A/N: First and foremost my poem that I need to practice everyday and second what I think Brooke should do too, give or take the pronouns and certain wording. That's why I decided to post on the OTH category again. Bad decision? No, if I thought it was worth losing sleep over. It's 12:20 AM now and I've got exams tomorrow. :/ So read, comprehend/reflect, and review.

Liberating Determination

This heart is guarded.

It has its reasons.

Filling vast pools of coldness,

Where doubts regally dictate,

How do I let anyone in?

When I'm frightened,

I'm hurting by putting distance,

Yet hurting myself by possibly caring about people,

I just don't want to be hurt.

Life has risks, feelings can be real, and if I can't take them,

Loneliness awaits my future.

So I have to fight back,

Tearing down these compartments one by one

And reveling in the peace of mind and happiness,

It will eventually return to me.