Naruto stormed to the 'Forest of Death' pissed off at Kakashi because he wouldn't help him train for the Chunnin exam finals. He found his bag he had hidden in the forest and changed, he was now a mesh T-shirt, black cargo pants, gloves and boots. 'Here we go,' he thought. He made a group of clones and started to spar with them. This was going on for hours, he kept fighting, using jutsus, punches and kicks. Just then he had started to transform. His outfit changed in to blue Under Armor sleeveless top, blue tights, boots, gloves, a red nose and mouth mask and blue zipped up hoodie with a red and yellow 'S' shield on the chest.

Not that he noticed, he kept going, he was relentless. Then after the last clone fell, he dropped to his knees and looked at himself. 'What the hell?' just then his eyes had changed. They were his normal sky blue but this time, they a black hourglass in the middle of the eye and it was permanent. An ice blue visor, formed across his eyes.

Specimen name: Kryptosoldier

Species type: Hybrid species, powers of Heroes Captain America and Superman.

Powers are as follows: Superhuman strength, speed, stamina, senses, breath, intelligence, invulnerability, regeneration, longevity, flight, heat vision, multiple sensory and vision powers, Expert martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant All terrain acrobatics Master tactician and field commander, wields a Vibranium-steel alloy shield

Naruto read the information, thinking that it could read his mind he sent. 'What are you?'

The Heromnigan: A doujutsu that allows it's wielder to become one of a series of heroes and anti-heroes passed down to all heromnigan wielders and to use any forms that the wielder scans powers and abilities crossed with any hero or anti-hero. The heromnigan may take generations to manifest as it really only activates when user is in great distress and has enough chakra to unlock it. Warning: when anger is uncontrollable, 'Galaxy Destroyer' will be automatically used and won't stop until all life forms are destroyed.

Naruto was curious, 'Galaxy Destroyer?' the visor showed him the file of a being in all black with gray skin, white eyes and was huge, around seven to eight feet tall.

Specimen name: Galaxy Destroyer

Species type: Hybrid species, powers of Mega-Villains Thanos and Darksied.

Powers are as follows: Super speed, super strength,stamina, reflexes, intelligence, durability. Energy and molecular manipulation, dimensional transportation, Psionic powers, Indeterminable lifespan and The Omega Effect.

Naruto smiled, 'Kami-sama, we are even.' he closed the visor and tried to see what other forms he had and found that he could stay in the different forms for as long as he needed as long as he had the chakra.


After some good training, Naruto was on his way home when his hearing had picked up on calls for help. In a clearing a group of bandits surrounded two women, one had long red hair and green eyes. She was dressed in a dark blue and black body suit, the other had long platinum blond hair and violet eyes, she was dressed in a black bodysuit and a dark gray cloak. The thugs were smelly and ugly, they were going to have some fun with the girls. That was when a streak of blue attacked them, "what the?" Said the first girl, the bandits were getting pounded and tied up hanging together upside down from a tree with a note pinned to them.

"You boys wait there for the nice Anbu." He said then he turned to the girls. "Are you two alright?" they just stared at him. "Oh, it must be my outfit. Would you come with me somewhere safe?" They grabbed his arms and teleported to his home.


Unknown to them Sarutobi saw everything and sent Anbu to pick up the bandits and just slowly shook his head. 'You really screwed up this time Kakashi. Guess I better get ready for a long explanation.' he settled in to get ready to explain to Naruto about his heritage.


Meanwhile Naruto and the girls had appeared in his apartment. Then he deformed back to the young man in all black. "I'm Naruto Uzumaki, who are you?" He said.

"My name's Gwen Tennyson." Said the red head.

"I'm Charm Caster, but call me C2." Said the platinum blond

"Nice to meet you," he said as he went to take a shower and get a fresh set of clothes. "If you excuse me for a minute I have to get cleaned up. I been training all day."

"No, of course. Go ahead." Said Gwen so he does, that was when Gwen grabbed C2. "I think he's the one."

"Really?" Said C2 hopefully.

"He is very cute," she said. "So we are in agreement, we share him?"

"I shall honor my part of the deal." Said C2 they nodded to each other. That was when Naruto walked out dressed in a black T-shirt, cargo pants and was carrying a pair of sandals. He hair was also wet, he sat down and look at the girls while putting on his sandals.

"So, what is your story?" He asked, they told him that they were traveling through fire country looking for someone.

"We think we might just have found him." Said C2.


"Yes, we think it's you." Said Gwen, Naruto just stared at them in stunned silence. This was going to be interesting now.