I dedicate this to Albert Einstein, who has one of the wankest hairdos and snazziest beards ever.

Because You Mind

It was a warm, sunny day and in Hyotei, it was a perfect day for tennis. Sadly though, the Hyotei regulars didn't practice during practices because they were too good to practice. Instead, they wasted their time doing useless and unproductive things like, say, growing a mustache.

"Mukahi-san, have you looked at the mirror lately?" asked Hiyoshi.

Of course, he didn't really mean to be mean, but seriously, Mukahi looked really stupid... Like always, but that's not the point. He looked extra-stupid today.

"Don't I look so dashingly marvelous?" said Mukahi, "You flatter me, Hiyoshi."

Hiyoshi gave him a 'what the eff' look and walked away. He didn't want to waste his time with some guy who thought teenagers used the words 'dashing' and 'marvelous.'

Of course, Mukahi figured Hiyoshi was too ashamed to be compared to him, who looked very mature.


"Um, Mukahi-senpai, you look..." said Ootori.

"Hot, I know." said Mukahi.


"Don't leave Shishido for me. He'd be so sad,"

"We're not gay!"


"Kabaji, Mukahi seems a little... different today, doesn't he?" said Atobe.

"Usu." said Kabaji.

"Kaba-chan, don't I look hot?" said Mukahi, popping out of nowhere.

"...Nah," said Kabaji.


Oshitari looked at his partner, a bit worriedly. "Gakuto, it's about time you shave."

Mukahi snorted.

"You don't know no stud when you see one!"


Hey guys! What's up?