"The Time She Changes"


Magical time

In the moonlight they appear


Enchanting spell


Is that what he thinks of me?

Beauty in the moonlight

What about in sunlight?

Does the enchantment wear off?

Who does he see?

A girl next door


A Goddess

Who rules night

Her Kingdom

It revolves around her

Even the stars follow

As she passes

They gleam more

For her

The moon loves her

But he can never reach her

So he makes her glow

In his light

She is strengthened


He protects her

Loves her

Only his light uncovers

Her hidden beauty

Seen by all

Except one person


That's what he thought. 'Who would tell her these things if I don't,' thought Sasuke.


"She's so stupid." He smiled. "I wonder what she looks like now."