The Real Chapter 7!

I started writing and just couldn't stop. Page after page of paper stacked itself up on the table and overflowed onto my bed but I didn't notice. I just couldn't stop. Everything that had happened since I got Gavin back, every emotion and every feeling that I had felt in that time just poured itself onto the paper, almost out of my control.

I only stopped when my hand started to cramp. I looked around me for the first time in what felt like hours, I had used every piece of paper on the pad that the doctor had given me and I felt like I could have kept writing.

It was a relief to get it all out, to have it all out of my head so there was at least room in my head for something other than the pain. Writing, it's what I should have done a long time ago.

I heard movement near me and my head snapped up to find Lee staring at me with an astonished look on his face. I felt a hot flush creep up my cheeks and I look down and awkwardly begin to shuffle all my pages into something that slightly resembled order.

"Do you feel better now?" Lee asked, sliding towards me slightly, the astonished look still on his face.

"I …. I feel empty." I whispered, looking at him briefly. "Which I guess is better."

He nodded and shifted the sling into a more comfortable. An awkward silence drifted over us and I shifted uncomfortably and looked out the window to avoid looking at Lee.

"Lee…. I… I'm sorry about Pang." I murmured. "She didn't deserve to be hurt…. I'm so sorry."

He didn't look at me for a while and began to look at the ceiling again. Finally he turned to me, tears glistening in his eyes.

"No… she didn't." He croaked, "I should have protected her better. I tried to get her to go inside but she was too stubborn. She just ignored me. I should have dragged her inside, I shouldn't have taken no for an answer."

"Lee, taking her inside would have exposed you, the front door is an open target and the path to the back door is visible for part of it too, how they got to us in the first place I have no idea, but it wasn't your fault. You didn't know she would do it."

Silence fell over us once again and Lee turned back to the ceiling. A gentle knock sounded at the door and Dr Thompson peeked around the door frame and slowly walked into the room.

"Ellie, the police are back. Are you willing to talk to them?" He asked lightly, a hesitant tone in his voice.

"Just give them these." I said, handing over the massive stack of paper. "They explain everything."

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