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Chapter One – I Love You, Edward

Everyone had left the burial ground thirty minutes ago, my parents taking my surviving children with them. God, how could this have happened? Why didn't I catch her in the act sooner? Edward never spoke a word about it, nor Emmett or Alice. How could I have been so ignorant and believed Maria's lies?

"What happened to him? Why does Edward have such a large bruise on his cheek?"

"The school nurse called again, Carlisle. Recess accident. Edward and another child were racing to the jungle gym and Edward fell, catching his face on the edge of the pole."

I winced at the deep purple bruise on his cheek, "That must hurt like hell," I mumbled.

Or there was that time when Edward's back was all scraped up and he was brought to the emergency room with a broken arm.

"Maria, what happened to him?" I asked in panic when I saw the terrible state my three-year-old son was in.

My pregnant wife adjusted our one-year-old son in her arms and replied, "Edward wanted to be the good big brother and help push Emmett's stroller. I didn't see anything wrong with it but I noticed too late the hill that he began to go down. The momentum of speed the stroller picked up caused Edward to fall and the stroller dragged him down the pavement. He's got a lot of scratches on his back now. And when his arm smacked the ground I heard a snapping sound and realized he had broken it."

I looked at my battered son in my arms and gave him a gentle hug avoiding his back and broken limb before carrying him into an exam room and began patching him up.

The lies that my former wife, who was now an inmate at Seattle State Female Penitentiary, had made were realistic and made absolute sense at the times she told them. But after what I witnessed three nights ago when I got home from my shift at the hospital I would never forget in my lifetime.

I was walking up the sidewalk that led to our side door entrance when I heard Emmett screaming for Maria to stop and heard Alice's cries of sheer panic. I hastily opened the door and the metallic smell of blood filled my nostrils. I saw Emmett crouched behind the small sofa pressed against the wall shielding Alice; Emmett was staring towards the dining room, unblinking. I ran to my children to check on them.

"Alice, are you okay?" I asked gently.

"Daddy, Edward hurt."

My mind froze in fear… Edward was hurt? Where was Maria?

"Emmett, are you okay?"

"Yes. Daddy, go help Eddie."

I gripped my son's shoulders gently and asked urgently, "Where's your mommy?"

Emmett held his small arm up and shakily pointed his finger toward the dining room. I glanced in that direction but no one was there.

"Did someone hurt mommy and Edward?"

I watched my son shake his head.

I was growing impatient, my fear for my wife and son growing steadily.

"Emmett, talk to me. Tell me what is going on!"

My four-year-old failed to respond but my two-year-old daughter did, "Mommy hurted Eddie bad."

I felt my throat close up. "Stay here," I croaked to my children as I got up quickly and made my way quickly through the dining room. They weren't in the family room either. But what I heard next made my terror smother my heart.

"You little bastard! How long does it take you to die?" My wife's vicious words were venomous and a loud crack followed after.

I heard the slightest whimper that came from my little boy as he whispered wetly – I knew his lungs were probably filled with blood –, "Stop… pease."

I found myself quickly climbing the stairs, skipping steps in between, as I heard my enraged wife's words, "You should never have been born! I knew you were a mistake back then but no – I had to go and listen to your daddy beg me to keep you. I loved your daddy so I only kept you alive for him." I heard another crack and as I grew closer to my son's room I heard him softly cry out. "You have made my life hell, kid! You are an ungrateful brat. You are a mistake… a waste of human air. You deserve no one. And believe me when I say this… no one loves you, not even daddy."

I reached her and tackled her to the ground. She had just the bat raised but I stopped her before she could strike my son again. I believed firmly never to strike a woman, but Maria was no woman; she was a monster. So I swung my fist back and knocked her out cold. I quickly turned and ran to my son's side. He was unconscious. Four of his teeth were scattered and crunched on the floor, his clothes were ripped and bloody. His ribs, from what was visible through the tattered shirt, were caved in as were his cheekbones on his face. Several sets of bruises lined the rest of his body. I was surprised he stayed conscious for as long as he had… As I placed two fingers on his neck to check for a pulse, I prayed to the Lord that my son was still alive… I needed Edward to know how much I loved him. I didn't want the last thing he heard from his vile mother to be a lie, that I didn't love him… that was ludicrous. But my prayer went unanswered as I felt no pulse beneath my finger tips.

I felt the tears pouring from my eyes as I hugged my son's body close to mine and cried for the life Maria had cheated Edward of having. The horror that I had married such a cold-hearted woman frightened me. What was I supposed to tell Emmett and Alice? How was I going to get pass my son's murder? By the hands of his own mother…

I remembered praying one last time to God before I laid Edward gently down on his bed and pulled the covers up to make it appear as if he were just sleeping… I had asked God to give me the strength it took to come up with a solution for what I would tell my surviving children. When I felt the guidance I needed after praying, I walked downstairs to inform my children of their brother's death.

I tied my unconscious wife up to a chair and called the police and they were on their way here. After placing a kiss on Edward's bloody forehead, I closed the door behind and headed down to the family room. My babies were still in the same position they had been in when I left them. I gently picked Alice up and instructed Emmett to follow me. Emmett sat on the couch with Alice beside him as I knelt down on my knees so I could be eye-level with them.

"Daddy, is Edward okay now?"

"Is momma not mad?"

I sighed at the instantaneous questions my children asked me. I took each of their hands in mind and asked gently, "Do you guys remember the story about Heaven?"

"Sky home?" asked my daughter.

"Yes, Alice. Our sky home…"

"Why, daddy? Who's in Heaven?"

I sighed, realizing I had to get this over with, "Do you remember why a child goes to Heaven?"

"Because the child's hurt and no one can save him." I saw as realization dawned in my son's eyes. He asked me bravely, "Daddy, is Edward is Heaven?"

"Yes, buddy. Edward was hurting because mommy hurt him badly. God brought him to safety in his sky home."

"When can we go visit him?"

"Emmett, we won't be seeing Edward for a long time, I'm afraid."

Tears filled my little boy's eyes and I pulled him into a hug rubbing circles on his back, "Shh, its okay, buddy. It's okay to cry. You miss your brother."

"Is it okay to be very sad," he sniffed, trying to hold back his tears.

My hear t went out to him, "Yes, Emmett. It is always okay to feel sad."


"Yeah, Ali?"

"I want mommy!" Her lips trembled as she began to cry.

"Mommy's going to jail, dummy! She hurted Edward!"

I was shocked to hear my little boy yell at his sister but at least I knew Emmett understood he would not be seeing his mother again.

"No mommy?" questioned my daughter.

"No mommy. She hurt Edward. So she's going away on a very long time-out." I tried explaining to her on a level she would understand.

I pulled her into my arms also and just held my children as they cried. As I thought of my deceased baby boy upstairs, a few tears trickled from my eyes as well… the mourning had only just begun.

Now all that was left of my firstborn son was the mahogany casket that his body lay in, with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers laid on top with a cherry-wooden frame set in the middle. The picture was a close-up shot of Edward's innocent face. It was his Easter portrait that had been taken two months prior to his murder. I, unconsciously, ran my hand down his rosy cheeks that were lit up from the beaming, crooked smiled that was frozen in the picture. Now, as I gazed into his innocent, content eyes, I realized if I looked deep enough I could see the dark burden he was carrying, keeping hidden from me. How could Maria have hurt this sweet, innocent child and felt no remorse in doing so? She had admitted, yesterday in court, of killing him cold-bloodedly and did not plead temporary insanity. She still believed Edward should never have been born and was a mistake; she was content with herself for what she believed… that she had rid the world of an unnecessary burden: Edward Anthony Cullen.

"Edward, my little man…" I felt the tears forming in my eyes and felt my throat tighten, "I am so sorry I was so blind. I have no idea how I could believe the lies your mother told me about how you got injured. I guess I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that your own mother would be the one hurting you." The tears were now blurring my vision and I allowed them to fall, feeling defeated. "Edward, you are my little miracle. If you can hear me up in Heaven, believe me when I say this, you were never a mistake. You were daddy's gift… my blessing from God. He allowed me to realize how wonderful life could be when a child is a part of it. I might have only been nineteen when you were born, Eddie, but I would never turn back time." I started to cry out and my breaths became ragged, "Don't believe what your mom said, Edward… I always wanted you and you deserved me in your life along with Emmett and Alice. I loved you from the second I knew you were a tiny embryo and my love only grew for you as I watched you grow." My tears finally stopped and I took a few deep breaths to even my breathing, "Edward, I am so sorry for the pain mommy inflicted on you. If I'd known I would have stopped her. I will live with that regret and guilt for the rest of my life. But remember son, I will love you for always and remember you forever." I wiped the tear stains off my cheeks and kissed my fingers and placed them on the casket. Then I bent down and hugged the casket and kissed it once, "I love you, Edward."

I walked away from my son's casket with my hands in my pockets, my head lowered, and without a glance back I continued to my car in the parking lot and headed home to my children who needed me now more than ever.

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