love you too, Sara," he laughed, happy to see her happy. "Now help me with this suit. I don't think it fits anymore and I don't have anything else to wear."

Sara's sweet smile turned into a grin and she rolled her eyes, shaking her head before getting behind Grissom to force the suit to fit.


"What'd he say," Catherine asked first thing when Sara strolled into the house.

"We're okay," she weakly smiled.

"Then how come you don't look all that thrilled," Catherine frowned, worried.

"I got put on probation."

"What the fuck does that mean?"

"Ecklie's going to be riding my back for the next two weeks to make sure everything goes swimmingly. We have to take different cars and leave shift at different times and go in our normal directions, as if we weren't even friends. If he suspects anything he has the right to follow us as part of an I.A. investigation."

"Damn it," Catherine spat, cursing at the bastard the ass kissed people came to know as Conrad Ecklie.

"I know…but…we've got all of tonight clear because I asked Grissom to give me the night off if I worked without a vacation or anything for the next two months and asked if he could take you off tonight because no one can watch Lindsey."

"But…she's having a sleep over," Catherine re-informs her girlfriend.

"I know that…and Grissom hates that he knows that, but he's going to lie for us," Sara smiled, gradually closing the space between the two of them.

"Wait…does that mean…?"

"Yes, he knows," Sara supplied the answer before Catherine could completely ask the question.

"Are you serious," Catherine pouted.

"It's okay," Sara laughed. "He understands and he's going to be okay with it… I don't know if I've ever told you this…but you look damn sexy when you're angry, frustrated, and best of all pouty."

Catherine noted the seductive grin playing on the brunette's lips and mirrored it, knowing they were in for a night of strong loving and cuddles among other things.


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