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Kim Possible : The Lost Son Return to Stonehaven

Clay and Elena Danvers had twin's, one boy and and one girl. But one day a Mutt took there son and lost him. They never found Logan Danvers until Now 14 years later, in Middleton Colorado. Now they have to teach him how to be a werewolf and try to get him back home to Stonehaven were he belongs. That might be harder then they think when they meet Kim Possible, because no one takes Ron Stoppable away from her.

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"mind talking" the person thinking in there own mind.

" twin talk"


( Middleton)

" Ron , come on were going to be late for school hurry up and stop eating" said 14 year old Kimberly Ann Possible as she glared at her best friend. Kim had long red hair and bright green eye's. Kim wore a light green tank top and blue cargo pants.

" Ok ok just one more plate of food and we could go" said 14 Year old Ronald Jeremy Stoppable as he smiled at Kim. Ron had blond hair , brown eyes and three freckles on each cheek. He wore a red jersey and tan cargo pants, in his pocket he had a sleeping naked mole rat named Rufus..

" RON , NOW" yelled Kim as she glared at Ron. Ron frowned and took one more bit and ran to Kim with his bookbag .

" Ok, lets go to school Kp" said Ron as he frowned. Ron didn't like being at school it was boring , it had to many people and worst of all they only gave you one lunch and he couldn't eat that much.

" Ron , you eat to much your going to get fat" said Kim as she started to walk to school.

" Nha, Kp I'm good" said Ron as he smiled and patted his belly.

" Fine , after school were going for a long run and then you and me are going to spar." said Kim as she poked Ron in the belly to prove how soft it was..

" Fine , will it make you happy if I do it" said Ron as he frowned.

" Yes, it will" said Kim as she smiled, Ron would do anything just to make her happy and she would do the same for him.

" Anything you say Kp" said Ron as he smiled.

" Good and after were done with our homework we could have some fun." said Kim as she knew this would make Ron happy.

" Yha , like what" asked Ron as he looked at the house they pass by.

" We could get a scary werewolf movie I know you love those" said Kim as she smiled. She hated scary movies , but Ron loved them so as long as he's there and she was holding on to him she'll be fine. It was weird she goes out and saves the world from pure evil , but scary movies had her going under the bed.

" Yha , that would be fun I do love me some werewolves" said Ron as he smiled at Kim. Maybe this working out thing won't be so bad, as long if Kim was there he wold be happy.

" Were here" said Kim as she smiled at Ron.

" Woo hoo extra hoo" said Ron as he frowned. In front of them was Middleton high school.

" O h come on Ron its not that bad" said Kim as she drags him in to school.

" Not for you" said Ron as he let Kim do what ever she want to him.

" Stop being a big baby" said Kim as she glared at him. Everyday it was the same thing and she did the same thing as always he didn't want to go in and she made him , then there friends would show up and Ron would be smiling at them and joking around.

" Kim , for once can you let me skip school so I could have fun" begged Ron as he did the Puppy dog pout . Kim wonder why his PDP was better then hers , but he only used it when he really wants some thing , unlike her who used it all the time.

" Ron , please don't" said Kim as she frowned. Ron rolled his eyes and open up his locker to get his books for the day.

" Bye" said Ron as he walked to class leaving Km by herself.

" Bye Ronniekin's " whispered Kim as she frowned. Would it be so bad if she let him have what he want and break the rules. She could be bad to if she wanted , but she wanted to be a good girl and that meant no rule breaking.

Kp( Lunch time)kpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpk

" Kim are you going to eat that pudding" asked Ron as he finished his second lunch.

" You can have it Ron , just give me your apple and were good" said Kim as she smiled and handed Ron her pudding. Ron gave her his apple and kissed her on the cheek. Kim blushed and smiled.

" Possible did you just give your dog a treat" said Bonnie Rockwaller as she glared at Kim.

" DON'T EVER CALL RON A DOG , ROCKWALLER." yelled Kim as she stood up and glared at Bonnie.

" Oh, I'm so scared what are you going to do Possible I just called your dog a dog no big" said Bonnie as she walked away from Kim.

" Just calm down Kp, it's ok it doesn't bother me" said Ron as he looked at Kim. Ron didn't understand why she got this way why she got so mad , but all he knew he had to make calm or he'll get hurt.

" RON, DON'T LET HER CALL YOU A DOG" yelled Kim as she glared at Ron.

" It's ok with me, it's just a name and I like dogs anyway" said Ron as he smiled trying to calm Kim down.

" Ron..... your.... too nice sometimes and your not a dog , don't ever let anyone walk over you like that I can't stand it and it hurts me so much." said Kim as she got up and left Ron by the table by himself.

" Oyvay , women what am I going to do." said Ron as got up and followed Kim.

Kp( End of the day)Kpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkp

" So, are we going to work out or are you still pissed off at me" asked Ron as he looked at Kim. Ron hope she was happy with him and not pissed off.

" No , we have a mission in Canada" said Kim as she looked at Ron.

" So lets go" said Ron as he smiled. Kim and Ron got dress in there Mission clothes.

" Your not getting out of that work out Ronniekin's, I'm going to make you work out later" said Kim as she smiled.

" Aww man" whined Ron as he got on the plane. Kim and Ron flew to Canada, and Kim made Ron do sit up's and push up for the ride there.

Kpkpkpkpkp( Toronto, Canada , night time 7:30 pm )kpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpk

" Man this place is so nice I love Canada" said Ron as he waved to a hot girl walking by them.

" Head in the game Ron" said Kim as she glared at the girl Ron had waved at.

" Sorry , why are we here anyway" asked Ron as he looked at Kim.

" It was weird , the Canadian government asked us to look at some animal tracks" said Kim as she looked at Ron.

" Hmm, thats kinda weird like you said" said Ron as he frowned. He didn't know why but he had this weird feeling in his gut that something big is going to happen.

"Yup, let just get it done so we could go home" said Kim as she pointed to a government car with Canadian flags on it.

" I have a bad feeling about this Kp" said Ron as he started to walk to the car.

" Don't worry , we'll be fine I got your back" said Kim as she smiled at Ron.

" Ditto , Kp" said Ron as he smiled.

" Hi, I'm Adam , Adam Von,terd follow me" said Adam in a deep Canadian accent.

" Oh, I'm Kim Possible and this is my partner Ron Stoppable." said Kim as she smiled at Adam.

"I do not care who you are just get this problem fixed and get out of my country" yelled Adam as he glared at Kim.

" Fine then take me there and stop wasting our time then" said Kim as she forced a smile.

" Follow me them little girl" said Adam as he walked to a forest.

" Kp, are you ok" said Ron as he looked at Kim , she was glaring at Adams back as he walked to the forest.

" Yha, just this jackass is being so fucked up about this and were doing him a favor" said Kim as she glared at Adam.

" He's might be piss off because he's scared" said Ron as he smiled at Kim.

"Your right Ron, thanks" said Kim as she grabbed his hand and kissed it.

" Yup, Your welcome" said Ron as he grinned at Kim. Kim smiled at Ron , she love how he's always happy and she'd be lost with out him there to keep her calm and happy.

" Over here you outsiders " said Adam as he glared at Kim and Ron.

" Ok, were coming" said Ron as he grabbed Kim's hand and walked to Adam.

" Ron, were on a mission" said Kim as she let go of Ron's hand, as much as she wanted to hold Ron's hand she just couldn't.

" Sorry" said Ron as he frowned and put his hands in his pockets.

" Thanks anyway" said Kim as she looked at Ron.

" OVER HERE YOU TWIT" yelled Adam as he pointed to the ground. On the ground there were giant paw prints. They looked like dog prints.

" Wow, there huge" said Ron as he bent down to take a closer look.

" Hmm, they look like wolf prints" said Kim as she poked at them.

" Ask Wade" said Ron as he looked at Kim. Kim smiled and took out her Kimmmunicator. On the screen was a Kp logo , Kim pushed the red button and on the screen was a 10 year old boy.

" Hi, Kim whats up" asked Wade Load as he smiled at Kim.

" Hey Wade and you take a picture of this animal track and tell us what animal it is" asked Kim as she looked at her other partner.

" Sure , just give me a second and we'll find out whats the problem" said Wade as he started to type on his computer.

" Hmm, thats weird there's no way that can be a wolf print it's to big , hey Kim take some pictures for me and see if you can find any fur" said Wade as he looked at Kim. Kim nodded and took some more pictures .

" Ok, that's 6 picture and I don't see any fur" said Kim as she looked at Wade .

" That's ok it'll take me a while to find out what kind of wolf can make this print so have fun" said Wade as he signed off .

" It's going to take some time , Ron and I are going to take a walk around to see if we can find any fur." said Kim as she looked at Adam. Adam nodded and left them there and with out saying good bye.

" Rude much" said Kim as she looked at Adam leave.

" Kim just leave it be" said Ron as he rolled his eye's.

" He was rude, ..... fine let's take a look around it's getting dark now so get the flash light" said Kim as she looked at Ron. Ron went in to his cargo pants pocket and brought out a red flash light.

" Ok, so were do we start" asked Ron as he looked around.

" Anywhere , I guess" said Kim as she looked at her watch it was 8.00 O'Clock pm and it was a Friday.

" Ok, lets go the wood's maybe it's still there" said Ron as he looked at the forest.

" Good idea Ron , let's look but stay close to me I don't want you getting lost" said Kim as she looked at Ron.

" Yes, Kim" said Ron as he frowned. Why did everyone think he'll get lost , sure it happen once or twice but so did everyone else.

" Good now let's good" said Kim as she stared to walk in to the wood's.

" Hey Kim after this can we have something to eat after this" asked Ron as he looked at her.

"Sure, Ron but your treat" said Kim as she grinned at Ron.

" Kay" said Ron as he smiled back.

" Good now stay quit Ron" said Kim as she looked around. Ron looked around and he saw a flash of gold . Ron started to run after it leaving Kim behind.

" RON , GET BACK HERE" yelled Kim as she ran after him. Ron kept running he didn't know why he wanted to chase he this thing he had to , he had to find out what it was. Ron ran so fast Kim couldn't catch up with him, why did he started to run and what was he chasing.

Kpkpkpkpkp( In the middle of the woods)kpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpk

Ron looked at the golden wolf and it was staring back at him. It was a huge wolf and for some reason Ron felt like he knew this wolf , but you can't know a wolf. The wolf started to change the fur got short till there was no fur and the snout became a nose. After the big change there was a naked girl standing infront of Ron and she smiled at Him. She had blond hair like him and brown eye's, She was 4'5 a little bit shorten him.

" Logan, my brother" said the She Wolf as she started to walk to Ron. The girl Hugged Ron and he froze.

" There's a naked girl and shes hugging me but it feels so weird like I'm hugging a sister or my mom wried and she NAKED" thought Ron as he stood there.

" Logan I can't believe I found you , you came home" said the She wolf.

" Umm, my name is Ron not Logan and do I know you" asked Ron as he looked at the girl.

" Logan it's me your twin sister Katherine " said Katherine as she frown.

" I'm a only child and My name is Ron , Ronald Jeremy Stoppable of Middleton Colorado" said Ron as he looked down at her , she was still holding on to him.

" No , your name is Logan , Logan Danvers my twin brother your were born here in Canada." said Katherine as she shook her head.

" GET OFF OF RON NOW " growled Kim as she threw Katherine off of Ron.

" Hey, don't you ever touch me again" yelled Katherine as she glared at Kim and got up.

" And you don't touch Ron EVER" said Kim as she glared back.

" HIS NAME IS LOGAN AND HE'S MY BROTHER" yelled Katherine as she ran at Kim and Ron.

" Ron doesn't have a sister" said Kim as she looked at this crazy girl.

" Let's go home Kp I'm hungry lets let her stay here" said Ron as he turned around.

" Yha, let's go" said Kim as she followed Ron.

" Your home Logan and you know it you felt the same thing I did when we hugged " said Katherine as she let them go watching Ron walk away. Ron looked back and frown he was confused. Katherine ran home to find her mother and father.

Kpkpkpkpkp( Stonehaven)kpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpkpk

" MOM, DAD , GRANPA I FOUND LOGAN" said Katherine as she ran in. She had on a dark blue t-shirt and light blue jeans.

" What are you talking about" asked Nick as he came in and hugged Katherine.

" Look smell this , this is a piece of his shirt" said Katherine as she held it in her hand. Nick had short black hair with a short graying beard and was built at a height of 6'7. Nick took the piece of clothing and smelled it.

" She's right it dose smell like him I'll never forgotten how he smelled" said Nick as he looked at the black cloth.

" Nick , give it to me let me see if it's my son" said Elena as she looked at Nick.

" Sure" said Nick as he gave it to her. Elena smell the cloth and started to cry. It was Logan it was her son.

" Where is he" asked Elena as she looked at her daughter.

" He's live in Middleton Colorado" said Katherine as she looked at her mom.

" How do you know that" asked Clay as he walked in.

" He followed me when I was on a... run and I hugged him and he told me .... kinda of" said Katherine as she smiled sheepishly rubbing the back of her neck.

" Kate what do you mean by kinda of" said Nick as he look at his niece.

" Well , I was on a run by the place were we found that mutt's paw print and he was there with this very ugly red hair bitch boy-girl and he chased me and I change infront of him then hugged him and told him who he was . But he doesn't remember he says his name is Ron Stoppable and he has no sister" said Kate as she frowned.

" Makes sense he was take when he was so young and he just didn't remember he had a new life and a new family" said Jeremy as he looked at everyone.

" My son" said Clay as he looked at Elena's hand. Elena nodded and both looked at Jeremy.

" Let's go to Middleton and talk to his other parents and explain this it's weird that he hadn't change yet, Hmm it must be the wolf in him trying to protect him so he hadn't change yet but now that he meet Katherine he might change the wolf might tell him it's ok" said Jeremy as he was thinking.

" So all this time he was acting like human and now he going to be a wolf" asked Elena as she looked at her Alpha.

" Yes , let leave tonight and hope that he'll understand but. Both of you have to understand that he will fight this and he'll won't be Logan he'll be Ron." said Jeremy as he looked at the two.

" You wana here something" said Kate as she smiled.

" What's that" asked Jeremy as she smiled.

" He said his middle name is Jeremy" said Kate as she smiled and hugged her grandpa.

" Now, that is funny" said Nick as he smiled.

" I'm going to pack" said Clay as he left to go to his room.

" Me too" said Elena as she followed Clay.

Come home Logan Ron who ever you are your still my brother. Thought Kate


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