"Erde-san!" Mileina knocked on the door. "Erde-san! Can you please open the door?"

Footsteps could be heard inside and as the door slid open, Tieria's face was kissed by the bear.


Mileina removes the bear from his face and she smiles at him. "It's cute, isn't it."

Tieria stares at it. "I suppose so..." He pushes his glasses up.

"I'm naming it Tieria."

"What?!" Tieria's shocked face tells everything. "I mean, right."

Mileina nods enthusiastically. "I found it a while ago, in front of my door."

"I see..."

"It was addressed to me, but the sender's name wasn't written." Mileina puts a finger to the side of her mouth.

Tieria blinks. "Right."

"I wonder who it was from..."

Tieria clears his throat. "I've no idea. It's getting late now. Go to sleep." Tieria says to her and closes the door.

"Goodnight!" Mileina hugs the bear tight, and whispers, "Thank you."

A thump could be heard inside the room.

"Are you alright? Erde-san?" Mileina asks, concerned.

The door slides open again, and it shows Tieria with a red lump on his forehead.

Graham leans on a tree, silently talking through a phone.

"Katagiri, what do you mean you can't make it?"

"What's that supposed to mean?"


"Fine. Alright."

He pockets the phone and crosses his arms. It was raining, and he took shelter under the tree.


Graham notices someone approaching him and shares him their umbrella.

"You're Leesa Kujo?" Graham asks her.

She blinks, and nods. "Yes."

They go inside a 7eleven and continue their conversation there.

"Where's Billy?" Kujo asks as Graham puts cup noodles in front of her.

"Somewhere the likes of us have never seen." He says as he slurps his noodles.

Kujo laughs a little and continues asking. "Aker-san,-"

"Graham is fine." He turns to tell her and his attention goes back to the noodles.

"Right. Graham, would you tell me a bit about yourself?"

Graham chugs down the remaining soup on his cup. "Alright. I'm a 27 year old Flag pilot."

"I-I see. You look quite baby-faced." Kujo says.

"Of course I do. 27 is still young." He immediately says, and she laughs. "What about you?"


Graham opens a bottle of water. "Tell me about yourself."

"Oh. I'm 26... and I do a lot of things."

"You're quite baby-faced yourself." Graham nods, and Kujo laughs again. "Is that all?"

Kujo chuckles. "That's all. You weren't very talkative either."

"Right." Graham replies. "Have you had enough?" He looks at the cup of untouched noodles.


"It's not good to waste food." He told her and ate her cup noodles.

"....I was going to finish that." Kujo says.

Graham gulps down the last of the soup and puts the container down. "Too late. Let's go." He says and stands up. The rain stopped, they walked to a park, and sat on a nearby bench.


A phone rings.

Graham looks at Kujo and she nods.

"What is it?" Graham speaks into the phone. A few seconds later, he abruptly hangs up.

Kujo curiously asks, "Who was that?"

"It's nothing." He says, but from his expression, it was clearly Billy.

Kujo laughs leisurely and Graham soon joins her.

She starts to ask him, "You and Billy get along really well, don't you?"

"That's right." He replies.

A couple of minutes flew by, but it remained silent.

"Graham, you're not very talkative, aren't you?" Kujo finally asks again.

His eyes glance at her. "It's very strange, actually. I don't think I'm usually this silent."

"I see."

Graham stifles a yawn. "Then, how long have you and Billy known each other?"

Kujo fiddles with a twig. "For a long time, I suppose." She replies.

"Are you two couple?" He nonchalantly asks her.

Kujo was a bit surprised at the question. "No. Why?"

"I see. No reason." Graham replies, and looks away.

The conversation unexpectedly ends for a few more minutes.

Graham checks his watch and says, "It's getting late. You should get home."

"Oh. Right." She replies.

"Would you like me to take you home?" He asks, being the gentleman he is. Besides, Billy would get noisy again if he didn't.

She smiles. "I'm fine. It's just a short walk from here."

Graham stifles another yawn.

Kujo continues. "You seem to be sleepy already too."

Graham's eyes widen. "No I'm not." Why should he be sleepy? It's not like he spent the whole day with his Flag again. Or did he?

"Goodnight. It was a pleasure to meet you." Kujo waves and walks away.

Graham stood there for a while. The rain started to shower him again and he was left alone with his thoughts.

He yawned, and he slowly walked away.

"Yes, it's just fine like this."

This is considered Sumeragi/Graham, right? xDD