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Summary: A Mage, a Rogue and a Warrior. How much trouble can three people get into searching for a dragon egg? Crossover with Harry Potter.

Chapter One

The young mage in grey and pale blue, nicely matching her lion's pelt cape, gathered her robe around her as she picked her way over a particularly rocky stretch of ground. "Remind me why we're doing this again?"

Her two companions sighed in unison. This was not the first time they had gone over the issue, nor the first time the mage had expressed her displeasure of the subject. A rogue clad in green and white vaulted over a large boulder, landing in a crouch. "Because Henna was daft enough to agree to Lady Celestina's request before she got the specifics. Are all warriors that quick to jump into danger?"

The third of the group, a warrior in silver and dark blue, glared at the rogue. "No, that's just Atrix. Besides, it didn't sound that unreasonable at the time."

The mage tightened her grip on the glowing staff in her hands, using it to blast a tangle of vines out of the way, and then pointed it at the warrior, who took a hasty step back. "It never does. I swear that sorceress puts something in her tea before she force-drinks it to everyone who crosses her path."

The rogue snickered as she eyed what used to be a vine. "That was uncommonly nasty, Vaneria. Though it's still hardly a reason to take it out on innocent plant life. Or did those poor vines do something to mortally offend you?"

Vaneria pinned the rogue with a lethal glare, contemplating if throwing a fireball was worth the energy. "Shut up, Nightflower. But really, why does Lady Celestina need us to hunt down that box she managed to misplace?"

Henna ducked under a low branch. "Because it contains a dragon egg that could either save or destroy the world of Lore. She might have told us which one, though."

Vaneria nodded, still unhappy about the whole situation. Finding and caring for a dragon (although not necessarily an Armageddon-related one) was part of the mage's rite of passage, and she still cringed at what she had gone through to retrieve Avatre almost a year ago.

As much as she loved her baby dragon, she wasn't keen on going through those particular quests again, just because the other two had nagged her into it, without bothering to question Lady Celestina about the quest before they had agreed to help her.

Keeping a wary eye on her irate cousin, Nightflower brought up another question. "While we're at it, would you care to tell me how we're supposed to actually find Robina. The band of Merry Women isn't exactly easy to track down."

Henna shrugged. "You have to admit, it's better than sitting around and having Serenity nag us into wiping out the ghosts in her attic every other day, and I refuse to be responsible for my actions if I'm dragged into one more mini-quest because Aria can't stop wandering into caves filled with giant insects."

Vaneria and Nightflower both shuddered at the idea. Aria did have a habit of getting herself situations like that, to the point that nearly everyone in Falconreach hid when Aria's grandmother came looking for 'volunteers' to rescue the girl. The young (and not-so-young) would-be heroes of Falconreach only hoped that Aria never crossed paths with Sally of Moonridge. Some adventures just weren't worth it.

Nightflower and Vaneria and Henna were cousins. Vaneria was the cherished only daughter and youngest of the Guardian Sparhawk's four children. Needless to say, becoming a mage was not on Sparhawk's list of dreams for his daughter and convincing him to let her train had been a battle worthy of any supervillian in the land of Lore. In the end, Vaneria had been forced to threaten him with apprenticing to Cysero before he would let her become a mage.

Nightflower and Henna, on the other hand, were the twin children of Sparhawk's younger sister, Ehlania, who was unlike her brother in that she had no objections to her children being trained as a rogue and a warrior.

Like most Mages, Vaneria was quiet, with a passion to learn, and could usually be found with her nose buried in a book or scroll. No library was safe from her, although they were certainly safe from anything else while she was present. Even Sneevils knew not to disturb Vaneria when she was reading.

Henna was the opposite, a stereotypical hot-headed warrior, quick to act and even quicker to speak. Unlike her cousin, Henna much preferred the outdoors and could barely sit still for five minutes without fidgeting. Youngest of the three, Henna was also the most active.

Nightflower was something of a mix, with the Rogue's annoying habit of being nearly impossible to accurately describe. Small and lithe, she was very nimble, and not someone that you ever wanted to play hide and seek with. Like Henna, she was almost always on the move, but still preferred time to herself now and then.

Now the three of them were fighting their way through Sure Would Forest in the hopes of finding Robina the Hood, who was notoriously difficult to locate on the best of days, and flat out impossible the rest of the time.

Thankfully, this turned out to be one of the good days, although it still took five hours and several bandit encounters before they managed to find Robina relaxing near a waterfall.

She had the box with the dragon-egg, but had apparently failed to post a look-out, as a Sneevil managed to sneak up and grab the box while Robina and the cousins were busy with strenuous negotiations. Henna promptly gave chase, quickly followed by the other two, leaving a somewhat affronted Robina behind.

Chasing after the Sneevil, Vaneria heard her pet shriek a warning in Draconic. Sadly, Vaneria was the only one present who actually understood the language of dragons, and the other two were more intent on catching the box-thief.

So, while Vaneria skidded to a halt, her cousins did not, and careened into her back, sending all three tumbling into the silvery-blue force-field that suddenly appeared in front of them.

The force-field didn't seem to do anything, but perhaps it held properties of teleportation, because the trio found themselves near the edge of the forest, which should have been on the other side of at least a day's travel.

Fortunately, the Sneevil had been sent with them, and the chase resumed until they burst out of the forest, coming face to face with a group of very surprised teenagers and one very large man.

A castle rose in the distance, but it was neither Falconreach Tower nor Oaklore Keep, and there were no recognizable landmarks from any of the places that the trio had quested.

Oh, dear.





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