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Chapter 5

Blair rushed into class just as the bell rang, her face flushed and her headband askew. She sank into a chair and whipped out her notebook as Serena shot her a curious sideways glance.

"Where were you?" she muttered.

"I had to pick something up at home - lost track of time," Blair lied, avoiding her best friend's gaze. Luckily, Serena didn't have time to question her any further because at that moment, their teacher began speaking.

Blair found it excessively difficult to sit through English and the rest of her classes that day. How was she supposed to focus on books and verb tenses and centripetal force when the memory of Chuck with his mouth down there was still fresh in her mind? More importantly, why would she ever want to focus on anything else when she could instead be reliving every single second of the time she had spent in his limo? And then, of course, there was the distraction of what she was planning on doing to Chuck as an apology for abandoning him earlier...

By the end of the day, Blair had become convinced that the clocks in Constance moved significantly slower than was natural. After what felt like several years, the final bell rang, and Blair had to force herself not to run flat-out to her locker. She was just resetting her lock, ready to make a speedy escape, when Serena appeared beside her.

"Hey B! Where are you off to in such a hurry?" Serena said brightly.

Blair resisted the urge to snap at Serena, and instead plastered a smile on her face. "Just home. Lots of work to do, you know." She heaved what she hoped was a convincingly exasperated sigh.

"Oh, right... do you think you could spare half an hour for coffee? Nate was just saying earlier how he thought the three of us should hang out after school."

As if on cue, Nate strode up behind them and slid his arm around Blair's waist. It was a small gesture of affection that Blair usually adored, but today she found it to be more irritating than endearing. Perhaps that was because the feel of Chuck's fingers pressing into her hips still seemed to be lingering on her skin, almost as if he had burned her. "So are we going for coffee?" Nate asked.

"I'm sorry, but I really don't think I have time," Blair said, feigning disappointment as she shrugged out of Nate's arm. "You two go without me though. I'll see you tomorrow!" She pecked Nate on the cheek and then hurried off, leaving a mildly suspicious Serena and a clueless (as usual) Nate in her wake.

After his lunchtime rendezvous with Blair, Chuck had decided to take the rest of the afternoon off. It had taken him the greater part of an hour to get himself off after she had left him like that, and to his great annoyance, he had only been successful once he started replaying everything that had happened between him and Blair in the past 24 hours over in his head. He particularly enjoyed recalling how her small hand had felt wrapped around his dick, and the expression on her face when he had first touched her, and the way she had looked after she orgasmed, and the way she had squirmed beneath his touch in the limo, and the way she had screamed his name as she came... okay, fine, if he was being honest, he particularly enjoyed recalling all of it.

Chuck was now seated on the couch in his suite, sipping on a scotch and brooding. It bothered him how desperately he wanted to see her again. She was just a girl, after all. But as that thought crossed his mind, he realized how far from the truth it was. Blair Waldorf would never be "just a girl". She was the most fascinating person Chuck had ever encountered: exquisitely beautiful, poised, elegant, pure, capable of controlling virtually everything and everyone around her. She was undeniably a bitch, but she was also a loyal friend to Serena and a devoted (up until recently, at least) girlfriend to Nate, the two people who were perhaps the least deserving of her dedication. And then, beneath that cold, flawless exterior, there existed a vulnerable, passionate girl that no one had ever seen. That is, until Chuck had come along and found a way to draw that girl out.

As he reflected on the enigma that was Blair Waldorf, Chuck heard a knock on the door. Praying it wasn't Nate (he didn't think he could handle being around his golden boy of a best friend at the moment, especially now that he had gotten Blair off more times in the past 24 hours than Nate had in their entire 11 year long relationship), he strode over to the door and opened it cautiously. To his surprise, he found Blair standing in front of him, still dressed in that sexy little school uniform, a determined look on her face.

"Hello, Chuck," she said in what was clearly supposed to be a confident voice. "Can I come in?" She walked past him and into the suite without waiting for his reply.

"What are you doing here?" he said, closing the door. It came out more coldly than he had intended, but he was still pretty pissed at her for earlier.

Blair tried not to let the edge in his voice bother her. "I told you I'd make it up to you when I left you in the limo earlier," she replied.

"Yeah, well, I don't really feel like doing anything with you right now," he said, wondering as he spoke why he alway had to be such an asshole about things.

Blair snorted. "Since when?" She never took any of his shit. It was one of his favorite things about her, although he wasn't going to admit that right now.

"Since you let me give you the best orgasm of your life and then proceeded to go to fucking class while I was left alone with a fucking boner," he spat.

"Oh please Bass, stop being such a bitch about it," Blair scoffed. She pushed him down on to the couch and straddled him, settling her ass on his crotch, which, naturally, had already begun to harden. "Now just keep your mouth shut so I can keep my promise and make it up to you. I have a feeling you're going to like this." Then she pressed her lips to his, and all of his anger seemed to melt away. Blair Waldorf was kissing him again, and that was really the only thing that mattered right now.

"I have a feeling you're right," he murmured, and he felt her smile against his lips. He slid a hand around to the back of her head and kissed her more fervently as she began to loosen his tie. "So, how are you planning on repaying me?" he asked when her mouth left his to plant kisses on his jaw and neck.

"You'll see," she said mysteriously, kissing his chest as she unbuttoned his shirt. She ground her hips against his crotch, smiling to herself as she heard his breath hitch. He grabbed her hips and pressed her down on his erection, and she whimpered a little as she felt his hardness against her core. It would feel so wonderful to just stay like this, rubbing herself against him, but Blair was on a mission to repay Chuck for this afternoon, and this was not how she wanted to do it.

Chuck gave a groan of disappointment as Blair slid off his lap, but when he saw that she was now kneeling on the floor between his legs, his disappointment subsided considerably. Smirking up at him, she undid his pants and pulled them down around his ankles. Then she ran her fingers up his calves and thighs, sliding a hand under his boxers and just grazing his throbbing penis. Chuck rested his head back against the couch and closed his eyes, preparing himself for the paradise that was Blair Waldorf's hand wrapped around him. He felt her tug down his boxers and take him in her small hand. And then she felt her breath against his tip.

"Open your eyes, Chuck," Blair purred.

His eyes snapped open just in time to witness what was perhaps the most erotic thing he had ever seen. Blair's lust-filled eyes were locked on his, and she was closing her perfect pink lips around his tip. Dear God. Chuck watched her, fixated, as she eased his length deeper and deeper into her warm mouth at an agonizingly slow pace. Then she pulled it back out and smiled wickedly.

"Did you like that, Chuck?"

He nodded numbly, watching as she absentmindedly massaged his tip with her thumb.

"Do you want me to do it again?"

"Fuck. Yes," he managed to say, and seconds later, he was engulfed in her mouth again, and she was sucking him off in earnest.

It was ecstasy. Chuck had received many blow jobs in his 16 years, but none of them had ever compared to this. As if the way she was sucking and licking him wasn't incredible enough, knowing this was Blair's first time, and that she actually wanted to have his dick in her pure, virginal mouth, was just about the biggest turn-on ever.

She shot him a sultry look before pulling her lips off of him and running her tongue up the base of his shaft. Then she took him in her mouth once more, swirling her tongue around his length as she gently grazed his balls with her fingernails, causing his hips to buck upward off the couch. He could feel himself getting closer, and he grabbed her head, pushing himself deeper into her. Blair accepted him eagerly, relishing the high she got from giving him so much pleasure.

Chuck felt his self-control slipping away rapidly. "Blair-" he choked out in an attempt to warn her, but even as he spoke, he couldn't help but knot his fingers more tightly in her hair. When he exploded into her mouth, she swallowed obligingly before tucking him back into his boxers and kissing her way up his chest.

"So are we even?" she asked innocently, settling herself on the couch beside him.

"I'd say so," Chuck panted.


Blair looked down, unsure of what to say or do now. She noticed that her hand was resting beside Chuck's, their fingers just barely touching. She snuck a glance at him, and saw that he was looking at their hands too. Slowly, and so imperceptibly that it was impossible to tell who had initiated it, their fingers became intertwined. Neither of them knew exactly what that meant, but they both had a feeling it was something good.

The End :)