An: technically this is a part of the Ellie chronicles that follows the Tomorrow series but that isn't on here so I just put it in here.

Ok this is what I thought the fourth book should be; it follows on from Circle of Flight which is the last book in the Ellie chronicles.

I had to write it for school but I like it so I am going to put it on here.

Hope you like it.


Chapter 1

It has been a month since I got Gavin back. He hasn't really talked to me. He's angry. For the first week he wouldn't stop talking, he was so excited to be back. But for the last few weeks he has been quiet.

I am not really sure why but I think he is angry at me for selling the farm. I try to tell him that is was the only thing I could do but he just turns away so there is no use if he can't see my face.

I think it is also for being in a crowded house with Lee and his brothers and sisters. I have not been able to find a small apartment yet either in Wirrawee or Straton. The number of people looking for houses is just too big.

The inspections of the house are still going strong. Every week with out fail, an inspector comes and snoops around the house looking for the smallest thing out of place. I am always nervous when this happens. I am never sure if I have found all of Marmie's droppings around the house.

Anything slightly wrong and I am afraid I will loose Gavin. I know if I do not follow the court order properly they will take him away again.

Marmie is not enjoying being in a smaller house and I have to take her for long walks every day after school and night.

I have decided to repeat this year as I am so far behind from all the days I missed in the last year. I feel kind of left out because Homer and everyone are year above.

But at least Bronte is in my class. It is an honour to be in a class with the Scarlet Pimple. I am slowly catching up as I no longer have to worry about the farm. Even if he won't admit it, I think Gavin is enjoying school as well; he is even doing his homework which I usually have to beg and bribe him to do.

He has to come on the walks with me and Marmie too, as he has so much energy from not using it at the farm. Sometimes Pang comes as well but is usually just Gavin, Marmie and me.

Right now Gavin is at the counsellor. He doesn't enjoy it and I don't think he really talks but I think he needs it. The time he spent locked up in that attic affected him more than anything he seen in the war.

I think it is doing him good as he is slowly getting back to his cheeky attitude.

Just the other day he poured a bucket of fish eyes over Pang's head as a joke. It took hours to get the smell of fish out of her hair. I tried to sound serious when I was telling him he was grounded but I was just so happy that he was back that I just laughed at him.

Pang and Gavin were sitting together laughing, although I think she is secretly planning revenge.

Tomorrow I am planning to take Gavin to see my parents and Mrs Mackenzie's graves. We haven't gone for awhile and I think he will want to see them.

I hope he does because I really want to see them but I cannot go on my own. We haven't seen them since a couple of months after they died. I am slightly glad that we no longer live on the farm. I am pleased that I can finally go into a kitchen where I don't have the memory of my mothers' blood everywhere, or a hall where I don't see Mrs Mackenzie lying there like she was asleep.

I should really stop thinking about that; it is making me feel depressed.

I have to go and pick up Gavin.


Gavin is sitting next to me looking annoyed. I am about to pull into the driveway when I hear the worst sound in the world.