Summary: When Junior year hits every one is more careful, after all Duck Watch's eyes are everywhere.

Disclaimer: I own neither The Mighty Ducks nor Gossip Girl, which inspired this fic...lord I wish I did.

Duck Watch: Junior Year

Chapter 1

Greetings everyone! I hope you all had amazing summers, I know I did. But alas, we're back here now. So what's to become of everyone now that we have junior year and SATs and of course prom coming up? Well, let's just see.

After a summer of blissed out perfection, what's going to happen to our Bashes and their blondes? Sure the Skate Princess has found her inner good girl, but that can't last. After all we saw what happened that night in Monaco, even if he doesn't remember. The Cat saved her pennies and her reputation from her country club stint, but now there's a whole grade full of freshman boys just aching for a twinkly eyed tomboy to fall in love with.

And what about the Bashes themselves? There was a time when they were our resident bad boys. Have Cats and Princesses domesticated them? I for one hope that they break away, they've gotten downright boring!

We've got a perfect couple so gooey they put a Three Musketeers to shame. But her player ex is back in town now, and looking taller, toner and tanner than any of us remembered. Oh there's fun to be had there.

Prepster Pair made their grand return in style. Rumor has it now that they've reached the Whedonist idea of perfect happiness, they've only gotten closer. Now at least someone knows if that red hair is real or not.

And the Captain and the Queen, I think we all know that now that they're back as upperclassmen they're going to rule the school, for real this time. After all they have their crowning glories, she's running the school's social calendar and he's varsity hockey captain. Do I hear homecoming nominations?

Personally I can't wait to see what comes next. Can you?

"I love that you've got a single," Guy smiled kissing Connie. She giggled. Now that she was back with Guy the prospect of single seemed so much more inviting than it had when she had no friends and a boyfriend heading off to college.

"I like having the single, when you're in it," she kissed him, her hands cupped around his face.

"This is completely absurd!" They heard a shout from outside. "I was told I had a single. My father,"

"Miss Walton, we told you, seniors get preference for the singles and we didn't have enough," a pleading desperate voice came too.

"Fine, whatever," Carlyle burst in. "Oh you have got to be kidding me!"

"Miss Moreau," the administrator said, "I'm afraid we gave away too many singles and we have to start doubling up the juniors. I'm very sorry. Mr. Germaine, visitation hours are almost over." Guy nodded as she walked away.

"I'll see you at dinner," Guy said and kissed Connie. "Bye Carlyle." Carlyle rolled her eyes and waved.

"OK, look," Carlyle sighed, "there have to be some ground rules. I mean Charlie and I had plans for that single."

"And you think that Guy and I didn't?" Connie asked her arms crossed. "Look you may rule over all your little social climbing minions with that kind of attitude, but you don't scare me."

"What exactly are you so jumpy about?" Adam asked, dropping Annie's large steamer trunk at the foot of her bed.

"Carlyle scares me," she said. He laughed. "Adam, she could destroy everything."

"I don't see how," he kissed her. "She'd never keep me away from you." She giggled and kissed him. "Besides I thought you two called a truce."

"Yeah," Annie sighed, "but the summer's over now."

"Yes and thank God!" He said. "I missed you way too much, plus now we can get back to our tutoring schedule."

"Yes," she nodded pulling away. "Your GPA has to at a steady 3.0, I'm not letting it go lower."

"The rewards system?" He smiled playing with the button on her jeans.

"Mm hm," she nodded and kissed him. "I'm thinking sex for B's this year."

"Sex for B's?" He said. She nodded. "What do I get for C's then?"

"Nothing for C's," she shook her head. He laughed, "it hurts me as much as it hurts you."

"OK so," Portman said, standing in front of his car. "What do you think?"

"I think it's a piece of shit," Julie laughed. Tammy and Fulton joined her. He looked at her. "But its your piece of shit, and I'm very proud of you." She walked over and kissed him.

"What are you doing with your tip money?" He asked. "God know you earned it, being ogled by those rich assholes all summer."

"I'm putting it in the college fund for now," Julie shrugged. "Might take it out later."

"Ugh," Tammy said, "I want to take a nap."

"We told Adam and Annie that they had two hours," Julie said. "Just go to your house, its not that far away."

"Ok, Jules," Tammy said, "'nap' isn't really a nap…"

"Oh," Fulton looked at her, "really?"

"God, you're clueless," she laughed and kissed him. "If I didn't love you so much."

"Ah, but you do love me so much," he smiled. "You want to go take a nap in our room?"

"Um," a timid freshman girl walked over to them. There was definitely something intimidating about the foursome, "Are you Tammy Duncan?"

"Yeah," Tammy nodded. "What's up?"

"There was some girl at the front gate gave me this to give to you," the girl said and handed Tammy an envelope and ran off.

"You would think she was afraid of us," Julie frowned.

"Well, these two are scary," Tammy pointed out, "And we're all blonde and hot." Julie rolled her eyes. She hardly looked blonde and hot, well, blonde sure, but she had returned to her standard school year wear of old jeans and sweaters. Sure the sweaters were now a little more filled out than they used to be and she was accenting the outfits with boots and heels instead of sneakers but the overall look still said the same thing, "I don't do the girly girl thing."

"What is it baby?" Fulton asked. Tammy opened the envelope and then hugged it to her quickly. "Everything OK?"

"Um, yeah," she nodded and swallowed, "why don't you go ahead? I'll catch up with you later."

"Sure," Fulton said, having learned over the past year not to push when Tammy wasn't talking, it usually only lead to revelations that he didn't want to know.

"Wanna go for a drive babe?" Portman said.

"It drives?" Julie said. He looked at her. "OK," she kissed him and laughed. "You alright Tammy?"

"Yeah," Tammy nodded, "have fun driving around in Portman's crappy car." They laughed and drove off. She looked down at the contents of the envelope.

Didn't we have fun? Were the words written on the bottom of a photo of her in what looked like a suite at the hotel in Monaco, she was lying on the bed in next to nothing with Sebastian and some guy she didn't recognize groping her. Why couldn't she remember that night? And who took or sent the picture?

Spotted: A queen and a perfect girl buying some masking tape to draw a line down the middle of their room.

Prepsters holding hands in the library, some things never change.

Skate Princess pulling out her lighter and setting something on fire and throwing it in the trash. What is she hiding this year?

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