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Do they, Sonny? Do they really?

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chapter one:

What Everyone Else Sees

Sonny Munroe, Hollywood's newest young star, stormed into her dressing room as she dialed a number on her cell. "FINE!" Sonny yelled as she hung up and groaned in frustration. Once again, she was having another daily (or maybe hourly) argument with the star of her rival show, Chad Dylan Cooper. Although their arguments were extremely childish Sonny secretly looked forward to having them: they sometimes made her day. Suddenly, her cast mate from So Random said something that made Sonny's phone drop immediately from her hand.

"Sonny, can you flirt in silence? I'm trying to decide if I should paint my nails pink or blue." Tawni said bluntly from her vanity mirror.

"What–" Sonny marched over towards Tawni, "–does that mean?"

"Periwinkle blue," Tawni held up a blue nail polish bottle and then displayed a pink one, "or rosie pink?"

"No, I meant when you said I was quote and quote: 'flirting'." Sonny stated as she did the quote finger gesture.

Tawni stared at Sonny for a few moments obviously waiting for Sonny to answer her question first. Tawni Hart always got her way: she was a diva just like Chad. However, unlike Chad, Sonny loved Tawni like a sister/best friend. Sonny gave in and apathetically answered, "periwinkle blue." Tawni smiled and said, "Thanks! I couldn't decide because I look great in both!" Tawni began painting her nails completely ignoring Sonny's question – and Sonny in general.

"Tawni!" Sonny groaned as she snatched Tawni's nail polish bottle.

"Hey! Nobody takes nail polish from Tawni Hart!" Tawni yelled as she tried to grab her nail polish bottle from her chair.

"And nobody leaves Sonny Monroe without an answer: now tell me why you said I was flirting!" Sonny replied lifting the bottle higher.

Tawni chuckled as she stood up, "One: I'm taller than you, so this–" Tawni grabbed the nail polish bottle from Sonny's hand, "–is easy." Sonny frowned in defeat as Tawni sat back down and examined her nails again. Tawni then smirked at Sonny as she added, "Two: it's so obvious that this little arguing thing you do with Chad is your special little way of flirting with each other." Sonny's mouth dropped as Tawni resumed painting her nails. Although Sonny remained speechless, her brain began to scream, She did not just say I was flirting with Chad Dylan Cooper!

"You know, I used to think giving myself a manicure would be gross but this is kind of fun." Tawni said as she admired her nails.

"How do you even know I was arguing with Chad?" Sonny retorted as she regained her composure.

"Please Sonny, only Chad can get under your skin like that," Tawni rolled her eyes, "I can't even do that!"

Sonny continued staring at Tawni dumbstruck as she put the finishing touches on her nails. "Well, I'm off to rehearsal!" Tawni said cheerfully as she skipped out the door. Sonny folded her arms in frustration as she said to herself, "I do not flirt with Chad Dylan Cooper!" Suddenly Sonny's phone began to moo and she immediately picked it up to answer,

"Hello –"

"FINE!" she heard Chad's voice yell on the other line.

"STOP FLIRTING WITH ME!" Sonny yelled back without thinking.

"Excuse me? Chad Dylan Cooper does not flirt." Chad replied with a hint of shock in his tone but regained his cocky attitude as he added, "He is the one girls flirt with."

"Then why were you the one that called?" Sonny replied slyly as she hung up.

Sonny smirked at her reflection in Tawni's mirror, "That's right Monroe: you don't flirt, you're just staying on top of the competition."

Sonny skipped down the hall after rehearsal loving her new role: a preppy private school girl who couldn't decide where to go for college. She skipped around reading her script dressed in a private uniform closely similar to the uniforms on her rival's show, Mackenzie Falls. Suddenly she felt the impact of another body and fell to the ground as the other body fell too. "Oh my gosh, I'm sorry!" Sonny apologized to the person she bumped into until she realized she bumped into the meaning of hate: Chad Dylan Cooper. "Or maybe not." Sonny added with an attitude as she watched Chad stand up and dust off his uniform.

"Watch yourself Munroe. We don't want another diva stunt now do we?" Chad said with fake concern as Sonny stood up.

"Chad, you know that was completely your fault: I'm no diva." Sonny replied crossing her arms.

"Yet, here you stand talking and arguing like you're worthy of associating with Chad Dylan Cooper."

"That doesn't make me a diva Chad – it means I'm one of the few people who don't believe you're higher than the world."

"Do you Sonny? Do you really? You really think I'm equal to you and your friends at Chuckle City? Is that why you had mistaken me for flirting with you earlier? Because we're on the same plane and on that plane it might be possible?" Chad said with a cocky smile.

"I–" Sonny stammered blushing lightly, "I have my reasons."

"Hm. I wonder what those might be. Then again, who wouldn't wish The Chad Dylan Cooper was flirting with them?" Chad replied as he ran his hand through his perfect hair.

"Goodness Chad, get off your high horse. Not everyone thinks you're so mighty. Especially us wannabe-actors at Chuckle City." Sonny said sourly emphasizing sarcasm in the nicknames Chad called the So Random actors.

"Really? Then why are you dressed in a Mackenzie Falls uniform? Trying to be more like Chad Dylan Cooper and his marvelous show Mackenzie Falls?" Chad grinned as he pulled on Sonny's necktie.

"I am not! This is my uniform for our college application sketch!" Sonny began to yell, "and plus – my skirt is purple not blue."

Chad started to laugh as Sonny began to feel heated. Tawni was right: Chad really did know how to get under Sonny's skin. "Stop laughing! Nothing was funny!" Sonny yelled as Chad began to readjust his composure. "It's just so easy to get you flustered up" Chad replied, "–It's cute." Sonny froze in place as Chad grinned and added, "The uniform suits you, Munroe." With those words he winked at Sonny and strode down the hall in triumph leaving Sonny speechless: Chad Dylan Cooper was too complicated for her.

Suddenly someone behind Sonny began to clap. Sonny turned around to see a man in a business suit clapping. "Very nice, very nice." the man said looking at Sonny as he nodded his head approvingly. Sonny looked around nervously wondering what the man was talking about –was he talking to her? As if he read Sonny's mind he suddenly walked towards her and introduced himself, "Hello, I'm the executive producer of the hit drama Mackenzie Falls." Sonny confusingly shook hands with the producer as she began to introduce herself, however, she was cut off by a few words that would change the course of Sonny's life: "Allison 'Sonny' Munroe, we want – no need – you to join Mackenzie Falls."

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