It was amazing. After years of searching he'd finally found happiness. Lying on his back in bed, Leroy Jethro Gibbs grinned stupidly at the ceiling. Beside him lay his companion, exhausted by the night's rigorous activities, yet totally blissed out and relaxed. Bedcovers were askew, pillows on the other side of the room, and a trail of clothes leading back from the bed to the dining room spoke volumes as to how this night had begun. And, he mused to himself, it wasn't over yet. Rolling onto his side, he trailed his hand over his companion's waist and nuzzled the neck directly in front of him until a voice from the doorway stopped him in his tracks.

"You weren't thinking of starting without me, were you?"

Jethro raised his head and smiled at his other companion. He stretched out his hand and welcomed his other friend into the bed.

"Wouldn't think of starting without you. That wouldn't be fair."

A mumbled response from the middle of the bed required to be repeated. Abigail Scuito surfaced from beneath the sheet.

"Ziva, get your lovely ass in here before you catch cold."

Grinning at the pair in bed, she obliged. Gibbs rolled onto his back and wrapped his arms about both his lovers. Dinner had been fabulous – but, like most men, he secretly had a sweet tooth. A very sweet tooth. And as Ziva's hand drifted slowly below his waist, and Abby gently scraped her nails over his chest he realised that dessert seconds were on the menu. Honey (Ziva) and Cream (Abby) – who could resist?

Ziva's tongue in his left ear and Abby's teeth on the right side of his neck, along with the serious hand action going on focussed his thoughts to what was happening. Ziva let go of his ear and straddled his hips, impaling herself on him. Abby, abandoning Gibbs' neck, swung herself behind Ziva, and slowly nibbled her neck and cupped her breasts, rolling her nipples gently between her fingers. Gibbs' fingers found Ziva's clit and, the party started again.

Gibbs' last conscious thought was "I could get used to birthdays" … the rest of the thinking process was lost in a fog of kisses, orgasm, and sweat.