Chapter 5 Kim Possible : The Lost Son Return to Stonehaven

Clay and Elena Danvers had twin's, one boy and and one girl. But one day a Mutt took there son and lost him. They never found Logan Danvers until Now 14 years later, in Middleton Colorado. Now they have to teach him how to be a werewolf and try to get him back home to Stonehaven were he belongs. That might be harder then they think when they meet Kim Possible, because no one takes Ron Stoppable away from her.

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" Don't worry Rufus I'll take good care of you" said Kim as she wiped her eye's from the sad scene the was displayed in front of her.

" Hink, Rufus will miss Ron" said Rufus as he hugged Ron's face.

" I'll miss you to, Rufus" said Ron as he hugged him back.

" So, whats next" asked Kim as she held Rufus in her hands.

" I don't know." said Ron as he frowned.

" Do you wana take a nap" asked Kim as she looked at Ron. Ron nodded and warped His arm's around Kim and closed his eyes.

Kim laid there thinking, as Ron Slept. Ron was leaving her and she knew that it was for the best for him. She was going to miss him and she wanted to go with him, but she knew that she had to let him go alone.

Kim looked over at Ron and saw that he was in a deep sleep. He was so cute when he was sleeping. Kim smiled and cuddled in to Ron's chest and breath in deeply , she was going to miss this and this might be the last time that she could smell Ron and sleep with him.

( 1 hour later)

" Kp , wake up" said Ron as he looked at Kim.

" Mmm, hmm whats up Ronnie Pu" said Kim as she woke up.

" I need to go to the bathroom and your on me so move" said Ron as he looked at Kim. Kim rolled off of Ron. Ron jumped off the bed and ran to his bathroom. Kim looked over and saw it was late in the afternoon.

" Ron I think I got some Ideas to keep our friendship strong with you leaving me and all" said Kim as she waited on the bed.

" Grrr, fine" growled Ron as he jumped back on to the bed.

" One, stop growling you maybe a werewolf but that doesn't mean you have to act like a animal." said Kim as she glared at Ron.

" And what is your plan" said Ron as he tackled Kim to the bed and held her down.

" I 'll ask Wade to make you a Kimmunicator so we could talk all the time." said Kim as she rubbed Ron's back as he was on top of her holding her body down.

" Mmm, go lower please" said Ron as he started to purr.

" Ha ha, your purring you big bad wolf" said Kim as she rubbed Ron's lower back. Ron rubbed his nose into Kim's neck and was purring some more. Kim smiled she never did this before for Ron , but she liked it.

" I like this Kp, I really love this" said Ron as he lick her neck and nibbled her ear.

" Mmm, and I like it to Oh Ron that feels so good" said Kim as she stretch her neck so Ron had more room.

" RON, SLUT IT'S TIME TO TALK" yelled Kate as she barged in to Ron's Room and glared at Kim.

"GO AWAY AND DON'T CALL KIM A SLUT YOUR THE HO" yelled Ron as he glared at his new twin sister.

" Well, I call em like I see em" said Kate as she looked at Kim.

" GET OUT OF MY ROOM, IT'S MY ROOM GET THE HELL OUT" yelled Ron as he got off of Kim and walked towards Kate and pushed her out of his room.

" Look we need to talk , okay mom's worried about you" said Kate as she frowned.

" Go away I'm with Kim" said Ron as he jumped back on his bed.

" She human don't get to close or she'll end up dead by a mutt" said Kate as she turned around and left.

" Grrr" growled Ron as he glared at the door.

" Ron, are you ok" asked Kim as she touched Ron on the arm.

" I will be, don't worry ok Kim" said Ron as he gave Kim a small smile and wrapped his arm's around Kim.

" Mmm, Ron I'm going to miss this , but with you having your own Kimmunicator we'll talk everyday" said Kim as she smiled.

" Well, not everyday maybe like 4 times a week " said Ron as he gave Kim a small smile.

" Ha, no it's everyday and you will talk to me" said Kim as she glared at Ron.

" Kim I need to work hard and get this werewolf training done so I can be home with you" said Ron touched Kim's cheek.

" Ok, I understand but I don't like it" said Kim as she she frowned at Ron . Ron nodded and Frowned to.

" Let's go downstairs k, and see what everybody doing" said Kim as she got off the bed.

" Ok, Kp" said Ron as he followed her.

" Hey, Clay can we talk" asked Ron as he looked at Clay.

" I was hoping we could talk you know mother and son" said Elena as she looked at Ron

" Umm, sure maybe later but I want to know more about werewolves and all he is like my dad and all" said Ron as he looked at Elena. Elena frowned and and looked at Clay.

" Ron, talk to her okay I want you to okay" whispered Kim as she looked at Ron.

" But I want to talk to Clay not her" whispered Ron back to Kim.

" Look I would want my son to talk to me if I lost him and just found him." said Kim as she frowned.

" Grrr, Kim Grrr but I don't want to " growled Ron as he looked at Kim. Kim Hit Ron on the chest and pointed to Elena.

" Grrr, Grrr" growled Ron as he looked at Kim.

" NOW " yelled Kim as she glared at Ron.

" FINE, LET'S TAKE A WALK ELENA" yelled Ron as he walked to His front door. Elena smiled and followed Ron.

" Thank you" said Clay as he looked at Kim.

" You owe me" said Kim as she went to sit by Mrs. Stoppable.

" What would you like" asked Clay as he looked at Kim.

" I would like Ron , but I already have him just promise me you keep an eye on him he can get in big trouble left by himself." said Kim as glared at Clay.

" I will look out for him he's my son after all" said Clay as he looked at Kim.

" Will you tell me about werewolves Please if I understand what Ron is maybe I can help him" said Kim as she frowned at Clay.

"You can never help him , your to slow, to weak , to breakable and to human he'll be fine with his own kind with his pack" said Clay as he looked at Kim.

" I know Ron better then anybody in the world and I will not let him down . Now tell me what I can do to help him." said Kim as she glared at Clay.

" Leave him alone , let him learn what he needs to and let him decided what he wants" said Clay as he frowned.

" What do you mean by let him decided what he wants , he'll come back here won't he" asked Kim as she frowned.

" Maybe or maybe not he'll put you all in danger your human and he might like the freedom he gets at Stonehaven" said Clay as he looked at Kim.

" He has freedom here and I'll protect him, I love him and I'll do anything for him even die if I have to" said Kim as she looked at Clay. Clay smiled and looked at his watch on his right arm.

" Then I see my son found his potential mate , but you have to work for it" said Clay as he got up and walked out side.

( With Ron and Elena)

" So what do you like Ron" asked Elena as she walked with her son.

" Stuff" said Ron as he frowned.

" Oh, umm how about umm sports do you like sports." asked Elena as she tried to look at Ron.

" Yha, I like boxing and any kind of fighting" said Ron as he grinned.

" That sounds nice , what else do you like" asked Elena as she smiled.

" I want to know about you too , you know" said Ron as he gave Elena a small smile.

" Well, I like to wright and read , I like to sing and spend time with my pack / Family" said Elena as she looked at Ron.

" What happen that night" asked Ron as he frowned.

" It was my fault and I never forgave myself ,. I'll understand if you hate me after you here what happen but give me a chance to redeem myself." said Elena as she looked at Ron who nodded.

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