Chapter One

In this small world, teenagers only see what they want to see. Even if it's right in front of their face they refuse to look at it. A young girl once made such a mistake and it changed her tiny world of teenagers forever.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of its characters.

Hyuga Hinata was fourteen years old. Her one year crush and best friend, Naruto Uzumaki, was her current boyfriend and they had been going steady for over seven months. She was madly in love and she thought Naruto was too until he changed.

-Flash Back 1 year-

*Hinata POV*

I go to Konohagakure Middle since I went to a private school before this I was the stupid new girl. It all started when I was eating my lunch with my girls, when Ino started making stupid jokes about "hotdogs and doughnut holes". A great subject to laugh and talk about around a hungry person especially when it's as dumb as that. So to get away from her blinding ignorance I got up and a few tables over I saw this cute boy. I remember him talking to Tenten in the hallway. He was staring at me when I tried to go up and say hi to Tenten then gave me a smile that made my heart skip a beat. But I didn't show it, I was playing hard to get. (all girls know this game ^-^) Now back to lunch. I took all my confidence and courage and I went up to him and said, "Naruto wasn't it." He looked at me with those deep blue eyes that if you look too deep you might find you're lost and half drowned in amazement.

He smiled and said, "Yeah I know your name it's Hinata." I just stared he remembered my name! I had to calm down cause I felt a blush coming on and I did NOT want t look stupid in front of this one. We sat down and talked for a little bit and I could tell he was into me so badly. Then I saw a zit on his cheek so to tease him I tried to pop it. He jumped back a little bit with shocked and playful look in his eye. "What are you doing," laughed Naruto. "I was trying to help you out Nana," I was laughed too hard, "Just trying to make you look better." He went to the bathroom to see the damaged I caused and when he came back he asked for my number. I was so shocked I thought he was never going to talk to me again because I had acted so stupid. Since I was so caught up in his attention I wanted more of it. "Sure," I giggled, "But I'm not supposed to give out my number but I'll make an exception for you." He smiled so big I was thinking it might get stuck that way.

Later that night I heard Hanabi yell, "Baka there's some boy on the phone who wants to talk to you." "Please let it be him please in God's name let it be him," all this going through my head as I went to the phone. "Hello Hinata." It was Naruto! "I can't believe you called." "Why? If I didn't want to call I wouldn't have asked you for it." "I'm sorry but some boys ask for your number and don't call like they too sweet to call you." 'Well I'm not other guys." "I didn't think so." "Believe it baby."

Sadly this was the last week of school so it wasn't the time for romance. But cupid got me and he shot me hard.

Little to my knowledge this boy that I felt so strongly for would eventually throw me away like yesterday's garbage. The calm before a great storm, this was just the beginning.