The Tree

Casey loves to run and explore.

She is about 5 months old now.

Casey goes for a 30 min walk per day. We take her down to the park so she can play with all the other dogs.

While she was playing with a huge Great Dane (I love those dogs!) my other brother Patrick wanted to climb a tree with me. We picked the highest tree we could find.

When we were half way up I notice Casey walked over to the trunk and was staring at us. "Hi Casey!" Patrick shouted. Casey then started to whine. What was wrong with this dog?

It wasn't long before she started to climb the tree.

Seriously, what is wrong with her?

"What is Casey doing?" Patrick asked me.

"She thinks she is a cat", I answered.

About five minutes later when Casey had climbed about 2 metres up, she started to whine and howl. Everyone was staring at us.

"Shut up Casey," I said.

Of course Patrick and I would have to climb down to help her but when I was nearly there my foot got stuck in a crack and I couldn't get it out.

Now what am I going to do?

"Patrick my foot is stuck!" I shouted to him.

"Ok let me get past you and I will get Casey and then you", he replied.

It was a bit hard for Patrick to get past me but in the end he reached Casey.

"What do I do now?" he asked me.

"How about you pick her up and put her over your shoulder and climb down", I answered.

Patrick eventually got Casey over his shoulder and started to climb down the tree.

Now it was my turn.

Patrick pulled and pulled my leg but it wouldn't budge.

We kept pulling and pulling until it actually came out but I lost my balance and fell back.

I screamed

Luckily it was only 2 metres off the ground. I realised a pile of leaves broke my fall.

And then I saw Casey galloping over to me greeting me with her slobbery licks.


Patrick ran over to me.

"Are you OK?" he asked me nervously.

"Yeah only I fell off a tree, landed in dirty leaves and my face is drenched with saliva", I replied miserably.