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Honestly, I have no idea where to begin. In many stories, the intense ending is often told at the beginning so as to capture the listener's intention. I won't do that though; it's a stupid way to tell a story.

A story; that is what I want to tell you today. It's a long one, one that may take a while until it meets its ending. Don't give up though; it's a great story. It's my story. A story about an adventure that took me and my brother, Jared farther away from home that we have ever been. An adventure that had taken us all over the seas of the world, let us meet people from all sorts of life, and help us find true love.

True love, after all, is often unavoidable in adventures like this.

From there, I shall not prolong this anymore. It's high time you heard the story, my story. So huddle closer, the fire is warm. Here, have some cocoa. Listen carefully now.

I shall begin.