Okay, I can explain why this fic came into action. There's this bleach fanfic about the What ifs of Hitsugaya Toshiro and it's been a long time since I've read it, then just now I saw a picture of a little Setsuna riding on Lockon-oniichan's shoulders. And I just had a cheesecake. Anyways, if this turns out to be any good, I hope the kind readers (glances around puppy-eyed at the audience) can suggest more What Ifs scenarios.. And y'know, if you've any qualms about me being unoriginal, I'll see to it right away, and take appropriate action. :)

What if..... Lockon had to babysit a kiddie (4 or 5 year old ish) Setsuna?

The four Gundams docked on Ptolemy and the meisters were finally allowed to rest after a long and tiring mission. As Lockon was making his way to the corridor, his arms grew stiff and tired. As he passed a glass window he saw a reflection of himself, with huge bags under his eyes. He hasn't really been sleeping well. He then saw Allelujah, who said he looked in bad shape and urged him to quickly get some rest.

"Why don't you see Dr. Moreno!" Allelujah's voice echoed in the hallway as Lockon sped past him.

"Whatever.. You don't look any better yourself." He muttered silently and a tad bit cranky.

Lockon felt dizzy. He unconsciously let go of the handle and floated around. His eyelids closed and he drifted off to sleep.


The early morning sun blinded Lockon as he woke up, silently cursing about forgetting to close the curtains the other night. He yawned and lightly stretched. Seeing it was still very early, or early enough, he abruptly sealed the windows shut, closed the curtains and went back to his bed. Feeling a slight chill, he pulled on his sheets and found, on his bed, something that wasn't supposed to be there in the first place.

He blinked once. Twice. It- or rather, he was really there.

"S-S-Setsuna?!?" Lockon quickly stood up and took a better view. A small form began to sit up and revealed his face. Cute little Setsuna groggily rubbed his eyes.

"Onii-chan, you have a very nice warm bed here." Setsuna said with that straight face but with a childish voice.

Lockon, still stiffened from shock, took a few seconds before he was able to say something coherent.

"H-How?..Wh-Why do you look like a small kid?!" Lockon sputtered, watching Setsuna stumble out of bed, wearing what looks to be Gundam pajamas. It seems Setsuna didn't hear Lockon.

He walked straight up to Lockon, not bothered in the slightest bit with Lockon's towering height, and said, "..Good morning."

Lockon stared at the unbelievable sight before him and replied cheerily with a smile, "Morning to you too!"


After a few minutes of freshening up Lockon hurriedly changed out of his sleep clothes and into some normal clothing. He took a glance at the corner, and saw Setsuna having troubles buttoning the last button on his shirt, but still buttoned it in the end.

Lockon mentally thought to himself where and how in the hell Setsuna, the serious and stoic gundam-baka transform into a 5 year old. As he was fiercely thinking and succeeding to remain calm, he felt a light tug at his pants and looked down.

"....." Setsuna's stomach growled and Lockon snapped out of his thoughts.

"Erm..." Lockon shuffled through the shelves hoping to find a decent meal the kid could have and settled for a box of pocky. His refrigerator was empty and since he didn't have fresh milk, he luckily had and grabbed a can of orange juice. He motioned for Setsuna to sit at the table and set the food down.

"Well, sorry but anything else is-"

"Thanks.." Setsuna silently said and munched on the pocky. Setsuna seemed to notice Lockon sit with him and watched him eat.

"....Onii-chan, would you like some?" Setsuna asked.

"Oh. No I'm not hungry." Lockon said to which Setsuna replied with a small nod. Lockon smiled and opened his can of juice for him.

("Now what do I do..") Lockon thought. ("Should I report this to Sumeragi..? What would they do to him?") Setsuna chugged down his juice. ("Will I have to take care of him forever..?") Lockon was beginning to panic and started having strange hallucinations.


"Lockon. Lockon. Lockon Stratos." A voice sounding to be Tieria's echoed through his dreams.

"Mmhmmn.." Lockon was slightly tossing about in his sleep.

"Lockon Stratos!!"

He woke up a bit surprised, sat up and realized he was at the infirmary.

"Lockon!" Sumeragi looked concerned. "They said you passed out in the hallways."

He loked around and saw Tieria crossing his arms.

"Lockon Stratos, it would be troublesome if a meister would be unable to pilot due to illnesses. Be more careful from now on." Tieria said.

"Okay okay.." Lockon gestured with his hands.

"Anyway, it was a good thing Setsuna found you." Allelujah remarked.

"Setsuna. Oh! Where's Setsuna?" Lockon saw the young meister was absent in the room.

The door slid open. "I'm right here." Setsuna walked over to the group. "Lockon. Are you okay?"

"Setsuna!! You were- And I- You- How?" Lockon said clumsily.


"You were a little kid! And..!"

"Did you hit your head or something?" Sumeragi asked.

Lockon stared at the now normal teenage Setsuna.

"Oh! Uhh.. Sorry, forget about that." Lockon scratched the back of his head.

Setsuna raised an eyebrow. "Okay."

"Anyways! Lockon seems fine, so see you later." Sumeragi left the room followed by Tieria and Allelujah.

"Get some rest now." Setsuna said and began to leave the room.

"Ah.." Lockon saw a five year old version of Setsuna leave the room.

A chill ran down his spine.


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