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The six of them sat nervously around in this large room with a man that they had all seen more than once for individual counselling. Sitting with other people who were struggling with aspects of their life made them feel like they weren't the only vulnerable upset anger filled person in the entire world. They all had the feeling of hesitation to start group therapy but after assessing life they began to decide it would help them get through the rest of their college years. Hell even make new friends that would understand.

They exchanged looks at one another. All recognising one another but had never acquainted their selves to each other. They were all of varying types, all of varying ages. They were a major mix but there was something comfortable about being with one another, even if namelessly.

'Who'd like to start?' The counselling asked this was by followed complete silence. 'I can random chose? I know it's a daunting thought to stand up and admit your feelings but we aren't here to judge... you are all in basically the boat... therefore, you can help one another.' More silence. 'All you need to do is stand say your name and what's brought you here and then sit.'

'Okay I'll start.' Said the young black haired boy, who had masculine handsome features for his age. He stood and cleared his throat. 'My name is Aaron Hotchner and I've been struggling with the death of my dad for the last month or so.' He breathed out in pure relief, that actually felt good, amazing actually, he then sat back down.

'Well done Aaron.... how about one of the ladies now?'

One of the two blonde headed ladies, she was curvy, had a certain something that radiated from her that made you want to gravitate to her, to know her more, she stood up. 'My name is Penelope Garcia; I lost my mom and dad in a car accident 3 weeks ago.' She too breathed out, finding it amazingly therapeutic to admit such a sore spot in front of strangers. She caught a smile off the young dark handsome boy and couldn't help but smile back.

He stood next. 'My names Derek Morgan.' He paused. 'I was abused as a child and the man that did it is up for parole soon, I guess I'm not coping well.' He smiled slightly and sat down; he found his eyes wandering back to the girl that had spoke before him. He found he didn't feel anger or the feeling or need to be ashamed for saying that sentence like he usually did.

'Another lady perhaps?'

The tall beautiful brunette stood, catching a look of Aaron, she smiled sadly. 'My name is Emily Prentiss and I thought I was prepared but I obviously wasn't, my grandmother died just over 3 weeks ago.' She sat back down, her eyes locked with Aaron.

The scrawny one of the men stood, he wasn't lean, he wasn't fat it was slim, yet not lanky with features begging for age to mature them into a handsome man. He cleared his throat with obvious nerves. 'My name is Spencer Reid and I just found out my mom's been clinically diagnosed with Schizophrenia.'

The final lady stood up. She was another blonde, petite, and slender, rather pretty she couldn't stop looking at Spencer, his eyes held a hidden wonder she wanted to get to know more, to explore. 'My name's Jennifer Jareau and I'm having trouble dealing with a family breakdown.'

When the last lady sat back down the counsellor sat forward, leaning on his knees. 'See it wasn't that hard was it?' Everyone shook their heads, still slightly consumed with shyness. 'The reason I decided to call a group meeting for you six was to show you that other people can help, you don't have to be the same age, the same ethnicity, the same intelligence or have the same problems you just need to meet new people to make a new start, one where all the secrets are laid bare on first encounters rather than with holding them.' He looked at them. 'Now... I'm going to call that a session but I would like us to regroup weekly. If you have any problems you know where to find me.'

The six youngsters stood up, smiled at one another before saying their goodbyes to David Rossi, their counsellor, their mentor, their friend.