Author Notes: Fifth fic for my Alphabet Meme. This one is pretty angsty, only because the song that was the prompt just makes me wanna cry the more I listen to it (er, in a good way I guess, lol). I was going to put some of the lyrics in this, but every line pretty much fit, and I didn't want to quote the whole song, so just go listen to it on iTunes or Youtube or something, because it really is amazing. Also, I feel that I need to write some more happy TamaHaru one of these days, especially after this one and 'Blame' being such downers. XD;;

Pairings or Characters: Tamaki/Haruhi, Ranka
Word Count:
Prompt – F is for 'Fix You'.


It's the one day of the year that Haruhi is noticeably different. All the Host Club members can see the difference, and they wait until after she's gone home to hold a late meeting.

Kyouya enlightens the others to the significance of the date. Today is the anniversary of Kotoko's death. The twins turn to their King, hoping to hear his suggestion for their plan of action, but he's already disappeared.

Ranka is the one to answer the door, and tries to shoo Tamaki away, telling him today is not the day for his antics. But the look on the blond's face when he announces he isn't here for games gives Haruhi's father pause.

"... She's in her room," he says quietly, stepping aside to allow him in. Tamaki nods, kicks off his shoes, and walks to her door.

"Haruhi," his voice sounds, making her head snap up from her book. She approaches the door cautiously, as if not entirely sure that she had really heard his voice, and peeks out of her room slowly.

"Tamaki-sempai?" she asks in surprise, "What are you doing here?"

He says nothing, pushing the door open fully and enveloping her in a hug. She balks, hands hovering above his back, wondering what he's doing here and why he's acting so strange.

"Tamaki-sempai? Are you okay?"

"I know... I know how it feels," he whispers into her shoulder. She blinks, trying hard not to think about what she knows he's referring to. "I know it hurts, and I can't do anything much. But I will try." His hold on her tightens and the two slowly sink to their knees on the floor.

Haruhi tries to fight back the tears, but soon she's closing her eyes and gripping the back of his jacket between her fingers. She whispers a thank you through her quiet sobs, and the two rest against each other as she lets out what she always tried so hard to keep in.