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Rose Weasley and Albus Potter sprawled in the warm grass during the last few days of summer. Rose had her head tilted towards the sky with a light smile plastered on her cherry lips. Albus had his head cradled in his arms as he watched the clouds roll by, imagining dragons and castles. This was an every year thing for the two close cousins - their tradition before returning to Hogwarts for another year. Except this year was different - it was their last year. Rose turned to face Albus with a devious look in her eye.

"So...what's the dare this year?" She asked as she nibbled on her bottom lip. Her blue eyes were shining in the sun and her tanned skin glowed a deep bronze. Albus glanced over at her for a mere second before returning his gaze towards the sky, looking inquisitive.

"We always decide that when we get back to Hogwarts, why break tradition now?" The corners of his mouth pulled upwards in a grin.

"Oh, what does it matter anyway. We can make one up now, or later. Either way, we only have this year left for our dares. We have to make it really good." Rose shrugged as she studied Albus' profile. He was handsome, sure, but in a plain way. He had a sloped nose and his fathers unruly black hair. His eyes were mysterious and a deep shade of brown, only adding to his mystery. His lips were thin but his smile was slightly crooked and captivating. He had dimples when he smiled, making him all the more adorable to those girls who ogled after him year after year. Rose sighed.

"I'll think of something really good for this year. Nothing like our last years, this has to top all the rest." Albus held his grin, already having ideas pour into his mind.

"Well it won't be hard to beat - wearing flip flops all year round despite the amount of detentions we recieved. Not to mention slight frostbite from wearing those blasted things during the winter." Rose giggled at the memory of their first dare. Who on earth made a dare as stupid as that? They did, that's who. And they both ended up wearing them year round - only Albus had more detentions so that simple fact made him win the dare that year.

"Don't forget wearing our underwear on the outside of our pants..." Albus reminded her with a chuckle. Rose's cheeks reddened at the memory.

"You don't know how bad I was made fun of that year, Albus." She giggled again. "I was only 12, I didn't have sexy underwear like I do now."

"I'd rather not imagine you in sexy underwear, Rose." Albus quipped easily as he pinched her arm. She pulled away quickly and pinched his leg in return.

"Oh, hush. Not like you haven't seen a woman in sexy underwear before."

"Yeah, but you're not just any woman, you're my cousin and the thought of you in...underwear..." He shuddered playfully, warranting another pinch from Rose.

"Zip it, playboy." She fired back as she tucked her loose auburn curls behind her ear. "What'd we do in our third year, I can't remember..."

"We had to 'meow' in every sentence." He responded with ease. Half of his class thought he was mentally challenged that year; they were completely convinced.

"I think my mother was called in for a conference that year, questioning my sanity." Rose shrugged with a smile. Albus was her best friend, they did almost everything together. They got in trouble together, had fun together, shared their darkest secrets with each other...she loved him for it. In a cousinly type of way, of course.

"Fourth year was interesting too." Albus shifted so he could get more comfortable, never taking his eyes off the sky. "Graffitti year."

"Yeah. I think I had my record amount of detentions that year. How they kept finding out it was me, I'll never know." Rose grinned playfully. They probably found out because most of their graffitti was artwork on display for each other. 'Weasley sucks' or 'Potter likes men'. Things to that nature, painted on the walls for each other to spot; as well as the rest of the school and faculty.

"I was really close to getting expelled that year, you know." Albus laughed. "I think that was my favorite dare, to be honest."

"Mine too, so far." Rose agreed with a nod. "Last year was kind of boring."

"Which is why we have to think of something amazing for this year. Something that'll go down in the history books for us." Albus smiled widely.

"Right..." Rose rolled her eyes, "this year has to top them all."

"We'll see." Albus replied easily. "Are you already packed? We leave in two days..."

"Nah, I'm somewhat packed but not completely. I'll pack all night the night before we leave. I hardly ever sleep the night before we return."

"Me neither. Oh, do you want to go to Diagon Alley with me tomorrow? I have a few things I need to pick up before we go back." Albus questioned as he turned to look at her finally. He knew she was always easy on the eyes, which is why his eyes were always wary around her, watching the other idiotic guys drool over her. She had loose auburn curls that hung down to her shoulder blades and framed her face beautifully. She inherited her mothers' good looks, luckily for her. She had a small upturned nose that was as cute as a button, and ripe cherry lips that were full and plump. Her teeth were straight and pearly white, and her smile was wide and stunning. Her eyes were a light shade of blue and almond shaped. She really was a pretty girl.

"Yeah, I can go. I should probably get myself a few more things, too." Rose agreed. "I guess we'll meet again in the morning?" She had noticed that the sun was starting to set which meant that dinner was going to be ready soon. The whole Weasley and Potter clan always stuck together the week before school reopened. It was tradition, of course.

"Yeah. You up for a game of exploding -"

"No!" Rose laughed. She always got her arse on fire when they played that game. Albus laughed at her reaction.

"Maybe I'll play with Hugo and set his hair on fire again."

"Maybe that's a good idea. Just don't catch your mum's dress on fire again, I don't think she enjoyed that one too much."

"I was grounded for a week straight, for that one. Said it was her favorite dress."

"I think she was more upset about the fact that the fire you started was right at her cro-"

"Enough! I can't stand to be reminded of that." Albus shuddered for real this time. "That was plain disgusting."

"Like I said before, it's not like you haven't seen a woman in her knickers."

"Shush! That's my mom, though!"

"Yeah, I guess I can see your point. Though I think your dad liked getting a little peep show there."

"Zip. It. Now." Albus was turning red and embarassed.

"You probably shouldn't play with fire anymore."

"Rose. I'm warning you."

"Fine, fine. Lighten up sometimes."

"I am 'lightened'." Albus mumbled as he brought himself to stand up. "But I won't be after I eat. I'm starving, let's go in." He offered his hand to help Rose stand and she took it.

"Don't choke this time." Rose winked at him with a devious smile.

"I didn't. Lily kicked me in the balls, if I recall correctly."

"That sounds like Lily."

"You don't know the half of it." Albus chuckled again. Such was his life - always filled with excitement and pain. More pain than excitement, it seemed. Albus probably had the worst luck in the world, which made Rose laugh at his misfortune. At least Albus had a sense of humor about everything. And Rose did too, because she inherited the same bad luck.


Rose decided to fit herself into a small pair of khaki shorts and donned a colorful spaghetti strap form-fitting top. She wore flip flops, much to her dismay. She couldn't stand those things since her first year, you know, the dare thing. Either way, they matched and she had no other choice. She let her hair fall loosely around her, because usually during school she had it tied back in a boring ponytail. But she was feeling free today - and ready for adventure. With Albus, there was always adventure.

She and Albus strolled along the streets of Diagon Alley and was surprised to see as many classmates as they did. She figured everyone would have been done with their shopping, but alas, she was wrong. Everywhere she turned there was an ex-boyfriend, or some sniveling little girl whom she stole said ex-boyfriend from to begin with. Rose wasn't phased.

Suddenly, Albus grabbed Rose's hand and ducked them both into the nearest robe shop. Rose squealed slightly in shock.

"What's the rush, Tonto?" Rose furrowed her brow as Albus hid in the nearest corner with flushed cheeks.

"Merlin, she's so flippin' gorgeous." He mumbled as he stared out the front window at a girl. Rose followed his gaze and was surprised to see who was ogling after.

"Veronica Lacombe?" Rose's mouth was agape as she stared between Albus and the figure of Veronica outside.

"Hush! She'll hear!" Albus sunk further into the shadows as Rose laughed loudly.

"Are you serious?" Rose couldn't help but laugh as she clutched her chest, "She's a bint! A righteous, egotistical, bint!"

"Don't talk about her like that! She's...nice." Albus scolded.

"Yeah, nice to look at, otherwise she's a complete fluff!" Rose laughed some more. "And you gave me inspiration for our next dare."

"Please, don't. Not her, Rose. Nothing with her." Albus begged with wide eyes.

"I dare you - "


"To seduce..."

"Don't say it!"

"Veronica Lacombe."


"You've been dared. It's official. You have to do it now." Rose was delighted with herself and Albus looked like he was turning a sickening shade of green.

"You bloody wanker." Albus commented as he slunk out of the shadows. Rose eyed Veronica. She had blonde hair that draped down to her shoulders in long waves. Of course she had tanned skin and a body to die for. She was tall and thin with long sculptured legs, and a smile that made even grown men melt at her feet. The girl was a walking model, for sure. And it didn't help that she was part Veela...

"Albus Potter...cowering in a corner, I see." A cold voice broke the moment as Rose spun to see exactly who she didn't want to see. Ever.

"Why, hello Malfoy. Did Daddy let you off your chain today?" Rose quipped with her hands propped on her hips. She felt Scorpius' gaze move across her body and she shifted uncomfortably.

"I didn't know you were into chains, Rose, or I would've changed my opinion about you." Scorpius moved towards her with grace and ease. She took a much needed step backwards. The man was sex on legs, she had to admit. With his blonde tousled hair that hung loosely over his deep and mysterious silver eyes. His body was sculpted and chisled (and tanned) in all the right places. Rose wondered if the rumors were true that he was nothing but hard muscle in every place.

"And there's nothing that could make me change my opinion about you, Malfoy." She replied easily, though she noticed her voice shook just a slight bit.

Scorpius caught the shake in her voice but found it only slightly amusing. The girl was pretty enough - prettier than most of the girls in their class. And Scorpius knew of the girls in their class...he knew them very personally. Most of them, anyway, except for the slight few that he wouldn't go near even if he was under the imperius curse. Rose was one of those girls to him. She was pretty, yes, but she was also a Weasley. And that meant filth to him. He scanned her body once again, surprised to see what had been hiding beneath her robes the past 6 years they went to school together. And her hair was actually really flattering when she let it down. But she was only something to look at, and never to touch. Never ever to touch. But she might be fun to torment...

"And Potter...why do you look so flushed?" Scorpius moved towards the other boy with a smirk painted on his lips. Rose was sure Scorpius heard some of their conversation about Veronica, but wasn't sure how much he had actually stood around to watch.

"It's warm outside." Albus responded as he moved from the corner and pretended to be looking at a nearby set of robes.

"I didn't know woman's dress robes were of interest to you, Potter." Scorpius grinned widely, exposing a set of pearly white teeth. And dimples. Rose neglected to realize that simple fact until now. She tore her eyes away from the boy - her enemy - she didn't want any thoughts of him whatsoever, even if he was good looking.

"Let's go, Albus. There's poisonous spiders around here." Rose scowled as she grabbed Albus' arm and began to lead him away. Scorpius stepped in front of her and brought his lips far too close to her ear for comfort.

"Don't get too tangled in my web, Weasley." His breath sent chills down her spine. She scowled at him and left the building with Albus in tow as quickly as possible.

"That bloody wanker. I can't stand him!" Rose complained to Albus as she continued to drag him down the sidewalk, unaware of how far they had gotten from the store. "He thinks that every single girl is going to melt over him because he looks good. Well he's wrong! He's a dirty, no good for nothing, bloody..."

"Rose, I get the point." Albus rooted his feet on the cobblestone to slow them down and bring Rose back to reality. "And guess what?"

"What!" Rose screamed at him as she spun around furiously. She wasn't mad at Albus, just flustered from her run-in with Malfoy.

"I-dare-you-to-seduce-Scorpius-Malfoy!" Albus spit out in one long breath before Rose even knew what he said. "I said it! It's official!"

"YOU! You WOULD'NT!" Rose gasped with her mouth wide and her eyes furious. "Albus Potter! That's - morally wrong!"

"I did! I dared you. Now you have to do it, just like I have to." Albus shrugged lightly and with a smile.

"But it's Malfoy, which makes it different! We've been enemies since our first year here...and now you expect me to seduce him? It's not going to happen. No way, no how. Pick someone else." Rose folded her arms across her chest defiantely.

"No offense Rose, but you've pretty much got every other guy in our class drooling over you except for Malfoy. So it only makes sense...and a challenge. You like challenges..."

"But I don't like Malfoys." She quipped as she spun on her heel and began to walk away. "But you're on! A dare is a dare!" She called over her shoulder. Albus grinned like a young school boy - this year would prove to be very interesting indeed.