Chapter Eleven – Rescue


Peter and Charlotte were more than willing to lend some equipment to them. Once they were all equipped with ear buds linked to one another's, they changed into black outfits. Things were relatively quiet as everyone got ready. Carlisle handed Rosalie her ear bud, who shoved it away. He let out a small sigh.

"Rosalie, c'mon. Bella needs this." He said, offering the ear bud again. She pursed her lips and looked at Emmett.

"What is she to me? Besides a menace..." She said, refusing the ear bud again. Carlisle was quiet for a moment.

"She's everything to Edward. Edward is one of us. Edward needs you. He needs us." He said. Rosalie was far from convinced, but she grabbed the ear bud anyway. Carlisle thanked her and moved on.

They made a few phone calls and found out that White had Bella taken to Burbank, Alaska, to a military warehouse on the outskirts of town. Esme and Carlisle parked a van a block away and waited, listening to them in her ear bud. They hacked into the surveillance camera's with a laptop, and looped a decoy feed in, so that anyone on the inside watching would see the same nothing, but Carlisle could lead the others around obstacles.

Edward took point, with Emmett, Jasper, Rosalie and Alice on his tail. No one said a word, using hand signals to give orders. They reached the entrance, where Emmett and Jasper took out the two guards with tranquilizer guns. Rosalie and Alice stayed behind to hide the bodies while Edward, Emmett and Jasper went on ahead.

"Just on the other side of the door in front of you is a guard. After him you are free for the whole hallway." Carlisle's voice buzzed in their ear buds. Jasper and Emmett leaned against the door on either side, while Edward kicked it in. The guard on the other side was propelled into the wall due to the force of the kick.

He turned, looking bewildered at Jasper, who hit him hard enough in the face to knock him the rest of the way out. "Alice, Rose, another body on the other side of the front door. Carlisle, let them know before someone else finds it." Jasper said into his comm. He received a reply from both Carlisle and Alice before letting Edward and Emmett advance.

"Edward, it seems that there are holding cells up ahead on the right. I can't see who it is, but there are definitely people in there. Maybe one of them is Bella." Esme's voice sang into his ear. He looked at Jasper and Emmett who both nodded. It was worth looking into.

And if Bella was hurt in any way, Edward didn't care what kind of a monster it made him look like. He was going to kill White and anyone else who touched her. He knew by all rights that this was his fault, that he should be the one punished for ever getting close to her. For putting her in this kind of danger.

He gritted his teeth and expelled all other thoughts from his mind. His mission was to get Bella out and to safety. If he was going to succeed, he needed to focus. Emmett and Jasper took off towards the holding cells and Edward went off in search of White.

The rooms were dark to normal humans, but to Emmett and Jasper, they were lit up like daytime. There were six cells. Three empty, three occupied by bound and gagged men. Emmett and Jasper moved to the first cell, where Emmett used his bear strength to kick in the metal barred door. Jasper swooped in quickly to the person, pulling out the gag and cutting the ties.

He recognized the man as a transgenic, from a generation below him. The man thanked him and Jasper shook his head. "This place is crawling with bad guys. If you can get out, do it. But be careful." He said. The man nodded and was gone. Emmett moved to the second door and bashed it in as well. Jasper moved stealthily to the dark-skinned man in the corner, releasing him too.

"Charlie..." Was all the young Native American man said. Jasper looked at him, a bit confused at first.

"Charlie? Someone you know?" Emmett asked quietly. The man swallowed before pointing in the cell next door.

" have to get him out...He's badly hurt." The man said again. Emmett nodded and moved to open the next door. Jasper looked down at the man, who was covered in cuts and bruises himself. And he was worried about this other guy?

"What's your name?" Jasper asked as he helped the man to his feet.

"Jacob...Jacob Black." He said, accepting the help. Jasper got him to his feet, where he stood. His stance was wobbly at best, but he could walk on his own. Emmett pulled out the barely conscious man from the next room, looking at Jasper with an unreadable expression.

"You are never going to guess who this is..." Emmett said quietly. All at once, Jasper realized.

"Bella's dad..." He said, horrified. They did this to the chief of police? He was bleeding from nearly everywhere. His clothes were torn and welts covered his face. Ha had to have a least 3 broken bones, Jasper guessed. Jacob looked at them, bewildered.

"You guys know Bella?" He asked. Jasper and Emmett shared glances before Jasper spoke.

"She's the reason why we are here." He said. Jacob stared for a moment, apparently having trouble comprehending.

"Are you guys like...secret agents or something?" He asked. Emmett scoffed but didn't speak. Jasper grinned.

"Not...exactly. C'mon. We need to get you guys out of here. We'll explain everything once we are safe." Jasper said, moving next to Jacob to help him walk. But Jacob moved away quickly, trying to hide the pain resulting in doing so.

"No. I came here for Bella, and I am not leaving without her." Jacob said firmly. Jasper looked at Emmett, who shook his head.

"Jacob, you need to trust us. Bella is going to be safe. Edward is looking for her right now. There is no way we are leaving without her." He said. He tried to continue, but Jacob erupted.

"Edward?!" He bellowed a little too loudly. Jasper was behind him in an instant, a hand over his mouth.

"Jacob, you need to be quiet or we'll all get caught and that won't do Bella any favors!" Jasper hissed in his ear. Jacob stopped struggling and Jasper let him go.

"Edward? He's the reason you guys are here? He's the reason SHE is here! They only grabbed her because of him!" Jacob snarled, livid now. Jasper urged a sense of calm on him that worked instantly. Jacob started breathing normally and went quiet.

"Edward...loves Bella more than anything else in this world, and believe me, he did what he had to. And it ended badly. If he didn't care about her, we wouldn't be here, Jacob. You need to trust us. Bella will be fine, but we need you to get Charlie out of here. There is a van parked outside. Carlisle will meet you outside the building. Go. Now!" Jasper ordered.

Jacob nodded and grabbed Charlie from Emmett's grip, and took off. Emmett explained everything to Carlisle via the comm. system and waited for Carlisle's response. Once assured that Jacob and Charlie would be safe, they took off down the hallway.

Meanwhile, Edward's path led him to the main part of the warehouse. As he came up to the opening, he heard White's voice. A voice from his past that still sent chills up his spine.

"You are going to give him to us. You can either do it the way we want you to, or more pain will follow." White's voice was smug. Edward gritted his teeth and moved in closer, trying to get a better view. It seemed that no matter where he moved to, the voices weren't there. There must be an echo in the room.

He heard someone mumbling, but couldn't make out the words. "Tell him! Tell him to come after you!" White yelled, then Edward heard what sounded like fist on flesh. He heard someone cry out in pain.

"No Edward, don't!!" Bella screamed, the cried out again when White struck her once more. Edward felt his fists balling up. It took him everything he had not to blow his cover. He moved behind the next set of boxes and finally came into view of Bella and White, and the sight broke his heart in two.

She was tied to a chair, blood matted in her hair. Her beautiful skin was broken in more places than he could dare look at. This was all his fault. He looked away, and then steeled himself. He had to get her out. That's all he would focus on.

He looked around the room. There was only Bella, White and one other person. A female with long, dark hair that fell down her back in waves. She wasn't dressed like the rest of White's lackeys. She wore a white long sleeved shirt with a black corset on top of a pair of dark jeans and boots. Brown eyes stared at Bella emotionlessly. Almost like she was bored with all of this. Edward ducked back down, trying to decide what to do next.

"You know he will come for you, Bella. He's going to come alone, because he is weak like that. He'll come, and we'll be expecting him. He'll come...and we'll kill him." White taunted. Bella glared at him with hate in brown eyes. Edward felt himself mentally screaming at her not to believe him. She just glared, forcing herself not to cry.

He had one advantage, if nothing else. White thought he would come alone. No doubt he thought the others would refuse to do something as dumb as to out themselves to save one girl. But he was wrong. He underestimated the power of the family that they felt. The bond that had taken years to grow. Something he obviously had no experience with.

He began to wonder then what would happen after he got her out of here. Would she hate him? Hate him for leaving her and hate him for hurting her like this? He deserved it. He deserved it and he would not argue. For the umpteenth time tonight, Edward shoved any other thoughts out of his brain. He needed to focus, and dwelling wouldn't do anyone any favors.

He watched quietly, waiting for the perfect time to strike. White moved closer to Bella, getting his face right next to hers. A smirk crossed his face. "Bella, Bella, Bella. Would you like to watch when we kill him? We can make it slow, if you like. Payment, for this pain he caused you." He said. Bella's beautiful face distorted into a wicked smile that Edward never wanted to see again.

"Edward...didn't cause me any pain. This is on you, asshole. And I will make damn sure that you pay for it." She hissed, then spit all of his face. He went completely still for a whole minute, nearly unable to believe what just happened. Then he brought his fist back and hit her so hard her chair fell backwards. But Bella steeled herself, unwilling to cry out.

White had better be thanking his lucky stars that Edward knew outing himself wouldn't do Bella any good at that moment, or he wouldn't have had a second to think about anything else before Edward was on him, breaking his puny neck. Edward steeled himself, cursing White in every language he knew, and swearing to every God that he was going to kill White.

Two emotions came from hearing Bella's words. Relief and disbelief. She didn't blame him for anything, but how could she? How could she not see that this was all his fault?! And he never thought he'd hear such strong words from his little Bella. How she fought against the urge to cry, and refused to give White the satisfaction of seeing her in pain. He'd never seen anyone like her.

White came up to her, yanking her chair back in the right position. She grunted, leaning the chair back. White was in the wrong place at the right time as Bella brought all her might down on his foot with her chair. He howled in pain, cursing her and clutching his foot. Edward even snickered lightly, watching Bella proudly. His eyes drifted to the woman who was watching him, amused.

Then White pulled his gun from the holster and aimed it at Bella's head. Her smirk never faltered. "You going to shoot me? Go ahead. Edward isn't going to come. He will never give himself up to you." Bella said. Edward shook his head. How could she think he wouldn't come for her?

"Then that is bad news for you, missy. Because if that is true, then you are better dead than alive." He growled, pulling back the hammer of the gun. Edward gulped. If he shot, Edward had very little time to make it to Bella without either getting shot. He wouldn't make it. He had to make a decision. Go now...or wait.

"Shoot me. I'll never tell you where he went. He has direct orders from me never to come after me. He thinks I'm already dead, so you have wasted all this time! And every second that passes, he gets further and further from you!" Bella exclaimed, laughing. She was bluffing, sure...but at this point, she had nothing left. She was going to die she might as well help Edward.

Edward, however, realized what she was doing. But what she didn't know was that White was really going to kill her, and Edward was not going to let that happen. White stepped closer to her, and Edward stepped out of his hiding spot.

"Any last words?" White asked. Bella just smiled.

"See you in hell." She said, then closed her eyes. This was it. She was going to die. Her regret was never telling Edward Cullen how much he really meant to her. How much she really loved him. Maybe that would've changed everything. Maybe he would've stayed. Maybe he would never have left...but then again...after all this...she was glad he did. He didn't need to be around for this. He needed to be as far from White as he could get.

"Let her go." A low voice rang in her ears. She opened her eyes, alarmed. She heard, but refused to believe. Edward? Here?! No!!

White turned, looking at Edward with almost disbelieving eyes. The female almost smiled. Bella looked horrified.

"Edward...What are you doing?! Get out of here!" She screamed, fighting like a vixen to get out of her shackles. Edward looked at her sadly, then back to White.

"You have me. I'm here. Let her go." Edward growled once more. Bella gave up her fight against the metal with a huff, looking at Edward with disbelieving eyes. He was really here...

" that you are here, we can kill her. We've been expecting you." White said with a smirk and a nod towards the female. The woman grinned and moved over to Bella.

"Little Bella...I think they call you. Want to have" She asked quietly in the girl's ear. Bella growled and glared at White.

"Jessi!" White growled, causing the woman to look up and glare at him. "Don't toy around with her. Just kill her!" White demanded. Jessi pouted playfully.

"You take the fun out of everything..." She said, then smirked lightly. She put her hands on either side of Bella's face, ready to break her neck. Edward was about to pounce when he saw Emmett and Jasper making a break for her. White hadn't noticed them yet and he had the gun. Edward had only one option and he took it.

He was on White in seconds, grabbing his wrist and applying so much pressure that it nearly broke the bones. White cried out and dropped the gun. He stepped back, crouching into a fighting position. Edward did the same, waiting for him to make his move. Both were very aware of the gun that lay on the ground just between them.

Emmett made a beeline for Jessi, about the plow into her. But just as he reached her, he plowed into nothing. He stopped and looked around. The woman was gone. Jasper was racing to break Bella's cuffs. "Dude...where'd she go?" Emmett asked, looking at Jasper completely dumb-founded.

And right before his eyes, Jessi appeared from nowhere behind Jasper, kicking him in the back and sending him to the ground. Jasper hit the ground with a thud and flipped on his back, on his feet in seconds. He lunged at her, ready to strike when she disappeared. He flew right through where she was and crashed into some boxes piled up.

Emmett, however, had taken advantage of the distraction and freed Bella from her cuffs. She tried to make a beeline for White and Edward, but Emmett grabbed her arm. "No, no, little sister. You need to get outside to Carlisle and Esme. Edward won't be able to concentrate if he thinks you are going to get hurt." He said.

Bella fought him for a minute before realizing he was right. Whatever she had planned on doing would have to wait until later. Jasper ran to her, and motioned for her to follow him.

"Take her, Jasper. I'll help Edward." Emmett said, turning towards them only to be stopped by Jessi, who stood inches from him. He stared at her for a moment, unsure of what to do. The smirk on her face had him momentarily captivated.

"Going somewhere?" She asked, smiling sweetly. Emmett didn't even have enough time to think much rather move before she was on him, knocking him to the ground.

"Emmett!" Bella screamed, breaking free from Jasper's grasp and sprinting for them. Jessi was too busy punching Emmett to even notice Bella's approach. She tackled the woman off of Emmett with a tackle that was football worthy. Jasper and Emmett were on top of Jessi before she could even think of retaliating on Bella. Then, she was gone.

"How does she keep disappearing?!" Emmett bellowed angrily. Jasper grabbed Bella's arm and headed for the door once more. They got to the door and Jasper collided into someone, knocking them both and Bella to the ground. Jasper's instincts took over and he had the man on the ground with his face being smashed in the dirt before he realized it was Jacob.

"Jacob, what are you doing here? I thought I told you to get Charlie to Carlisle!" Jasper exclaimed, getting off him and helping him to his feet.

"I did...He's with Car-...Bella!" Jacob exclaimed, seeing her for the first time and pulling her into his arms. She hugged him back.

"Jacob...where's Dad? Is he okay?" She asked, her voice breaking. Jacob nodded and looked at Jasper.

"Jacob, get her out of here. We'll be right behind you." Jasper said. Jacob nodded and pulled an unwilling Bella from the building. Jasper and Emmett turned, looking for White and Edward, who were circling each other, blocking and landing punches.

Then Jasper hit his knees, buckling under the sudden weight of two people. He hit the ground with a thud and Jessi, who had tackled him from behind, catapulted herself from Jasper's back towards Emmett, catching him in the jaw with her boot. He grunted and fell backwards into the wall. Jessi turned back to Jasper, who was on his feet now and crouched into a fighting position.

A glance behind her told her Emmett was mimicking Jasper right behind her. She grinned. "Let's play." She said, disappearing and reappearing behind Emmett. Jasper pointed and Emmett whirled around, catching her by the hair. He gave it a good yank, then shoved her towards the wall. Before she hit it, she disappeared again.

"This is ridiculous! How are we supposed to beat her?" Emmett growled, turning to look at Jasper, who was caught up in Jessi's hold. Her slender arm was wrapped around his neck like a vice, cutting off all air circulation. He just watched Emmett with guarded eyes, trying to focus on breathing.

"That's the point, darling. You aren't supposed to." Jessi said, her voice low and sultry. Emmett growled and crouched down. Jasper, however, had another plan. He forced anger upon her. She hissed in his ear. He forced more and more anger onto her until she couldn't take it anymore.

She was so mad that she let him go, ready for a real fight. She didn't want to win on default...she wanted to break some bones. Jasper engaged her instantly, punching at her face. She easily sidestepped and grabbed his wrist, twisting until he was on the ground. Emmett came quickly, moving in for a tackle. She sidestepped that too, moving her feet under his feet.

He tripped and went head first into a metal cabinet. Jasper was behind her in seconds, kicking her in the back. She growled as she hit the ground on all fours, whirling around to face him. She lunged at him, grabbing him and tackling him to the ground. Once she had him pinned she laid into him, hitting him with punch after punch. He struggled, but was unable to free himself from her iron grip.

She heard Emmett's heavy footsteps coming at her, so she rolled off of the now unconscious Jasper and ducked just under him. He whirled around and grabbed her by the neck, lifting her into the air. She feigned choking for a moment, then twisted and brought both her legs up to wrap around his neck. He punched her with his fist a few times before the pressure on his neck made him let her go.

She was behind him before he could catch him breath, grabbing him and shoving him into the wall. He hit it hard before falling to the ground.

Meanwhile, Edward was getting the best of White. He had him on the ground, wailing on him with a fury he never thought he could end. The man under him was bloody and beaten, possibly even dead, but Edward couldn't stop hitting him. He just kept seeing him hitting Bella...and...

He hit him once more, then stopped, trying to decide if he was alive. He was barely breathing, but breathing. Should he kill him? Should he be allowed to live? His attention was directed to the loud crunch he heard. He looked up in time to see Jessi break Emmett's arm. He yelled out in pain, and then she hit him and knocked him unconscious.

Edward growled in rage, forgetting all about White and charging at Jessi. She looked up and smiled at him, standing over his brother's unconscious bodies. When he reached her, she disappeared. He looked around for her, spotting her as she reappeared behind him. Her thoughts gave away every move she was going to make before she made it, so blocking her was easy enough. Hitting her, however, was the tricky part.

Every time he attempted to land a hit, she would disappear. And with her body went her thoughts. Her thoughts never resurfaced til she did. Their ongoing assault didn't last long before it grew too annoying for Edward. Instead of waiting, he'd lunge. She overpowered him easily, knocking him to the ground and straddling him from behind.

" going to be painful." She whispered in his ear. He knew without her saying that she planned to break both him arms and every finger. She was a dangerous creature, one who liked inflicting pain. She got off on it somehow. And the fact that she was a transgenic working with White was very unsettling.

"You have two seconds to let me go and walk away from all this." Edward warned. Jessi leaned in close to him and bit his neck lightly without drawing blood.

"Don't worry baby, I won't be the only one not walking away..." She giggled. She didn't have much time to bask in her glory, because Edward brought his head back into hers so fast it knocked her temporarily silly. She fell off and he rolled over and into a crouched position. She just stared at him for a moment, trying to get her bearings.

"Ooh....blood." She grinned, tasting the blood from her broken lip. She disappeared then, and reappeared closer to Edward. When he tried to strike her, she was gone again, appearing behind him. Edward sensed her there, but instead of feeling her intended attack, her thoughts disappeared and he heard a thud.

He whirled around to see Alice holding a tranquilizer gun, Rosalie right behind her. She was staring at Emmett. Alice threw down the gun and ran to Jasper. Edward snatched up some stray handcuffs and handcuffed the unconscious Jessi before she even had the chance to wake up.

Alice was successful in waking Jasper, who looked around bewilderedly. Alice hugged him tightly and kissed him three times. "I thought you were dead!" She exclaimed. He just chuckled and shook his head.

"You can't get rid of me that easily." He said, getting to his feet with her help. She clung to him tightly, letting the closeness be more than words for now. Rosalie, however, burst into tears when she couldn't get Emmett to wake up. Edward ran to her, along with Alice and Jasper.

"I can't...he's not...I can't..." Rosalie stuttered, her tears staining her beautiful face. Edward felt Emmett's neck, looking for a pulse. There was one, but it was very weak.

"Rose, get a hold of yourself. We need to get him to Carlisle." He said. She nodded, gulping and helping Edward left Emmett. The five of them dragged themselves outside into the street, looking around for the van.

"Carlisle?! Carlisle we need you!!!" Rosalie screamed into her comm.. Just as she did, a van came skidding around the corner, pulling up in front of them. But instead of Carlisle hopping out, several armed guards did, all rifles pointed to them.

"Whoa...there's just an acre of you fella's, now isn't there...?" Jasper muttered, putting his hands up. Before anyone could make a move another van came flying down the road. Edward saw the Esme was at the wheel. She drove the van right up on the sidewalk, gunning for the armed men. They saw her and started to scramble, everyone heading which-a ways. Esme stopped just long enough for everyone to get in and she was gone again.


Author's Note

Sorry it's so long, twice as long as most chapters, but this is the last one before the epilogue. And's over! =( I have had to much fun writing this, and I hope you had just as much fun reading it! Thank you so much for the reviews guys, they are the only thing that kept this book going. I appreciate everything. Thanks so much. -Mel