Evil Principals - Chapter 2

By Effervescent Shine

Disclaimer: Um, John Hughes owns just about everything in this story. Except Dominoes. But even still, I don't own that either. (On account of me being to lazy to think up my own Pizza place name…) And uh, yeah. Don't sue.

A/N: I would just like everybody to pause for a moment and admire this for the glorious day that it is. Oops, sorry, I was being dramatic again. But I never (really, I mean never) write stuff that's longer than 1 chapter. I get bored with it…start new stuff. But look! Here we all are, second chapter. Granted, it's with different characters…but it's still the second chapter. (And I'm not sure what exactly my muses have planned (sometimes they can be sneaky) but I'm pretty sure a third chapter's going to come along eventually…cross your fingers.) So, go me! Okay, okay, I'm done now. You can read the fic.

The phone rings in Ferris' bedroom, slightly muffled from under a pile of clothing. There is nobody there to answer, because Ferris, having impressed his parents with his miraculous recovery from the brink of death, has gone out for pizza. The pizza hadn't so much been Ferris' idea, as it had Cameron's. He had wanted Ferris to meet with his friend Brian and talk – to make sure Brian was okay after a "flare-gun incident" as Cam put it. Which was cool with Ferris, so now he finds himself eating Hawaiian pizza in a corner booth at Dominoes playing psychiatrist to someone who is obviously fine.

"Yeah, and so they got me to write the essay for all of them, probably because they think that because I'm smart I'd be the best, but English isn't really one of my strongest subjects, I'm better at the sciences – did I mention I'm in the physics club?"

Maybe a little sad and in need of a social life, but fine. Besides, Ferris likes meeting new people. It's good to know a lot of different people – it comes in handy sometimes.

Brian's slightly rambling story is interrupted as Simone, a girl from Ferris' class, comes up to the table.

"Ferris? Ferris, you're okay! Ohmigawd, I was so worried…I heard you were practically dying! And then my boyfriend's cousin's best friend said…" Ferris cuts off Simone's babbling with a shake of his head. He holds up his hand as he finishes chewing his pizza, buying time as he figures what exactly he could get away with here. Finally reaching the decision that Simone is probably just as ditzy, and therefore gullible, as she appears, Ferris says, "Ah, yeah, I was really sick for a while there. It was getting pretty bad…but then my good buddy Brian here," Ferris gestures at Brian with his pizza crust for emphasis, "he donated bone marrow, and frankly, he saved my life. I mean, he literally brought me back from the brink of death. Great guy, that's what Brian is."

Simone looks impressed, and regards a confused-looking Brian with newfound interest. "Wow…that is, like, so totally cool. You must feel like a total hero… anyway, I should get back to my friends. Maybe I'll see you guys around sometime?" Brian smiles shyly at Simone as she winks at the boys and happily bounces back to her own table. Ferris shrugs at Brian as if to say, well, that's girls for you and the boys go back to their pizza and conversation.

* * *

The boys still sit at the table talking, even after the pizza has all been eaten, until Ferris, looking down at half eaten crusts and abandoned pineapple pieces, decides to wrap up the meeting. "Dude," he says abruptly to Brian, "listen, I've gotta go real soon, but I'd like to make sure a few things are clear. You're, like, okay right? I mean, everything's going good with school?"

"Yeah, well, aside from a completely insane principal…yeah, I think things are going to be okay now." Sometime during the evening, Brian had explained to Ferris about his newfound friends, and how much easier he hoped that school would be.

"Sooo…there's not going to be anymore of this flare gun stuff?" Ferris asks sternly.

"No. No, trust me I…" Brian takes a deep breath. "No, definitely not," he finishes matter-of-factly. Ferris grins at Brian's confidence. It was just earlier that evening that he had been babbling on, unsure of himself. Apparently all he needed was a friend, someone who would listen. Well anyway, Ferris thinks, standing up and stretching, I got what I came for. Brian is doing fine. Now I can go home, maybe call Sloane, maybe call Cam. Yeah, life is good.

The two boys leave their money and tip and walk out the door together. As they part in the parking lot, each going their own separate ways, Brian stops and calls back to Ferris. "Hey!" he says, "maybe you could get that Simone girl to call me, sometime?"

Ferris grins. Oh yeah, Brian is definitely doing fine.