Title: Animal Attraction
Rating: M
Pairing: Logan/Harry
Summary: Logan heals quicker than any human should and has an animalistic side he cannot repress. Harry heals quicker than any human should without magic and begins developing abilities he cannot hide. What happens when these two meet?

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or X-Men, and I do not make any money from these fictions.

1845: James Howlett (aka Logan aka Wolverine) kills his real father and runs off with brother Victor Creed.
1979: James leaves Victor and the rest of the team in Africa.
1980: Harry Potter is born.
1985: X-Men Origins: Wolverine leaves off.
1997: Harry defeats Voldemort in Deathly Hallows.
2000: The first X-Men movie begins.


Chapter 1: Discoveries

Immediately following the events of X-Men Origins: Wolverine…

Logan quickly fled the scene of so much damage and destruction.

He left the corpse of the dead woman where she lie amidst the rubble, though there was something familiar about her that screamed to him. He let the man go his separate way, though he claimed to be friend and knew his name.

Logan just needed to get away from it all.

He did not remember his full name – his dog tags said "Wolverine" on one side and "Logan" on the other – no last name. He only remembers waking up to pain and confusion and chaos.

So he ran. Stole a car and headed north from Three Mile Island up to Canada.

Canada seemed familiar, at least.

It felt almost like home.

He traveled from town to town, hustling for money. He cheated at cards and pool…and he got into a lot of fights.

In his third bar fight, his opponent stabbed him in the stomach.

Logan fell to his knees as the clang of metal sounded, and three sharp claws painfully popped out from in between the knuckles of each hand. He looked down to see torn flesh and hard metal where his rib should have been…

Logan watched with horrified and fascinated eyes as his stomach knit itself back together nearly instantaneously.

His bruises and scrapes had healed quickly before, but Logan thought nearly nothing of it.

But after those claws came out of his hands and his stab wound healed before his eyes, Logan could no longer deny it to himself…he was a mutant.


Not long after the events of Deathly Hallows…please ignore the epilogue…

Harry stood in the kitchen of Grimmauld Place, peeling potatoes by hand. Hermione always wondered why he liked cooking the Muggle way, but there was just something soothing about it…

Harry's green eyes grew unfocused as he thought about his best friends. Both were still recovering from the Final Battle…Ron especially.

Fred's loss had hit them all hard – George the hardest, of course, but Ron not far behind. He admired the twins in a way that he could not his other brothers – Bill and Charlie being so distant with their age differences and Percy being an utter prat…

Harry was snapped out of his musings as his hand slipped and the peeler cut deeply into his palm.

He hissed, turning the water on cold and sticking his hand underneath. He fumbled for his wand lying on the counter, and pulled his injured hand back from the spray to perform a healing charm.

But there was no need.

Harry watched with horrified eyes as his skin knit itself back together by itself, leaving not even a trace of a faint scar.

His bruises and scrapes had healed quickly before, but Harry thought nearly nothing of it.

But after his wound instantaneously healed before his eyes without the aid of magic, Harry could no longer deny it to himself…he was a freak.

He just needed to find out what kind…


Author's Note: Please let me know what you think so far. I am interested in writing a Logan/Harry story, though I am not really sure about this so far…I have a lot of different ways I can write this, and I would really appreciate reader feedback and suggestions.

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