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Chapter 8: A New Life

Harry drifted awake, startled from his pleasant dream by a touch on his shoulder…his neck…his chest.

"Just as pretty as I remember," a rough voice purred.

Harry opened his eyes, letting out a small scream when it was not Logan before him, but the man he met at the bar all those weeks ago…


Harry tried to stand up – to move away – but the man gripped his shoulder tightly and pushed him back down onto the couch. He struggled a bit, but it was no use against the larger man's greater strength. And as long as Victor was touching him, Harry could not apparate away.

"Get off me!" he ordered, glaring into the man's feral eyes. "Don't touch me!"

"But you're so sweet pet, I just can't help myself," Victor purred, climbing onto the couch and straddling Harry's thin hips. "Now how about you give me some of that sugar?"

"You're disgusting!" the wizard yelled, trying to raise his knee to get the larger man in the balls – but Victor shifted, and pinned his legs down. "Let me go! Now."

"I don't think you're in the position to be giving me orders," and the words were accompanied by a leer – Harry just wanted to throw up, and get this man *off* him.

And then he had an idea – could he try to make himself *unattractive* with his scent? It was worth a try, wasn't it? So Harry concentrated on the most disgusting scents he could imagine – rotting eggs and fish and feces and vomit and… The scent his skin exuded was vile, and it just made him feel more disgusted, so more waves of that scent just came out.

Victor jumped off him, stumbling back and holding his nose.

"What did you *do*?" the man choked. "How…?"

Harry didn't bother to answer him – instead, he started to gather his magic to apparate. He needed to get *out* of here – he could come back later, to try to find Logan, but right now he wanted to be as far as possible from this man. And then the door burst open, breaking his focus – and letting Logan into the room.

His lover took in the scene – Harry, naked and glaring at a bedraggled older man, who was clutching his nose and staring back in a sort of bewilderment. And the *smell*…

Logan dropped the bag he was holding (breakfast would have to wait) – and let his claws out.

"Aww, does someone want to fight?" Victor leered, letting his nails grow longer.

Harry stared at the man's hands - Victor was also a mutant! Which meant that he could have more surprises in store for Logan - *dangerous* surprises. So Harry stopped thinking disgusting thoughts – and started trying to direct *fear* in Victor's way. He wanted that cocky smile off the man's face – he wanted Victor to be deathly afraid of Logan, so he would just run away. Far, far away.

"Harry?" Logan asked, ready to spring at any moment, just waiting for his opponent to make the first move. "Step back a bit for me, yea?"

"No," Harry replied stubbornly. "Victor followed me here. This is *my* fight. I don't need you to take care of me – I'm a big boy, Logan."

His lover glared at him for a second.

"Well, maybe I *want* to take care of you. And are you saying that you want to fight him? Because I have to say, kitten – I would not just be able to stand back and watch," he told him.

Harry just huffed, sending more waves of the fear scent towards Victor – and the other man shuddered, stumbling a bit.

"What… what are you d-doing?" he stuttered, holding his hands over his nose and mouth, trying not to breath it in, but the scent just seeped in through his pores. Victor shook his head, falling to his knees – and then he was six again, and his father was beating him, and…

And the lack of oxygen finally overcame him, and he passed out.

"We have to get out of here," Harry said as soon as Victor's body thumped to the floor. "Now."

"How did you do that?" Logan questions, giving the unconscious man's body a kick as he passed him. "And more importantly, who is this guy?"

"His name is Victor. I don't know anything passed that – well, that and he's a mutant with a great sense of smell, because he must have been tracking me for months, the fucking pervert," the smaller man replied, moving around the room to gather his clothes and put them on.

"Pervert?" his lover growled. "Did he touch you?"

Harry saw that Logan was approaching the unconscious body with his claws extended – but he did not want to see any more bloodshed. Besides, he really did not want Logan to go to jail – this wasn't the Wizarding World, and Harry could not use his fame to help protect him from the authorities here.

"I thought disgusting thoughts," Harry told him. "He couldn't stand the smell of me. Now, let's go."

He made sure to scoop up the bag with their breakfast on the way out the door – Logan trailing behind him. They walked down the stairs – and Harry shuddered when he saw two dead men at the foot of the stairs. They looked like they had been torn apart by a wild animal – or by a mutant with very sharp and very deadly claws.

"I knew something was wrong as soon as I smelled the blood," Logan told him. "I thought… I don't know what I thought. But there was a trail leading straight to you."

And Harry saw that yes, there was a trail of blood leading directly to their room. Victor must have stepped in the blood of his victims – and then tracked it up the stairs with his boots.

"I'm fine," Harry replied. "I can take care of myself."

"Will you let me help, kitten?" his lover asked, gently grabbing his arm to stop him from taking another step. Logan pulled Harry around, making the smaller man face him. "I want to help. I know we just met last night, but… and fuck, if you ever tell anyone what a fucking sissy I am… I feel *connected* to you in a way I never have with anyone else before."

Harry did not look away – he knew how hard something like that must have been for a man like Logan to admit. So he decided to screw up his Gryffindor courage and reciprocate.

"I feel the same. I've never even been attracted to anyone before you. You just… clicked, for me," he admitted.

Logan nodded in agreement, pulling Harry forward for a kiss. The wizard allowed a light touch of their lips – but he pulled away before it could get truly passionate. They needed to leave before Victor woke up – they needed to get as far away from the man as possible.

"Where do you want to go?" he asked his lover. "South?"

"Anywhere you are. I can fight in bars anywhere," Logan told him.

Harry nodded, and the two men exited the bar – heading towards Logan's motorcycle in the parking lot.

"Do you trust me?" Harry asked softly.

The other man just looked at him for a second, as if measuring him – and then he nodded. Harry let out a little sigh, gesturing for Logan to sit on the bike – and then the smaller man slipped onto the back.

"Close your eyes," Harry whispered – and then he used a little trust of his own, gathered up his magic, and apparated them far away from there. Hopefully they would be able to start a new life together, far away from the troubles and conflict of their old…

(At least until they meet a certain rogue… But that is a story for another time.)

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