A/N: READ FIRST. Sorry about the caps I felt that it was important you read my A/N. I have no idea if this shows in my writing but everything that you ever read from me I can relate to in some degree because I've been there. This poem/or story (still not sure what my writing is exactly, a cross probably) feels really personal like if I change a couple of things it would describe me too. I think that was original intention so go me. Brooke Davis (even though she is a fictional character) and I go together. Rofl. And I used a line from Taylor Swift's White Horse and revised it. Oh and sorry I sound I'm repetitive. I can be that way sometimes. Just try to enjoy the fiction.


You know I fell for you without really knowing who I was as a person.

My family life and people's image of me thought I was only the popular, slutty cheerleader.

It was not who I was inside.

Reality did not match with how I felt.

I was lost as everyone else was and struggling to find myself.

I was naïve, caring, and hopeful.

You saw something in me that I could not see.

Our relationship was comprised of mystery, attraction, playfulness, happiness, understanding, and at the time I believed loved.

I got swept in this enchantment of you, me, and us.

To this day I wholeheartedly know I loved you.

I just can't say the same for you.

You must have cared, but the way things happened they colored my perception of the past and present.

I had so many dreams about you and me.

Why is it that the only guy I pictured myself marrying was you?

I had this vision of you in a crisp suit, wearing an elated grin as I met you in the most beautiful dress I can imagine and us lovingly announcing "I do."

It still somewhat saddens me that I had those dreams, but they are better off forgotten.

I know you're not the one.

I wanted you to be him because it sure felt that way, but you're not.

In the end, you're still a friend and I can say I still care about you and I want you to be happy.

Life lessons and growing up kind of sucks, but we learn from experiences.