It was late and his feet were silent atop the carpet on the way to the bedroom.

They used to make love there; indulgently, recklessly, sometimes for days at a time. They would throw caution to the wind, shut out the world, and explore each other instead.

Love used to linger in the walls of their house.

Like her scent, it would wrap around him the moment he stepped through the door. It was something warm and familiar after a long day; both welcome and inviting.

He missed those things.

And he missed her more than words, but he was too proud of a man to forgive her.

There were times when he wondered what he'd done to incur Fate's wrath. It was the only explanation he could see for why it was that the only woman he'd ever loved was fucking someone else behind his back.

There wasn't logic enough in the world to make him understand that.

So in the months that followed, he'd exacted his own brand of retribution against her.

On nights like this he'd return home smelling of alcohol, tobacco and another woman's perfume. He didn't bother trying to be discrete. And when she looked at him with dark, wounded eyes, a part of him felt satisfied.

But it was a very small part.

Uttering a sigh, he opened the door to their bedroom and studied her form on the far side of the bed. She turned when he entered, and he caught a glimpse of the dampness on her cheeks. Her muffled sobs made his heart clench inside his chest.

"Were you with her again?" she whispered.

He threw her words back at her with a snarl, "Again with the theatrics, Kagome? I'm in no mood for them tonight."

She sniffled and he turned his back to spare himself the sight of her tears. She said nothing while he shirked off his blazer and hung it up in the closet.

And when she left, he made no move to stop her.

He pretended not to care that she was walking out of his life. It was only when the front door shut behind her that his hands paused with their fingers still hooked through the half-loosened tie around his neck.

He stared blankly at the bedroom wall for nearly an hour before finally putting his fist through it.

The physical pain paled in comparison.

Author's Note: Hello readers! This is my first sojourn back into the Sess/Kag fandom in a long while (since the completion of Sword of Supreme Conquest last year!). This fic started as me dabbling in the Dokuga_Contest LJ community and its weekly drabble challenge and somehow turned into a serial fic. All reviews would be much appreciated and are readily encouraged ;)

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