A/N: I don't know where this came from. I was just thinking about what would happen if Hunter's sledgehammer was stolen and this idea popped in my head. I hope everyone enjoys it.

Disclaimer: I don't own any person, place or thing in this fic. I'm still working on that petition to change that.Summary: Hunter has a problem. Someone's done the unthinkable and stolen his sledgehammer. Will he find who stole it? Or will he be forced to...*gasp* start using a new weapon?

Shawn was confused. He hated having that feeling, but was the only was he could be described as he watched his fellow degenerate tear up their hotel room like he was a madman. Clothes were all over the place and the beds had been completely demolished. Shawn had to duck as a hanger flew right past his head and hit the door, "Uhh...Hunter what are you doing?"

Hunter just ignored him. He really couldn't believe this. He didn't think this day would ever come. Shawn stared at him blankly as he continued to search the hotel room inch by inch until finally, the cerebral assassin had to accept what had happened. He fell back on his bed, head in his hands as he said to himself, "Someone has actually stolen my sledgehammer."

Shawn looked at him and chuckled, "Is that what you're so worked up about? You probably left it at the arena somewhere."

Hunter grinned and and ran out the door, tossing Shawn over his shoulder as he went out. "One of your rare great ideas buddy!" He said as the two ran out of the hotel. "But if I don't find it at the arena. There will be hell to pay."

As they ran through the lobby Taker and John just happened to see them pass by. "Looks like Shawn and Hunter are up to something again."

"Do you think we should go find out what's going on?" John asked.

"No." Taker sighed. "It's probably something stupid anyway. We'll probably find out what's going on when Hunter comes back and starts asking for our help again."

John nodded and went back to reading his magazine, "Yeah. Might as well enjoy the peace while it lasts."

Taker nodded, "Now you're catching on kid."

Hunter tossed Shawn into the passenger seat before getting in the car. "I really don't see what the problem is Hunter. You could always use one of the extra sledgehammers that they keep in the equipment room." Shawn said.

Hunter glared at him, "How dare you even suggest that I replace sledgy! You shouldn't even be able to put those words in a sentence around me!"

"Hunter relax. I only said that in case we don't find your hammer by the time your match starts tonight."

Hunter calmed down. "Oh. Well you still should never say that sentence around me again. I'll have to add that to the list of things I never want you to do around me."

Shawn pouted at this, "You have a list of things that you never want me to do around you?"

Hunter nodded as they pulled into the back of the arena, "Yeah. I started it after our elimination chamber match in '02. When you scared me for life with those brown trunks. It's good therapy." He looked over and saw the pout on his face. "Oh come on Shawny. I didn't mean it in a bad way. Look after we get sledgy I'll take you to get some ice cream ok?"

Shawn's face brightened even though he was now determined to find this list, "Yay! Ice cream! You're still mean, but at the moment you're forgiven."

The two walked into the arena and went into the locker room. They found Jeff's hidden supply of skittles, Chris' hair gel, one of Rey's spare masks, and Randy's instant tan spray, but no sledgy. "Alright Hunter. It's obviously not in here, so where did you last have it?"

Hunter thought it over, "Ok I had that meeting with Shane yesterday. I could have left it in his office."

"Great! Let's check there next!" Shawn said excitedly. After tearing up Shane's office and any other room they could get to they ran back outside before security could catch them. "I told you breaking the security cams to see if someone put sledgy in there wasn't a good idea!"

"Shawn shut up and keep running!" Hunter shouted back.

They finally decided that sledgy was no where to be found. "See Shawn! I told you someone must have taken it!" Hunter shouted. He started pacing around the parking lot, "But now the question is who? There are so many suspects and so little time." Slowly a grin broke out on Hunter's face. "I have an idea. We have to go back to the hotel. It's time to round up some suspects!"

"Hunter could you please tell us...Why the hell you forced us all here?!" the group of angry superstars trapped in their hotel room yelled.

In the few minutes since they came back from the arena. Hunter had rounded up Taker, John, both Hardys, Legacy, and the Miz and Morrison. "Now I'm sure all of you are wondering why you're here."

"Did you not just hear us here say why the hell did you bring us here?" Randy asked.

Hunter ignored him and continued to pace, "A crime has been committed today. A very evil and heinous crime. I have decided that one of you...has stolen my sledgehammer!"

"Are you kidding me?! Is that why you kidnapped us and brought here? For a lousy hammer?!" Ted shouted angrily.

Hunter saw red. Nobody called sledgy lousy. He grabbed Ted by the shirt and lifted him from the ground. "You dare call sledgy lousy?! I'll have you know he's kicked your ass many times recently!"

Randy nodded and chuckled, "That is very, very true."

Hunter turned and glared at Randy as well, "He's kicked yours too." Randy shut up and returned Hunter's glare.

"Ok so what makes you think on of us have it?" John asked.

Hunter grinned and dropped Ted to the floor, "All of you have motive and the opportunity. Before we leave somebody will confess!"

Randy snorted, "As if."

Hunter rounded on him, "Randy! You and your little group of wannabes were with me when I last saw sledgy at the arena last night. This means you must have done it!"

"Can I be the one to point out you don't even know where you lost the thing." Randy said.

"Shut up Orton! The last time I had sledgy was after my match against you last night. I put him in my locker room and took a shower before a I left."

"You mean you actually didn't take sledgy home with you like usual?" Morrison asked in amazement.

Hunter sighed sadly, "No, because somebody who shall remain nameless..." He looked over at Shawn who had a sheepish look on her face before continuing, "Was rushing me because the only ice cream parlor in town was closing in ten minutes. After the time he left to go get something to eat and forgot about me, I was not giving him the keys again."

"I told you I was sorry a million times!" Shawn sighed and tried to be the sane one for once. "Come on Hunter. You don't know that they were the ones who did it."

"Yeah Hunter." Cody started, "Sledgehammers are so outdated now. The steel chair is what's making a comeback now."

Hunter tried to charge at Cody and barely held back by Shawn, "I was one of the last people to leave last night. What possible reason could you have to stay at the arena so late?!Randy had finally had enough of the obviously insane game, "Fine! You wanna know what were were doing, so badly?! Hunter nodded and Randy began speaking again. He sighed before he began talking. "All right this is what happened..."

I know this chapter was short, but I didn't want to give too much away in the beginning. Who do you think stole sledgy?