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I tightened the grip on my violin case as I dashed toward Konoha's Performing Arts Center.

If I was late, Kakashi-sensei, the orchestra conductor, would surely place me in last chair! My steps quickened. I had worked so hard to earn 1st chair, and I wasn't about to throw it all away.

Once I got inside the building, I sighed in relief. Okay, I just tricked myself into thinking I was late, again. This forced me to be early. Today I successfully arrived half an hour before rehearsal.

I always liked having the whole building to myself for a couple of minutes. For me, this place was more familiar than home. To accommodate the instruments, the Performing Arts Center was set at the perfect temperature. I breathed in the comforting smell of wood and musk as I roamed aimlessly through the halls. My pace slowed, and I decided to walk toward the orchestra rehearsal room.

That was when I heard music. It wasn't coming from my orchestra rehearsal. After all, the building was supposed to be deserted, except for me, for another 25 minutes. It sounded like a piano coming from one of the private practice rooms. I silently tiptoed toward the source of the song. The door to the practice room was open.

I looked through it and gasped.

In the middle of the room was a baby grand piano. It gleamed as notes shimmered out of it. Sitting at the piano bench was Sasuke Uchiha!

I stood in the doorway and listened. The melody was simple, but the way he played with such feeling made my heart leap. The delicate, petite pianissimos blended into the powerful fortissimos. Sasuke had started to crescendo, building up the song into a heart-wrenching moment. I felt the longing for something worthwhile in every note. Slowly, the music started to slow down and get quieter. It was soft and hopeful, as if love is perhaps a possibility. When the piece ended, he sat there with his eyes closed.

"Hello, Hinata," he said through closed eyelids.

"S-sasuke-kun!" I stuttered. "I-I'm sorry! I didn't m-mean to intrude! I j-just overheard and-"

"It's okay, Hinata," he assured me, "I wanted you to hear it. I wrote it for you."

Then our eyes, my ivory ones and his ebony ones, met. Just like a piano.