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I'm back with good news! Its almost summer! And like I promised I'm going to get down to writing again since my summer will begin.

That means 2 things.

One, I'm going to write a Naruto story, and two, I'm going to keep writing on my pokemon fic.

Now, this Naruto story I'm going to write isn't listed on my stories. It's something new I always wanted to work on but never did since there was already millions of these out… but I really want to write a the whole Naruto story down on the difference of having Hinata on team 7 instead of Sakura.

I know there are millions of them out there. But I feel as if I'm the one that can really keep the characters within their own character.

Anyway, this will be the first chapter.

Enjoy, and sorry for the wait!


Chapter 1

Shock! A dark secret revealed!

"Next!" yelled the instructor as Hyuuga Hinata proceeded to the exam room.

Hinata like any other girl her age, was having a small breakdown trying hard not to faint thinking of failing. Well, maybe that problem only applied to her.

She walked up to the shouji and in she went.

"Name," the blue haired proctor stated as he looked down at Hinata.

"H-Hyuuga Hinata," Hinata managed to say with a shaky tone, as she gripped her hands under the pressure.

"Hyuuga? Oh! You're in luck girl," the proctor stated as he stared at file in front of him. "It appears the final exam for this day should be on chakra control, and I mean, you Hyuugas are well known for your great chakra control,"

"Oh- Um-… I-I"

"Hahaha, its okay Hinata, breathe," said the brown haired proctor, who she recognized as her homeroom teacher Iruka Umino. "You don't have to worry, you just need to show us that you can make three simple clones, and you'll pass," Iruka said as Hinata seemed to relax a little.

"Mizuki, try not to scare the students before the tests," Iruka sighed as he took his seat.

"I didn't try to," said Mizuki as he rolled his eyes.

"Never the less, you can begin Hinata," said Iruka as Hinata felt a blush rush to her face because of the sudden attention from both teachers.

"Y-Yes sensei,"

Hinata closed here eyes and went through the chakra training exercises her father and instructors had taught her. She brought her hands up and started gathering her Chakra and then-


A smokescreen filled up Hinata's space as she activated the clone jutsu. As the smoke cleared 2 perfect looking Hinatas stood in front of her. But the third clone wasn't as perfect, it had lighter colors and a wavy look to it.

"Hmm, not bad for an academy student, right Iruka?" said Mizuki as he flashed Hinata a smile.

"I'm not sure… I mean she 'did' create two clones, but one of them isn't a perfect copy,"

"Oh common!" Mizuki argued. "She's probably just nervous, right Hyuuga girl?" Mizuki asked as Iruka turned his attention to her.

It didn't take a genius to know that the girl was having a panic attack, they were discussing her possible failure or a success.

Hinata gripped her hands harder, and played with her fingers. "I-I um...." Hinata said, not founding the words to talk.

Iruka sighed. "Its okay Hinata, you pass, at least you 'managed' to create 2 clones unlike our very own class clown," said Iruka as Hinata remembered how sad Naruto had looked when he exited the room.

His head was high, as if he didn't have a care in the world, but his eyes betrayed him. He had failed, and he wouldn't be able to graduate with all his friends.

"Don't be so hard on him Iruka," Mizuki started again.

"Not now Mizuki," said Iruka, as he then turned his attention to Hinata.

"Well done Hinata you passed, here is your forehead protector, the sign of a Konoha Shinobi. From this day on you'll be recognized as a ninja of the Fire country," said Iruka as Hinata took the item from him.

"Next!" yelled Mizuki.

And with that, Hinata exited the room with forehead protector in hand, clutching it close to her heart.

As she left the academy, the image in front of her made her heart twist and turn. Naruto sat on a swing staring at all the graduates, his crystal blue eyes reflecting the sadness and loneliness he felt.

Instead of feeling happy and proud about her success, she felt that she had just betrayed Naruto in the most horrible way, by achieving something he trained for so hard and failed.

"Hey, that kid is the kid. He was the only one who failed," said a nameless woman not so far away from Hinata.

Hinata chewed on her lip as she heard their conversation. She really wanted to say something, but like always she just couldn't.

"Serves him right," said the other woman.

"If he became a ninja, he's only going to cause more trouble,"

But that wasn't so! Naruto only acted the way he did, because he wanted people to pay attention to him. To Naruto, getting attention either good or bad meant a lot to him. She should know, for she followed him from time to time.

"Because he's really a-"

But then one of the woman noticed Hinata listening to their exchange.

"Hey, it's forbidden to say anything more than that," the woman said as she finally laid eyes to her friend.

The two women then moved away, leaving Hinata wondering what they were talking about.

Hinata turned as well, trying to look for her own family and give them the good news. But before she went too far she heard the voice of Mizuki the proctor talking to Naruto. Then both Naruto and Mizuki jumped off from building to building, for some reason Naruto's face was adorned with a smile. She also noticed the Hokage talking to Iruka-sensei, both with a serious look over Naruto and Mizuki.

"Iruka, I need to talk to you later," said the Hokage.

"Yes, sir," said Iruka as they saw Naruto and Mizuki heading off.

Hinata pondered for a second, she really wanted to know what was happening to Naruto. But at the same time, what would her family say if they didn't found her, then again… maybe none had shown up to pick her up.

The sun set, she would follow them and after that she would go home. That would be for the best, she thought with a smile.

Both Naruto and Mizuki sat on the ceiling of a building, none saying anything, just staring at the sun going down. Naruto then let out a loud sigh and then looked down to the people below him. His thoughts were only focusing on his big failure.

How was it possible? He had trained so hard, for god knows how long. All his sweat, blood, and tears had been all for nothing.

He clenched his teeth as he remembered how Iruka-sensei had told him he hadn't passed even though Mizuki had said he should be able to pass.

Mizuki caught this.

"Iruka-sensei wasn't being mean," Mizuki said as Naruto's eyes widened. Had Mizuki read Naruto's mind?

"Then why did he pick on me like that," countered Naruto, anger taking the best of him.

"Because he knows you can do better than that," said Mizuki, his words charged with wisdom.

"Because both of you lost your parents at a young age," he pressed, as Naruto's eyes twitched.

"But I wanted to graduate,"


Naruto looked at Mizuki with a puzzled expression.

"I really shouldn't be saying this… but there is another way of passing the academy test," said Mizuki as a grin appeared on his face.

"Is there really another way!?" asked Naruto as he stood, his heart beating with excitement.

'Got him,' Mizuki thought.

"Yup, but you have to tell no one about it okay?"

"Yeah! Yeah! I wont tell anyone sensei!" Naruto said as his eyes sparkled brightly.

"Well then listen up," Mizuki said. Unknown to both of them, a silent girl listened the whole conversation.

Hinata couldn't believe her ears either.

There was another way for Naruto to still graduate! The test wasn't so simple though, Naruto had to master one jutsu from a secret scroll 'and' sneak into the Hokage's estate without being noticed, to take the scroll.

The sneaking in part was already beyond impossible since no academy student could ever hope to trick a trained ninja. But also to master a jutsu under one night! No wonder almost no one used this test. It was simply impossible.

But that didn't mean she thought Naruto wouldn't be able to pull it off. Even though Naruto would act like a clown in class, whenever he went into training did his true self emerged. A boy with ambition, who backed up his words with tough hellish training.

She couldn't understand how Naruto, who trained harder than anyone else at the academy. Wasn't able to perform something as simple as a clone jutsu. His chakra reserves were big, bigger than even some teachers.

It was probably his control, too much chakra also meant its harder to control. Maybe if she were to talk to him… m-maybe he would accept her help and train on some chakra control exercises.

She broke her train of thought as she got to the meeting place Mizuki sensei had talked about.

She chose a good hiding spot and went behind a tree. She wanted to see for herself that Naruto would be able to accomplish this.

If he needed help… maybe it would be a good time to teach him proper chakra control.

It wasn't too long before Naruto got there. Fifteen yards away from her, on his back a giant scroll.

He didn't waste any time and opened the giant scroll.

But something caught Hinata's eyes, something so horrible than made her blood go cold. The scroll read 'Scroll of Sealing', the scroll that the first and second Hokage had written to pass down all the techniques created by the Hidden Leaf. The crime for taking that was death.

B-but it was a test right? So he wouldn't get into trouble, she thought.

"This one looks good," she heard Naruto say.

"Shadow Clone jutsu," he read.

"Makes copies of user…can use user's techniques…blah blah blah!" said Naruto loosing his patience.

He didn't have time to read descriptions, he needed to master one jutsu or else he would not be able to pass.

"To perform this jutsu make the following handseals," he read as a picture of the seal was drawn next to the description.

"Um… so something like this?" he asked himself as he made the tiger seal but made a cross with them.

"After performing the seal, focus chakra at a single point between the cross seal," he closed his eyes and gathered his chakra to his hands.

Naruto half opened one eye and followed the last step.

"When enough Chakra is gathered, abruptly cut the flow of chakra and call upon the technique," Naruto read.

His hands dropped to his sides.

"What does abruptly mean?" he asked himself quietly.

"Argh!! I don't have time for this!" he yelled as he got back to work.

He closed his eyes, performed the cross seal, gathered chakra to his hands, then called on the technique.

"Shadow Clone jutsu!" Naruto yelled.

But nothing happened, in reverse to that Naruto felt a backlash of power inside him. He dropped to the ground and held to his stomach as he let out a howl of pain.

Hinata was horrified as she stared at Naruto with her Byakkugan, the doujutsu that allowed her family to be able to see other people's chakra. She examined his charka system. His chakra had been pulled off, simply vanished, but then it had reappeared.

Naruto slowly got up.

"What the hell was that?" he asked himself as he held to his stomach. "Argh! I wont give up! I have to master this jutsu!"

Hinata stood in awe, byakkugan activated, as she looked over Naruto going at it time after time. How he fell to the ground, and got right back up. She inspected how he channeled his chakra to his hands, but then instead of releasing it, he would just lose it.

Naruto fell again, but didn't stand this time. He laid there, heavily panting, mumbling to himself.

Hinata had seen enough, she just couldn't take it anymore. She got out of her hiding spot and approached Naruto's training ground nervously.

Naruto heard the sound of crunching leaves and turned his head to the side.

"Hinata?" he asked, still breathing heavily. "What are you doing out here so late?"

"N-Naruto-kun, I-I saw you wanted to learn this technique, a-and was wondering i-if you need a-any help," she asked her face red as a tomato.

Naruto stared at her with a smile, but then snapped out of it. "Sorry Hinata, but I'm not supposed to tell anyone about what I'm doing," he said trying not to let out anything.

"I-I know about th-the special test," she let out meekly.

"Huh? You do? How? I thought no one was supposed to know about it," he asked obviously confused about the situation.

"U-Um… I-I heard your conversation with Mizuki-sensei,"

Hinata was boiling, this had been the first time Naruto and her had talked for this long.

"Oh! So you came here to help me? Thanks a lot Hinata," said Naruto with a genuine smile.

Hinata tried her hardest not to faint, she would never forget the day she and Naruto talked so much, and he had given her a genuine smile!

"N-No problem Naruto-kun," she stammered as she approached him a little more.

"Well, I don't know what I'm doing wrong," Naruto started as he sat up and looked at the scroll and pointed to a section of the steps. "See? I'm doing everything the scroll says, but instead of making clones its just sapping away my chakra,"

Hinata read through the steps, and finally found the flaw that was causing Naruto's mistake.

"N-Naruto-kun, y-you're supposed to store the chakra a-and then release it, no-not just release it like th-that," she explained as Naruto looked at her, confused.

Hinata tried to stifle her laugh. Naruto looked like a confused puppy when he looked at her like that.

"J-Just try it again," she instructed.

"If you say so," said Naruto, still confused.

He closed his eyes, made the cross handseal, and gathered his chakra.

"T-that's it, n-now just keep building up the chakra u-until you think you've stored enough," said Hinata, as Naruto then nodded.

"N-Now stop gathering your chakra and r-release all of it into the technique," she said.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!"


A smokescreen appeared due to the technique, but then as the smoke faded 3 Narutos, and a weak looking clone were revealed. The weak clone was panting but then simply poofed out, too weak to support itself.

"I did it!" yelled the three Naruto's as they jumped up and down.

However Hinata was taken aback. Those weren't simple clones! They were solid!

Naruto still excited, went over to the scroll and read at the bottom.

"To disperse make the cross seal and say 'release'," Naruto read.

He made the handseal and dispersed the clones.

In the middle of the excitement Hinata remembered how the third clone had banished, and decided not to let Naruto get too excited.

"N-Naruto-kun," she said, getting his attention.

"Yes? Hinata?"

"Y-You should put a little more chakra in-into it, o-or else the clone will be too weak and w-will just disappear," said Hinata as Naruto nodded.

"Alright, thanks Hinata,"

And so he tried again, but when he started gathering chakra for the technique Hinata stepped in.

"R-Remember to measure how much chakra you put in-into each clone," she instructed as Naruto nodded while concentrating. "F-Focus your chakra and think of y-your chakra as a ball shrinking," Hinata said as Naruto felt the chakra gather to a perfect point, he opened his eyes and broke the flow.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!"


This time however, all 3 Narutos were completely perfect to every single detail.

"Yosha!" the four Naruto's yelled as they jumped in the air. "Thanks a lot Hinata!" the real Naruto said as he gave her an unexpected hug.

Hinata was baffled as Naruto put his arms around her, a blush spread across her face, so red it would make any tomato jealous. She remained without fainting… until the other 3 clones completely smothered her. Then, poor Hinata went out like a light.

"Hinata?" Naruto asked? "You okay? Hey- Hinata!" Naruto kept yelling as Hinata was only smiling her eyes closed, and her face red.

Naruto stayed confused, but decided to set Hinata aside to rest. She must have been really tired to just drop like that. He walked to a nearby house and set her gently against the wall.

After that, he resumed his training.

"Hey listen up!" called the real Naruto as the clones looked at him.

"Even though we did it once perfectly, doesn't mean that we're going to get it the next time," he said as the clones nodded in understanding.

"Lets get practicing," Naruto said as he dispersed the clones and tried again.

"Hokage-sama, we cannot let this slide as a prank!" yelled a nameless ninja.

"Yeah! The scroll of sealing is something dangerous that the First and Second wrote!" yelled yet another nameless ninja with an eye patch. "If its used in a bad way… it could-"

"Think of the horrors that would happen if he were to carry the scroll out of the village! Other Hidden Villages wouldn't waste time on sending scouts for the boy!" another said.

The Hokage looked at all his Chunins, and finally nodded in acknowledgement.

"Bring Naruto to me," the Hokage spoke. "Now go!" he yelled as he signaled his ninjas to disperse.

"Yes sir!" they all said as they scattered.

Iruka jumped from ceiling to ceiling, desperate to find Naruto.

"Where did you go, Naruto?' Iruka said as he inspected every alley on the area.

Something caught his eyes, there was a blur running and jumping through a dark alley.

He figured it might have been Naruto.

"Wait!" Iruka yelled as he started trailing the blur.

But before long the blur had banished. But Iruka's mind didn't stop working.

If he had taken this direction… the closest area he knew Naruto would be was the house in the forest.

He readied himself and started jumping tree by tree, running as fast as he could so that he could reach Naruto before anyone else did.

Naruto panted heavily as he lay on his bottom.

He had trained for the last 4 hours trying to master the jutsu. His chakra almost depleted. But he had no doubt he would be able to impress Mizuki-sensei. He would thank Hinata as soon as the test was over.

But before he could do anything else, he noticed a shadow over him and cringed inwardly.

"Hey Naruto," said Iruka, his face trying to mask his rage.

However Naruto curved his hand into a fist and gripped it hard. He had been discovered, he failed…

He cursed inwardly. But then thought of something brilliant!

Iruka-sensei was a proctor too right? That meant that maybe he knew about the test too and could present the test with him. He let out a chuckle, surprising Iruka a little.

"Oh man! I got caught… good thing I mastered that one jutsu," said Naruto as he smiled at the confused Iruka.

'Why would he be practicing a jutsu instead of running away with the scroll?' he asked himself.

"Iruka-sensei! I'm going to show you the jutsu I mastered! That way you can let me graduate right!?" Naruto asked, his eyes sparkling.

"Who said that?" asked Iruka as he lifted a brow.

"Mizuki-sensei! He told me about the special test students can take to graduate!"

"Mizuki?" asked Iruka. Why would Mizuki tell that to Naruto?

"Oh! Oh! But Hinata helped me too sensei! But it's not cheating right? I learned most of it by myself! I promise!" Naruto yelled as he pointed at the unconscious Hinata.

That threw Iruka out of the loop.

Mizuki? Hinata? What was going on here?

But before he had the chance to ask. His senses perked up and felt a killing intent nearby.

Then he saw it, a dozen kunai going their way. Iruka pushed Naruto out of the way and jumped to safety.

"Nice dodge Iruka, I'm actually surprised you were able to find this place," said Mizuki as Iruka stood up.

"I see how it is," said Iruka as he glared at Mizuki.

"Naruto, give me the scroll," said Mizuki with a fake happy mask, to hide his true intention.

Naruto was confused and shocked. Why had Mizuki-sensei thrown a handful of kunais at Iruka-sensei?

"B-But sensei, I haven't showed you that I mastered the jutsu!" explained Naruto.

"Don't worry about it Naruto just hand me the scroll!" pressed Mizuki.

"Don't listen to him Naruto!" yelled Iruka as Naruto started looking from Mizuki to Iruka and back. "He deceived you! There is no such thing as a special test! It's all a wild goose chase so that Mizuki can steal the scroll you took from the Hokage's office!" yelled Iruka.

"You talk to much Iruka!" said Mizuki as he lost his patience. He took one of the over sized shuriken from his back and started spinning it with his right hand.

"If you don't give me the scroll your friend is going to get hurt Naruto," said Mizuki as he took aim at Hinata.

"No! Wait! What's going on sensei?" Naruto asked. His face contorted with fear and confusion.

"What you're holding is the Scroll of Sealing Naruto," said Iruka as he stood from the ground. "It contains all the jutsus of the Hidden Leaf, jutsus that the First and Second Hokage used and created," explained Iruka.

Mizuki glared at Iruka for revealing Naruto the real purpose of the scroll.

"I gave you a chance! But now its too late!" he yelled as he threw the shuriken at the sleeping Hinata.

Naruto didn't waste anytime as he threw himself in the shuriken's path. He wouldn't let Hinata get dragged into this mess. He closed his eyes waiting for the pain to get him… but it never did.

As he opened his eyes, the shock in front of him made him fall back.

"Iruka-sensei!" yelled Naruto as he saw Iruka impaled with the giant weapon on his back.

"Listen to me Naruto," said Iruka as he coughed a little blood. "Don't trust Mizuki, take Hinata and the scroll and got to the Hokage," said Iruka as he bend down on one leg.

"Hahaha you're going to protect him Iruka? I thought you would be one of the people who despise him the most," Mizuki said as his face broke into a devilish grin.

Iruka weakly turned to Mizuki, giving the proctor a nasty glare. "That's enough Mizuki!"

Naruto looked at Mizuki and then to Iruka.

"What is he talking about sensei?" asked Naruto.

"You want the truth Naruto?" asked Mizuki as he leaned against the tree he was standing on.

"Mizuki! Stop right there!" yelled Iruka as he slowly stood he took the shuriken from his back and threw it back at Mizuki, who only dodged effortlessly.

"Twelve years ago, a rule was created, a rule that silenced everyone old enough to remember about the accident,"

"A rule? What kind of rule?" asked Naruto.

"A rule that only you cant find out about," said Mizuki as he waited for the right moment to discharge the hidden information.

"Stop it!" Iruka yelled.

"The rule, not to reveal that Naruto is the monster fox!" yelled Mizuki as his eyes fixed on Naruto's.


"That's right! Naruto you're the one that killed Iruka's parent's, and destroyed our village 12 years ago. You are the nine tailed fox!"

Naruto stood slowly, his eyes frozen in Iruka hoping he would tell him it was all a big lie, sadly Iruka never spoke up.

"N-No... T-That's not true… its impossible!" yelled Naruto as he tried denying it, his hands at his head trying to block away everyone.

"You really think so?" probed Mizuki as he jumped down from the tree. "Why do you think everyone in the village treats you the way they do?" asked Mizuki honestly.

Naruto's face then changed.

He finally understood why everyone hated him so much. He was the monster that destroyed lives and families. The monster that almost destroyed the village. It all made sense now.

"Don't believe him Naruto!" yelled Iruka as he turned to face him. "You're not that monster!"

"Hahaha, Iruka only protected you because you have the scroll with you!"

But he couldn't listen to him anymore. Naruto's eyes watered, his eyes turned to slits. He succumbed to his rage.

Memories of his childhood arose from his mind. Moments where villagers would try hurting him or would call him a monster. Moments of lies when Iruka would take him to the ramen stand and would laugh saying he enjoyed Naruto's company.

Tears ran down his face as he looked at Iruka. Then without warning, he spun on his heel and ran into the forest.

Hinata slowly opened her eyes.

What had happened?

Oh yeah! Naruto… Naruto had given her a hug! Four hugs if she counted the ones the clones gave her. She smiled as she remember the joyous moment, her face turning red.

But then she abruptly awoke from her dreams. Had Naruto passed? Was he able to pass the special test?

It took a moment for her eyes to adjust. But then she saw it.

Naruto's eyes breaking into tears, Iruka-sensei and Mizuki-sensei not so far away from him.

She watched as Naruto turned on his heel and ran.

Had he failed?

She felt her heart stop, why did all the horrible things always happened to Naruto? It wasn't fair!

Then it hit her. He still had the scroll with him and was running away. If he didn't give it back even the Hokage would be unable to help Naruto!

She got up on her legs and jumped into the trees after him. She had to get Naruto to give the scroll back to the Hokage before anyone got the wrong impression!

Mizuki and Iruka caught sight of Hinata as she went after Naruto. Had Hinata heard what Mizuki said about Naruto? Iruka hoped not, no other student had ever tried to help Naruto before. Though he knew the crush the Hyuuga had on the rascal Naruto, it wasn't that complicated. The girl would blush every time Naruto got close to her, or even said a world to her.

He snapped out of his thoughts as he sprung forward and came face to face with Mizuki.

"Do you really think you can stop me in the state you are on Iruka?" asked Mizuki with a grin.

"Who knows?" he answered with Mizuki's mocking tone. "Lets find out," send Iruka as he got on a battle stance.

However Mizuki dropped the grin.

"Do you think I'm stupid? That girl has been unconscious the whole time, she probably just thinks Naruto failed the test and is going to try and comfort him, if I don't act now I don't know if I'll be able to steal the scroll without anyone else noticing," said Mizuki as Iruka rushed at him.

Iruka swung his right arm at Mizuki, but the blue haired ninja parried it with an arm and took a hold of Iruka's arm, after that he gripped Iruka's arm with all his strength and send him crashing towards a tree.

"Ha! And you say you're a match for me!" mocked Mizuki as he took off after Hinata and Naruto.

"Comeback here!" yelled Iruka as he quickly stood up and chased after Mizuki.

"Hmm…" the Hokage sighed as he observed the current events through his crystal ball. "Things are proceeding on an unexpected situation," he crossed his arms and leaned back on his chair.

If things kept going the way they were, Mizuki could 'really' steal the scroll and leave the village. This day held a lot of forks for young Naruto. If Naruto were to unleash the beast on his anger, he himself would need to take action and kill Naruto….

But he knew that wouldn't happen, not when 'that' girl was close to him. He believed and knew that Naruto would come to his senses and do the right thing.

He leaned closer to the crystal ball and started watching the conflict unfold, and solve itself out.

Naruto stopped after running god knows how much. He took the Scroll of Sealing off his back and sat on the damp ground.

He just couldn't simply accept it. He was the demon that destroyed the village.

Silent tears ran down his eyes, he slowly used his hands to wipe them away. What should he do now? All his life he had lived on Konoha, life outside it was impossible… his dream was to become Hokage. He seriously doubted a monster who tried destroying the village would be allowed to assume the position.

"N-Naruto-kun? A-Are you okay?"

Naruto looked up and saw Hinata standing a good 5 feet away.


"I-It's okay Naruto-kun," said Hinata as she put her arms around him.

Her shyness and her crush still in place. Hinata just couldn't stand the look Naruto had on his face. It was of someone who lost everything… someone who lacked the will to live anymore. She recognized it, for she had seen it many times before on members of the cadet branch who committed suicide.

"D-Don't feel bad please," she said as she held him. "I'm sure you can start over from the beginning," she said consoling Naruto. "Don't give up on your dream, "

Naruto didn't fully understand what Hinata was talking about, but he soon regained himself.

"Why would you care?" he asked with acid dropping from his words. "I'm a monster, can't you see that?" he asked as he slapped her hands away from him, and then pointed to himself.

Hinata was hurt by his reaction, but she didn't give up, she couldn't give up on him.

"Y-You don't look like a monster to me, y-you look just like the Naruto-kun I-I remember," said Hinata trying her best to stop her trembling. "A-And even if you were… y-you've never acted like one before!" she finished.

Naruto's eyes widened, that 'was' true. Even if he 'was' a monster up until now he had never acted like so.

A blush of embarrassment spread across his face as he then looked the other way… Well… besides all his pranks and jokes about Sasuke and everyone…

"C-Common Naruto-kun, l-lets give the scroll back to H-Hokage-sama," said Hinata as she extended her arm towards Naruto.

But right before he had the chance to take her hand, Naruto heard the sound of crunching leaves and sticks. Which meant someone was close.

He took Hinata's hand and yanked it towards him, then he put his other arm over her mouth as he peeked through the side of a tree.

Meanwhile Hinata's eyes widened as he did that, a shiver ran through her back. He was holding her so close to him!

Naruto searched in the darkness until he spotted Iruka-sensei, he was 15 yards away from their position. He was probably looking around for him.

"Come out Naruto! Give me the scroll!" he yelled.

Hinata snapped out of her gaze as she then turned to Naruto and took his hand away from her mouth.

"N-Naruto-kun, w-we should give the scroll back to Iruka-sensei so he can give it back to the Hokage,"

Naruto was about to agree, until he saw Iruka's back. There was a big problem, that wasn't Iruka-sensei… unless he managed to go home and clean his chunin vest and came back to look for him. But it couldn't be the latter, he shook his head and whispered in Hinata's ears.

"That isn't Iruka-sensei,"

"W-What are you talking about Naruto-kun?" she asked as she gave him a credulous look.

But before Naruto had a chance to answer, another Naruto landed on the scene.

"Ah there you are Naruto! Now come here and give me the scroll before Mizuki finds us," said the fake Iruka as he extended his arm towards the extra Naruto.

But before getting too close, the other Naruto jumped and kneed Iruka on the face.

Naruto and Hinata looked at the scene unfold. Hinata poked Naruto to make sure he wasn't just a clone… and he wasn't, he was the real thing. But if he was the real thing… then who the heck was the Naruto that kneed Iruka in the head?

Iruka flipped in the air and landed safely, a cloud of smoke covered Iruka as Mizuki came forward, rubbing his nose.

"How did you know it was me?" asked Mizuki, truly shocked that a brat saw through his jutsu.



"I'm the real Iruka," said Iruka as he kneeled and coughed up blood.

Naruto felt Hinata jump as she saw Iruka-sensei cough blood out. Naruto too felt a shiver run down his spine. Witnessing his sensei in such a weak state was something Naruto never expected to see,"

Mizuki glared at Iruka as he stepped closer to him.

"What good is it to protect him? Wasn't he the one who killed your parent's? Didn't you want to take revenge on the demon fox?"

Iruka laughed as he held his side, and bit his lip to withstand the pain.

"I just don't want to let a fool like you get the scroll," Iruka said on a mocking tone.

"You just don't get it," said Mizuki as he put his arms on his waist and shook his head from left to right. "Naruto is exactly like me,"

"Exactly like you?" asked Iruka as he gave Mizuki a curious look.

"I doubt Naruto… the monster fox… is stupid enough not to use the scroll's powers. We are people who seek power for our benefit,"

"I guess you're right…" said Iruka.

Naruto visibly flinched as he looked downward. Hinata caught this and paid attention to what Mizuki-sensei and Iruka-sensei were talking about.

"I knew I couldn't trust in them," said Naruto on the verge of tears again. "No one ever notices me for who I am…"

Hinata looked at Naruto and put a hand on his shoulder to comfort him. She wanted to tell him that she wasn't like that… but held back, he would probably think she pitied him.

"Naruto would abuse the scroll's power if he was a monster," said Iruka with a grin on his face. "Sadly for you, Naruto isn't like that," he put a hand on his leg and tried standing up again. "He may be a knuckle head and prank the village once in a while, but he is a student I respect,"

Naruto completely stopped crying as he looked back at Mizuki and Iruka. Hinata smiled brightly, she knew that she wasn't the only one who respected Naruto, she had felt the bond between the two of them, from time to time when she followed Naruto.

"His name is Naruto Uzumaki, not demon fox Naruto!"

Naruto's eyes watered again, this time however, only tears of happiness rolled down his cheeks. Away went the tears of pain and fear, he grabbed Hinata's hand and stood up with her help. He tried not to show his face to her, being a little embarrassed.

However, Mizuki didn't find this either funny or amusing. He glared at Iruka one last time as he took his other shuriken and started spinning it over his hand.

"I wasted enough time talking to you," he said as his grinned returned. "I said I would kill you later, but it seems that if I want to chase down Naruto and the Hyuuga girl, I have to kill you here and now. So prepare to DIE!" yelled Mizuki as Iruka braced himself for the hit, but it never came.

Hinata looked in awe as she saw Naruto launch himself from where they were standing, all the way to where Iruka and Mizuki were.

Naruto kneed Mizuki in the face and send the older ninja rolling away, as well as Mizuki's oversized shuriken.

"Don't you dare put your hands on the people I care about!" yelled Naruto defiantly.

Mizuki stood on a daze as he rubbed his nose.

"You damned brat! You hit the same spot the fool Iruka hit when he hit me," he said as he squinted at Naruto. "I'm going finish you off and take the scroll now, after that I'll kill Iruka and leave the village!" yelled Mizuki as he lost his composure completely.

"Let me see you try…" said Naruto as he made a cross seal. "For any hit you give me, I'll give you a million back!" yelled Naruto as he started molding his charka.

"Just try you monster fox!" yelled Mizuki as he rushed at Naruto.

Hinata who was still 15 yards away, closed her eyes and shrieked. "N-Naruto-kun!"

Focus. Thin your charka out. Pour all your chakra in and make it paper thin. Now release all of it!

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" yelled Naruto as a huge explosion of smoke covered all of the surrounding area.

"W-What?" asked Mizuki as millions of Naruto clones looked at him from every corner of his sight.

'T-That is the Shadow Clone jutsu?' thought Iruka. 'Such a high caliber jutsu… but too create so many…' Iruka thought.

Hinata looked around her, millions and millions of Naruto. All around her left, right, up, and down sides. They were everywhere! She knew Naruto had a big chakra system... but… so many of them! When she overlooked his training, he had verily been able to make 3 perfect clones. Yet now, he had made more than she could count… and they were all perfect? How was it possible that Naruto failed his test?

She then realized it probably never way about the test… but something else? She had heard Mizuki-sensei call Naruto a monster fox… what did that mean?

"What you're not coming?" asked the clones as they flexed the muscles. They only response they got was Mizuki dropping on his bottom and screeching 'No way!'

All Naruto clones then rushed at Mizuki, and inflicted serious damage to the shaken teacher.

"Phew…" sighed Naruto as he dispersed all the clones.

"That'll teach you to threaten my friends!" yelled Naruto as he pointed his finger at the messed up Mizuki and waved it.

"N-Naruto… t-that was amazing…" said Iruka as he made his way to Naruto along with Hinata's help.

"I-Iruka-sensei… I-I'm sorry…" said Naruto as he bowed.

"No need to say sorry, you were the one who saved 'me'" said Iruka as Naruto looked up at him.

"In fact," said Iruka as he took off his forehead protector. "You deserve his," Iruka said as he handed the protector to Naruto.

"B-but I didn't pass the exam," said Naruto as he looked at the forehead protector with a dazed look.

"In my eyes, you're good enough to be a genin," said Iruka as Naruto bit into his lips and then threw himself at Iruka.

"Thanks a lot Iruka-sensei!" Naruto wailed, but then turned to Hinata. "Thank you too Hinata! If it wasn't for you I don't think any of us would be here right now!"

"N-No i-it was a-all you N-Naruto-kun," said Hinata as a red blush spread across her face.

"Don't be so modest!" yelled Naruto. "I was only able to complete the jutsu because you taught me how to focus my chakra!" said Naruto as he gave Hinata another hug.

But once again, Hinata fainted on Naruto's arms.

This day had been paradise to Hinata. She talked to Naruto a long time, he gave her 5 hugs! And got to see Naruto graduating. What more could she ask for?

"Hinata! Hinata! Oh not again!" said Naruto as he frowned at the sleeping girl.

Iruka chuckled, but then started to laugh out right.

"Its not funny sensei!" fumed Naruto as Iruka laughed even harder.

The sun peeked through the horizon and illuminated the forest, giving it a beautiful color.

Later that day Iruka was taken to the hospital and was treated by the med-nin. Healing his back, medics warned him that a few more inches to the right and he would had been paralyzed.

Hinata had been taken home and the Hokage had explained to the Hyuuga household that Hinata had helped capture a chunin betrayer. And also gave the good news to her father, about her graduation, but only chuckled as if it didn't deserve any recognition.

Naruto had gone home with a new jutsu under his bag, and a forehead protector… the sign that he became a ninja for his hard work and determination. He stashed the forehead protector underneath his bed and went to sleep like a log not so long after his head touched the pillow.

Finally, Mizuki was taken to a prison. Where he would be treated for trying to betray Konoha. A sentence of 35 years.


(1) Pffff was a sound to make when a smokescreen is created.

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Episode 1 Omake

(Day after chapter 1)

Hokage's Office

Naruto and Iruka had been called early after 9 am, the Hokage had requested their presence.

When they both got there, they had been asked to wait for the Hokage on the office.

"There is something that really bothers me," said Iruka as Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"What's wrong sensei?"

"Well, there is something that really bugs me… can you please tell me how you were able to sneak into the Hokage's home, and stole the Scroll of Sealing?" asked Iruka with some trouble.

"Oh that?" asked Naruto chuckling. "Well, when I got here I saw 2 ninjas in gray leaving the estate, saying that were only sneaking out for a little bite, and that nothing interesting ever happened, so I took my chance and walked in," said Naruto as Iruka sweat dropped.

"That's all?"

"No no, then when I got to this office I opened the door and the old man was in there!" yelled Naruto making Iruka's eyes pop out.

"Hokage-sama was in the room when you stole it!?"

"Well… he didn't exactly wanted to lend me the scroll… so I used my most powerful jutsu," said Naruto as Iruka paled.

"N-Naruto… please tell me you didn't…"

"I used my Sexy Jutsu! The old man didn't stand a chance!" Naruto yelled proudly.


A shiver ran down Iruka's spine as he imagined the picture.

Just then the door opened and the Hokage stepped in, and received a weird stare by Iruka,"

"Iruka? Whats wrong?" the Third Hokage asked. But then noticed the grinning Naruto and paled considerably. "I-Iruka a-allow me to properly explain!" said the Hokage with dinner plate eyes.

"…Hokage-sama…You pervert…."

"But sensei… you also fell to my-" "Baka! Don't remind me!" yelled Iruka as he slammed his fist down Naruto's head.

Iruka and the Hokage's eyes met, then nodded in deep understanding.

"Naruto," the Third spoke. "From today on, I'm ranking that jutsu as a forbidden jutsu, and you're only to use it if there is a big emergency," said the old man as a blush spread through his face.

"Forbidden?" asked Naruto with a confused look. "M-My jutsu is a forbidden jutsu now? Sweet!" yelled Naruto as he ran out the room extremely pleased with himself.

The Hokage and Iruka smiled at each other... Now no one would ever know a 12 year old beat the Hokage with a perverted jutsu and stole one of the most important documents in the village!