World peace… it is a beautiful thing. No one is fighting… no one is at war. There are no political problems. Everyone is helping each other out. Everyone is getting along famously. There is no tension. There are no rivalries. There are no grudges. There is no anger. There is no violence. Everyone is happy. Everyone can finally relax. Everyone can take a deep breath and not have to worry about bad things or events' happening since everyone is supporting each other. There is only peace.

But oh why did this have to happen to achieve it? This could have been avoided right? If only we tried harder. If only we had opened our eyes and seen how the world could be. Did all this bloodshed need to happen? Was it really necessary for such a blood bath to occur? Were we all really that arrogant and stubborn to let go of hard feelings, admit we were wrong, and fix our problems? Was our pride too important? Were our egos too big? Were we too afraid? If only we had faced these questions, if only we had taken on our problems, if only we had cast aside old feelings… maybe world peace could have been achieved… without the death of his sweet and beautiful life.

I guess to understand all of this up to this point you have to start at where this whole mess began. How this all started and over such a stupid reason… but if it was so stupid why did I fight in it? But anyway…

Ever since the war between Iraq and America the two had been on bad terms. They hadn't had the best relationship beforehand but after the war ended with Iraq pretty much shoving America out the two hated each other. Iraq's nerves were constantly on edge and she was practically drowning in unnecessary worry each day that someone would try to attack or invade. After twenty or so years of Iraq being terrified Russia took advantage of Iraq's sense of helplessness. He offered her nuclear weapons for protection in exchange for an alliance. Iraq was going to agree but America caught wind of the nuclear weapons and argued against it. The argument went on for about three or four months before America declared war on the both of them. Russia agreed to this war and asked Iraq to help him. She declined feeling angry towards Russia for throwing her into another war with America and declared war on Russia as well. Thus started what was originally called the "Triangle War".

No one knew so many other countries would get involved. It originally started off just the three of them in the war but then… oh God. Russia… he asked me and Japan to assist him in the war. I didn't know why he wanted me to help him though. In world war two I had been the founder of the axis and Japan was in the axis as well and Russia had been in the allies and yet he wanted me to help him. Being a military man I agreed and imported weapons to Russia in assistance while Japan sent some of his men to help the Russian army. Iraq found out about this advantage Russia had and then asked China to ally with her to make it even again and to get an advantage over America who was clueless to these alliances.

Russia and his now fairly large army attacked an unprepared America suddenly and without warning. They flew over America's capital in planes and soldiers parachuted to the ground. America had prepared a few troops in every state but the size of each group wasn't enough to take down the invading army. America pleaded for help from someone and Canada responded. Canada quickly got together a group of soldiers and immediately helped America. The two armies together pushed out the invading army and formed an alliance. Canada, being worried about his brother, asked Cuba to ally with America as well and Cuba agreed since he and Canada were such good friends.

Iraq, still having a fairly small army, decided to ally with another country since China was only importing weapons and was unable to send in men. She asked South Italy to help her and provide troops and he agreed. At first I had no clue why but then as I thought about it I figured out she was using reverse psychology. Since Russia had Japan and I as allies North Italy would obviously want to join and help out, but Iraq knew Italy loved his brother more than anything and would want to ally with whoever he was with. And that began what became the most grueling and bloody war of all time… and possibly the saddest and most heart breaking.


~I'm drowning in words I dare not speak

Though it holding it in kills me

These words and feelings make me weak

And my love I cannot confess to thee~

Germany mulled over his calendar and a migraine pounded in the back of his head. The imports that were supposed to be in Russia two days ago were still being built. The houses for Japan's army that he had to establish in his country were still under construction even though they were supposed to have furniture by now. And North Italy still hadn't responded to the letter of request he had sent him asking for his alliance.

His head pounded as all the five thousand things he needed to do came into his head and hung over him like a rain cloud. He sighed heavily and scrawled out new dates onto his already full calendar. He started to grumble to himself out of anger and frustration.

Germany had turned into the backbone of the Russian side really. He had started off just importing guns and ammo into Russia but then when the Japanese needed a place that wasn't freezing to stay, Russia asked him to provide the Japanese troops with temporary housing. Then he started having to plan invasions, strategies and all the things Russia should have been doing.

"This is his war! I was just dragged into this and now look! God I swear when this is all over-"

Germany was interrupted by a rapping on his office door. He looked up from his calendar and five thousand piles of paper work and said loudly," Come in."

"Germany?" The face of North Italy popped in through the door way and Germany felt slightly relieved. Italy had never responded to any of the calls, letters, or emails asking for alliance. He was actually just thinking about going to North Italy's house to ask him in person but Italy must have been able to read pain filled heads since he just saved Germany from having to leave his work.

"Come in, come in!" Germany waved Italy in and pulled up a chair for him.

Italy walked in nervously and warily almost. Germany had been so stressed out lately. Germany seemed so over worked and tired all the time. Always yelling and snapping at people unlike how he used to be. Germany used to get mad and annoyed yes, but not as often as he did now. Almost every other sentence was accented with an angered tone or heavy pitch. Germany seemed so down and upset all the time. It made his heart break to see Germany practically work himself to death. Italy hadn't been able to spend a day with Germany since the Triangle war started which was about four months ago. It made him feel so down to see his best friend so stressed out and in pain. He missed Germany so much.

Italy walked in and sat in the chair Germany had pulled up in front of the desk for him. He turned his gaze to the floor knowing what Germany was going to discuss. Italy had originally planned on pulling Germany out of his office and take him to lunch to try to calm his nerves but right as he knocked on Germany's door he remembered all the unanswered phone calls and letters.

"So Italy… how have you been doing?"

Germany didn't want to pounce on Italy right away. He knew how skittish and fearful the nation could be. Germany figured he would make light conversation and then ask him if he wanted to ally. Italy would join him in a second if persuaded him right.

"Fine I suppose… I haven't seen you in a while…" Sadness hung in the Italian's usually cheerful voice.

"Oh yeah I've been pretty busy lately with the war and all."

The mention of the war being brought into the conversation made Italy sigh and his heart sunk. Typical Germany, couldn't focus on anything else but work these days. Italy turned his head to the side avoiding Germany's eyes and slightly pouted. He wanted to talk to Germany about the things they used to. Like art and pasta of course! But no of course not, all Germany seemed to want to talk about was the war.

"Hey are you… alright?"

The look in Italy's eyes was worrying him. They usually shone with such happiness and joy but they had a certain look of sadness and hopelessness. It made his heart ache slightly and he reached for the Italian's shoulder. Just when his strong hand was about to touch the Italian's shoulder for comfort he heard Italy's voice.

"You… don't smile that much… do you?"

Germany's hand stayed suspended above Italy's shoulder as his words floated around in his mind. When was the last time he smiled? And not a forced one for appearances, but a real ear to ear warm smile? He was at a loss for an answer.

"I-I guess not…"

Germany fell silent and retracted his arm. He sighed not wanting to upset Italy over war affairs. Italy seemed sad enough and these days, appeared to get even more upset when the war was brought up.

Suddenly he felt two fingers pulling at the corners of his mouth.

"Turn that frown upside down!" Italy smiled at Germany has he pulled Germany's mouth into an attempted smile. But there was just something about Italy's own smile that seemed… so… sad…

Germany tried to force a smile and for some reason it hurt his heart even more. Italy who had always been so full of smiles and joy and laughter looked so sad even when he was smiling. He wished there was something he could do to bring back the joy and life into his eyes. He wished there was some way, any way, that he could make his best friend deeply happy again because it was apparent he wasn't.

Italy knew Germany was going to ask what side he was going to take soon. He didn't want Germany to but he knew he would. His smiled died and he sighed heavily. Germany would ask him and he would have to decide and the war would be brought up and all that…

But that wasn't the reason Italy had came to Germany's house. Actually it was quite far from the reason he had come over. The reason he came over was to tell, well confess really, something to Germany that he had been too scared to say for years now…

"Germany…I-I…" Italy cut off his own words and dropped his hands slowly. Another sigh escaped his mouth and the air made his curl float up.

"Italy what's the matter? " Germany asked this softly finally touching Italy's small shoulder. Italy's face went red and the words caught in his throat. He couldn't tell Germany now could he? It would be too bad of a time… right? There had to be a better time. When the war was over he would tell him. That would be a perfect time… but when would the war be over? Weeks? Months? Years? And when exactly was a good time to tell someone this?

Really, when would be a good time to tell someone you loved them with all your heart?


"I'm fine really Germany! I-I'll be okay!" Italy started to back away from the much taller and much more muscular German… who, at the moment, was making his heart beat furiously.

"I-Is there something on your mind?"

Germany didn't exactly know how to comfort someone let alone the unpredictable Italy. And what would happen if he did tell him? Germany was exactly skilled in the area of compassion and sympathy…

"I-I have something to tell you…" Italy said nervously as he fiddled with his fingers and his face went red. He would have to tell Germany sometime and there was no time like the present right? He took a deep breath and started to speak.

"Well uhm you see I've been thinking lately and I've been trying to decide on something and-and I finally got the answer and uhm I think you need to know about it…" Italy was trying to beat around the bush hoping Germany would catch on at least a little.

"Oh? So… you've made a decision?" Germany's eyes widened at this prospect. However in his mind he was thinking Italy had made the decision to ally with him while Italy was on a completely different page.

"In a way yeah…I know that I uhm… and you-"


Italy's gaze shot upward from his fingers and at Germany's hopeful face. He had barely even had to say anything and Germany had figured it out! He had… right?

"Wow Germany you can read minds?!"

Germany chuckled and said," No offense but you're not exactly that difficult to read! I knew you would choose me!"

"Yeah I kind of always have li-"

"Well now I can tell Russia you're on our side now and that gets a major thing of my to do list! Speaking of which I'm running out of space to put Japan's men would you mind-"

"Wait, what?!"

Germany was cut off and stared slightly confused and the even more lost man in front of him.

"You… you decided to side with me, Russia, and Japan! I'm just telling you what I need from you!"

"No Germany you don't underst-"

"I know you just joined but no rest for the weary! I mean it may be a lot to handle but-"

"I'm siding with Iraq!"

Germany's breath caught in his throat. He stared at Italy unbelieving and for a second his heart stopped. Italy had just said he would side with him and now he was going to Iraq?! It made absolutely no sense to him!


"I'm going to Iraq's side!"

"But you just said you would side with me!" Anger and annoyance was growing thick in both of their voices and both their hearts were beating furiously, to what felt like the point of bursting out of their chests.

"No I didn't! You weren't even listening to me! I was going to tell I-"


"You're not listening! Germany I-"


Italy snapped.


Italy started breathing heavy after screaming at Germany and turned his head downward to hide his tears.

"And that wasn't even the reason I came here…"

It made Italy so mad and upset that Germany wouldn't even give him two seconds to speak. He didn't want it to be this way. He didn't want to be mad at Germany. He didn't want Germany to be mad at him. He wanted the exact opposite. He was so confused. On one hand he wanted to side with Germany to make things easy but on the other hand he wanted to remain loyal to his family… But Germany still didn't know why he had even come over…

"Germany I came over here to tell you I lo-"

"Get out."

"What?" Italy looked up at Germany with shocked eyes and the words drove into his heart like knives.

"I said get out. Anyone who isn't an ally with me isn't a friend of mine. And they most certainly aren't welcome in my house."

Italy stood stunned and staring at Germany. No… no it wasn't supposed to happen like this! Germany seemed like… no he most positively hated him now. His heart broke in two and he wanted to say so many things. He was going to side with Germany but his twin had been harassing him to join his side as well. The truth was Italy was being pulled apart by the two people he loved the most in the world. He never knew it would hurt so much.

"Germany, no I-"

"Didn't you hear me you moron?! I said get out!"

Germany shoved the Italian by his shoulders and continued to push him out the door. With a final shove Italy was out of Germany's office and flew into the opposite wall. He tried to run back in only to have the door slammed in his face and locked.

Tears flooded into his eyes and he pounded on the door with his fists until they turned red.

"Germany! Germany! Let me explain! Germany! Please! Germany! LUDWIG!!!" Italy sobbed out Germany's name and got absolutely no response. He slumped down onto his knees and put his head against the door.

"I love you Ludwig… I really love you…" Italy whispered this and none of it was heard by the also sobbing Germany through the thick wooden door.

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