Summary: "Make me forget…" And that's how Haruno Sakura forgot everyone.

Sakuxmulti, SakuxAll, SakuxEveryone

Authors note: First and foremost, disregard the manga because I will keep some characters alive and will remain a live until I say so. There will be no Yaoi or Yuri in this fic. Sakura's relationship with other girls will purely be platonic… more so like a sisterly love than anything else. I am a Sakura crack pairing fan, so there will be a lot of crack pairings in this fiction of mine that evolves around Sakura. Expect fluff, darkish things, irony, confusion and funny sexual innuendos and encouters; however, I cannot guarantee that I will do a lemon scene- most likely I won't. The guys and girls in this fic will show the characteristic of an obsessive, possessive and darkish kind of person….

Disclaimer: If I did create Naruto, it would be called Sakura and not Naruto. Sakura would be the lead heroine and she would rule the Sakura world with her awesomeness.

Enjoy the Story!

Make Me Forget

In the bleak of the night, where the sky lay barren without any hints of stars that would sparkle above, nor was there any type of shapes of the moon that would shine above all else. There was only the raw feeling and sensations radiating off of the pink haired girl, as she slowly succumb into the abyss of emptiness.

It was accumulating. Slowly by slowly; day by day; months by months; years by years, it was slowly accumulating deep inside of her… the pain.

Her body felt heavy, as with her mind and her heart. She was starting to feel numb to the pain... apathetic even.

She leaned back further in on the cold stone bench, where her ex-teammate had left her on that one fateful night.

She had never felt so lonely in her life.

Sure, she had friends, family and even sometimes a lover, more so a companion than anything else... Yet, she knew, it wasn't enough. It was never enough. Because deep down, she knew that it wasn't even real.

'It was just a figment of your imagination' that's what people usually describe one's taxing over active imagination to the point where reality and fantasy coincide… where neither can be told apart.

There were no friends. No family, nor lovers. Only the full bath of crimson liquid that stained her hands, after all… she was in the midst of war; a war with herself.

If indeed she had someone she could depend on. Someone could call friend. She supposed she wouldn't be battling with her mentality by now… battling for her sanity. Inner Sakura, as what she would like to call her second mind, was the insane part of herself. While she, was the sane one. Yet the lines were drawn, and questions were raise of who exactly was the sane one after all?

She suddenly laughed out loud, breaking the eeriness of the night; breaking the so called 'peacefulness' of the sky.

Her laughter grew loud, as strange feelings bubbled deep inside of her. Growing and growing, to the point where tears suddenly poured out of her eyes.

"It leaked." She croaked, furiously wiping away the fallen water. She had told herself not to break down. 'Never again' she had once promised.

"It leaked." She repeated once more, trying hard to stop the falling tears from pouring out of her glands.

"Stop," she whispered vehemently to herself. "Stop, I say! STOP!"

"Stop!" she all but screamed.

And that day, Sakura lost her sanity.


"I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that."

The blonde haired Godaime heaved out an irritated sigh, "Sakura, for lack of better words, has traumatic amnesia due to emotional stress of her brain. We're still testing further diagnosis to find more about her current state. The type of amnesia she has is the selective one-" She glared down at the blonde haired woman in front of her who opened her mouth.

"Selective amnesia?!" the blonde hair teen shouted.

The Godaime ignored the blonde's outburst and continued on, "Shizune had run some tests on Sakura and the good news is that she still remembers how to function like a normal human. However, she does not remember nor recognize anyone.

Yamanaka-san, to put it simply, she cannot remember you nor I nor anyone else for that matter but can still function like a normal civilian. However, we still don't know if she remembers how to function like a shinobi or remembers of her being a ninja at all. We shall further discuss this tomorrow at 7:00 am sharp, for now I am going to run further test on my apprentice." With that said, the Godaime walked back towards the hospital room with her cape bellowing after her, as well as leaving a gapping Ino behind.

"Forehead girl, you better be okay or else I'll kick your ass" Ino ground out as she walked out of the hospital in search for her teammates, worry evident on her face.

Green eyes followed the strange blonde's movements. Slowly and patiently watching wearily as to what the strange woman was doing inside her room. Her eyes twitched at the humongous breast that bounced up and down with each step the blonde woman took towards her. She gulped down in fear, afraid that something was going to pop out of that breast of hers, or worse – it would actually pop!

She leaned back further in on the hospital bed, as she tugged the white blanket further up to cover half of her face.

"Wh- Who are you? And what do you want from me?"

Tsunade frowned, as she watched her apprentice that was like a daughter to her, hide behind the sheets with apprehension. Her mouth tilted even further down and slowly sat towards the bed as she suddenly hug the life out of her dear Sakura-chan. Cooing and murmuring deadly threats to whoever did this to her poor daughter.

Sakura's eyes pop open wide in response, as her face was now stuck in between the blonde woman's breast.

She swallowed a couple of times, as sweat trickled down her face…

'Oh God, oh God… It's going to pop…' She chanted in her head, "It's going to po-"


And Sakura's eyes rolled backwards…

Shizune let out a small 'eep' and gave the Godaime a sheepish smile, "Sorry Godaime-sama, the door was stuck so I had to use a bit force in it…"

Tsunade shook her head in response and looked down towards the girl in her arms, who now lay slump in between her breast.

"Sakura?" She called out, slowly shaking the girl awake, "Sakura?"

"Uhm…" Shizune interrupted, "did I startle her?"

Tsunade merely shrugged in response, as she set the pink haired girl back in her bed.

"Come now Shizune, I believe we have to run some test…" Tsunade stood beside Sakura and motion Shizune to take her place on the other side. With green chakra on their hands, they began to work.

"I miss Sakura-chan…" The blonde haired teen leaned back towards the trunk of the tree as he slowly doze off.

Jiraiya merely smiled towards the blonde haired teen in response and stood up to begin to check the perimeters.

It was about 3 years and a half since they've left Konoha, and saw the pink haired girl, Jiraiya inwardly mused as he set out the traps around them.

I wonder what she looks like now… He giddily mused with enthusiasm, I wonder if she grew up like Tsunade… His tongue rolled out in response.

I suppose its time to head back, with that in mind the ero-senin skip back towards the camp.

A pervert will always be a pervert.

Kakashi moaned in response, as he fluidly took the kunai out of his leg and threw it straight back towards the enemy nin, hitting him dead center on his heart.

Shit He inwardly cursed, it was suppose to be a simple reconnaissance mission…

He looked towards his two teammates, and heaved out a sigh of relief. They had a few wounds but it was nothing to fatal that would cause immediate death.

He motion both Sai and Yamato to hurry it up. The sooner they were done, the sooner they got back. The mission was nothing but a trap, and they had to report it to the Godaime Hokage as soon as possible.

And after that, he would most likely visit his favourite blossom. He was pretty sure Yamato and Sai would be excited as well, after all she is their blossom. He just hoped Sakura would forgive them for not writing her a letter, since it would compromise the mission if they were found.

His eyes crease downwards, while his mouth tilted down into a frown. Well it didn't matter anyways, since it was nothing but a damn trap.

Seeing both his teammates finished off the last enemy nin, he motion for them to head out and return back to Konoha.

"Ino. Hey, Ino!" Slightly chubby fingers wave back and forth towards the blonde haired woman's face.

Akimichi Chouji wearily loomed over in front of Ino's face who in turn glared up at him.

"Chouji, what the hell?" Ino pushed him back and stood in front of him with arms on her waist, "What the hell was that for?"

And off the side, a muffled "troublesome" from Shikamaru could be heard.

"Well, I was trying to get your attention but you were off into space…" One of the blonde girl's eyebrows rose waiting for him to continue, "Because you look like something's bothering you…"

Her eyes softened in response and slowly shook her head, "Thanks, but it's nothing really…"

Shikamaru glanced at her briefly and went back to his previous position.

Chouji just nodded in response, as he ordered more Ramen, "One shrimp ramen!"

Hopefully everything will be okay come tomorrow. I mean it's the Godaime Hokage, the best medic-nin in the world that's treating Forehead-girl… the blonde haired girl rationalize. After all, she can do anything, right?

"What is your name?"

"I- I don't remember"

"Do you know where you are?"

"In a hospital?"


"Do you know where you live?"

"I'm not sure… am I from here?"

"Alright, how old are you?"

"I- I don't remember… I'm sorry"

"That's okay Sakura, no need to apologize. I just need to run some few test on you okay?"

"Hai, Tsunade-sensei."

"Can you recall anyone that you can remember?"

"I'm not sure I understand your question"

"Okay, let me rephrase that. Can you remember anyone, like a person… family? Friends? Or anyone at all?"

"Nn-no... I'm sorry, I don't remember anyone. I can't seem to recall a single person." Sakura whimpered.

"No need to appologi-" "I'm sorry"


"Alright, will move on from the basic questions okay?" She nodded in response.

"Do you know what a Chakra is?"

She shook her head once more in response, as she clenched the hem of her shirt.

"It's alright, I'll teach you the basics after I run some test on you okay?"

"Hinata-sama." Hinata slowly stopped her walking, as she turned around to greet her cousin, "N-Neji-…nii…sama."

"If you don't mind me asking, where are you off too?"

She furiously shook her head, "Nn..n-no..I.. do..n't min..d, I'm l-loooking fo..r Sak-ura-chan…"

"I thought she was suppose to be on a mission?"

She nodded her head, "Yess…b-but she was s-suppose… to be b-back yest..erda..y"

to be continued...

Mksanime: Uhmmm-New fic? =) Anyways, on a side note… Sakura is still a virgin. When she talks about having a lover- she meant only having a boyfriend kind of thing.

I apologize for the grammar/spelling mistakes since I'm too lazy to proofread. Yeah.

And I do realize that most of them are out of character, but I'll try to keep in them in character once in a while XD

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