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Rose woke up groggily - her eyes gradually opened, images a cloudy mist in front of her. She groaned and stretched - her arm hit something warm behind her. Quickly, her mind sprung into action and her eyes focused on the room around her.

Green satin.

Expensive furniture.

A grumble followed by a swift sniff resounded behind her.


A small smile crept across her face as he tossed his arm gently around her waist, drawing her nearer. She closed her eyes for a split second, before her senses realized they weren't the only ones in the room.

"Scorpius!" Rose called out in shock, as her body sprung to life.

He jumped, startled, as Rose gripped the sheets against her bare skin and sat straight up.

Two bodies emerged from the darkness.

"Mom?" Rose asked simultaneously with Scorpius.


Draco stood there, one hand hanging by his side - the other tucked into his fitted black jeans pocket. White collared shirt unbuttoned at the top to reveal a sliver of his tanned skin - his frame was masculine and strong. Rose immediately realized where Scorpius got his dashing looks from.

Hermione stood next to Draco - russet hair tamed and straight - upturned nose high in the air, eyes looking disapprovingly at the pair of them in the bed together.


Clothes strewn around the bed, sheets and blankets tangled around their legs and bodies.

"Get dressed, you two. Clearly, we need to talk." Draco broke the awkward silence before he turned on his expensive heel and left the room. Hermione eyed her daughter precariously before following Draco out of the room.

"Fuck." Scorpius slid out from under the silky sheets and pulled on his clothes quickly. Rose did the same - not a word was spoken between the two of them as they hastily dressed themselves - like lovers embarrassed.

Rose could feel the blood pulsing through her veins in a furious frenzy - mostly from fear of what was going to happen next. There was no denying the relationship between she and Scorpius now - they were caught red handed. In bed. With their pants down.

Literally. Down on the ground.

Scorpius moved to the doorway first and waited for Rose to follow.

"Let me do the talking." He murmured as he headed down the long hallway, towards his fathers private study.

Once they entered, Rose took in her surroundings quickly. Hermione was sitting in an oversized leather chair, legs crossed, arms resting on the arm rests by her side. Lips pursed into a thin line - eyes dark and angry.

Draco was seated behind his colossal mahogany desk, books lining the wall from floor to ceiling behind him. There was barely any light in the room - a few wall sconces cast amber shadows around the room. Rose gulped.

"Sit." Draco gestured to the two empty chairs on the other side of his desk.

"Father...let me explain." Scorpius started but was cut off by a sharp glare from Draco.

"Did I say you could talk?" Draco interjected fiercely. Scorpius sat back in his chair and swallowed hard.

"Draco, let me handle this." Hermione's calm voice broke the building tension in the room and earned a curt nod from the stiff blonde.

"Mom..." Rose's voice was pleading, but Hermione's hand sprung up, motioning for her to stop.

"We've been investigating your case, Rose, ever since your accident. We've pieced together some of the puzzle, but clearly we didn't have it all figured out." She pursed her lips together once again, in clear disapproval of their current situation, "We didn't know who poisoned you, or why. Until Nott showed up at the hospital, bloodied and bruised."

Her eyes raked over Scorpius' disheveled appearance.

"I assume that you got into a fight with Nott. Did you not, Scorpius?" Hermione questioned professionally.

"I did." Scorpius admitted without hesitation.

"I see." Hermione glanced at Draco to make sure he was still on the same page as them, "Why?"

"Because he hurt Rose. He poisoned Rose." Scorpius gritted his teeth in anger.

"So you nearly killed him?" Draco hissed from behind the desk, dark shadows dancing across his face, "Over a woman? Have I not taught you anything?"

"You have, father, but..." Scorpius hung his head in his hands and shook his head. Rose didn't know what to do - she felt helpless in this situation.

"Draco, please." Hermione once again calmed the situation with her soothing voice, "Scorpius, why did Nott want to hurt Rose?"

"Long story." He sighed deeply and shook his head once again, clearly agitated.

"Scorpius...tell them." Rose urged softly and placed her hand on his knee to comfort him. "Please."

Scorpius looked into her eyes - pleading with him to tell them the truth. She looked scared. Scared of what would happen to him. To them.

"Nott tried to blackmail me." Scorpius started with another stressful sigh, "Rose and I, as you know now, have feelings for each other. They started while we were still in school together, gradually developing over the months. Nott, being my 'friend', saw a change in me and I suppose he investigated things on his own. He came to the conclusion that Rose and I had a thing for each other and then formulated a plan to blackmail me. He was going to coerce Rose into a marriage with him - but let her see me on the side, and I'd have to give him 50% of my business earning..." Scorpius exhaled deeply, not going any further with the story.

They wouldn't believe him. He sounded like a bloke who lost his marbles.

He sat there for what felt like an eternity - blank faces staring at him, waiting for him to continue.

Draco finally cleared his throat and squeezed the armrest on his massive leather chair, "Why didn't you come to be about this? I could've helped you solve this problem in a less obvious manner. But instead you've botched the whole scenario and made a hell of a mess to clean up. Do you realize how many strings I have to pull now?"

"I can't come crawling to you for every problem I have, father. You've taught me enough...hell, I taught myself enough on how to survive, adapt, and overcome. I don't need to come crying to daddy for everything." Scorpius conveyed forcefully. "If I ever want a family of my own, I need to handle my own problems. Privately."

"Well, this wasn't exactly done in private, now was it?" Draco seethed, "And you're far too young to have a family of your own."

Especially with a Weasley.

The last part was unspoken, but the tension in the room spoke through the silence. Hermione fidgeted uncomfortably, chewing on her bottom lip. Rose continued to look at her feet, fiddling her hands in her lap. Scorpius had his darkened eyes locked with his fathers, a silent battle churning between the two.

"What happens next." Scorpius dared his father to try and tell him he couldn't be with Rose for the simple fact that they were from two remotely different bloodlines. Or whatever else the old beliefs held for the Malfoy family.

"You'll be lucky if you don't have to spend some time in Azakaban for nearly killing a fellow student. For using magic outside of the castle walls. For breaking into Hogwarts when you were expelled and banned from the premises. You've made a crime scene with a thousand trails, all leading back to you. Yet you refuse my help?" Draco sneered and let out a chilling laugh, "Son, I dare you to try to clean this up on your own. Go ahead and try."

"Now, now, Draco, there's no need to push this even further than its already gone." Hermione interjected sternly, "Scorpius, you're going to need your fathers help to clean up this situation, so I suggest that you two stop butting heads and start working together. As for you, Rose, you're coming home with me. Now." Hermione stood gracefully, full of poise and allure.

"Rose..." Scorpius looked at her with pleading eyes, begging for some kind of recognition.

"Scorpius..." Was all Rose managed to croak before her mother had her by the arm and was escorting her out of the dark office and far away from the Malfoy manor.

Scorpius sat alone in his lofty apartment - today was the day that he was supposed to graduate Hogwarts. Instead, he sat on his lonely couch, swirling a glass of amber liquid in his hand. Sipping slowly, he leaned back to get comfortable for this long, depressing day.

He imagined Rose, draped in her burgundy graduation robes, smiling freely and overjoyed to be done with school. Scorpius would've been there too, celebrating with his classmates, cheering and whooping - and going to exciting graduation parties.

But nope. Here he was, sitting alone in his oversized loft apartment, with his over-expensive furniture adorned throughout the space, dreaming of what could-have-been.

It had been over a month since he last saw Rose in his fathers office. Draco had to pull many strings and call on many favors to keep Draco from getting into serious trouble. Nott was locked away in Azkaban for having used illegal potions and blackmailing. Nott wouldn't spend the rest of his life there, of course, but at least 10 years was promised to him in Azkaban.

Scorpius was glad that the whole ordeal was over and settled, and he didn't need to see Nott or deal with him anymore.

At least not for another 10 years. Scorpius knew the boy would brood for the next ten years and would probably gun after him when he was released - but that was something for the future to hold.

Not now.

Three swift knocks broke the silence in his home. Scorpius glanced at the door and stretched out slowly, drink still in hand.

"Who is it." He called as he strolled to the door.

No answer.

He pulled the door open to reveal Rose, bags pooled around her ankles, her hair disheveled and wild.

Eyes full of tears.

"What's wrong!" Scorpius asked immediately, pulling her into his arms, and into his home.

"I'm sor-sorry it took me s-s-so long to get t-to you!" She cried as Scorpius held her tight.

Well, this wasn't was he was expecting at all. Especially not a sob-fest on his doorstep.

"Um, it's okay, Rose." He rubbed her back soothingly, trying to get her to calm down.

"I wanted to get h-h-here sooner. But my mum made me w-wait until Graduation!" Rose laughed now, confusing Scorpius immensely. He pulled away from her and held onto his shoulders. He lowered himself to look in her eyes to see if she was by any chance under the influence of that blasted potion again.

"Why are you laughing?" He questioned once he realized this was truly Rose.

"I'm just so happy!" Rose cried and flung herself around Scorpius' neck with force.

He checked the drink in his hand and wondered if it was somehow poisoned, and he was actually imagining this whole scene himself.

"I'm...happy...too. I think." His face was much like that of the famous Captain Jack Sparrow's from one of his favorite Muggle movies. Entirely confused.

"You asked me to move in with you. Don't you remember?" It was Rose's turn to look lost. She wiped the tears from her face and snorted, "Or have you changed your mind?"

"Erm." Scorpius was stunned.

"Merlins cock! You changed your mind. Oh, how stupid of me to think that you'd still want me after all we've been through. Shite shite shite!" Rose exclaimed as she hastily grabbed for her bags and tried to make a quick and embarrassed getaway. Unfortunately for her, Scorpius was much faster.

"No, no no no, Rose, stop." He pulled the bags from her hands and tossed them easily into the foyer of his home. "I've been waiting for this day for months. I erm, actually, decorated the guest bathroom in Gryffindor colors."

Rose laughed, long and loud.

"Aw, how sweet! I get just one room? And it's the bathroom?" Rose clapped her hands and headed inside where she scanned her surroundings hastily , "It needs a womans touch, but we can make it work."

"It is working, just the way it is." Scorpius declared as he kicked the door closed behind him. The truth of the moment settled in and he finally realized that all of the drama was behind them.

It was just the two of them. And she was moving in with him.

Living with him.

Which was something Scorpius never saw himself doing with anybody, not until he was forced to take a bride and carry on the Malfoy name.

Rose looked around the Slytherin-decorated space and smiled deeply.

"Scorpius." She beamed as she drew close to him, "I think we need to work on something."

"What would that be?" He spread his arms around her and hugged her tight against his chest, smiling himself.

"Telling each other that we love each other." Rose replied easily and pulled her head out of his chest to see his reaction.

He was smiling.

"I'll start." He kissed her forehead sweetly, "I love you, Rose. There. Now you say it."

A challenge.

Rose nibbled her bottom lip, making him wait to hear the words he longed for.

"Rose..." He arched an eyebrow and cocked his head slightly to the side.

"You're gonna have to tickle it out of me!" Rose laughed as she skipped backwards, making a game of chase out of it.

"Tickle? Is that what they're calling it nowadays?" His eyebrow was still dangerously high as he pounced across his coffee table and tackled her onto the couch.

Rose was now pinned under Scorpius, his hips restraining her from moving. He boxed her head in between his hands as he so often had done during their first encounters together.

He brought his lips dangerously close to hers, pulling away whenever she tried to capture them with her own. He ground his hips into hers, starting a familiar motion even though they were fully clothed.

"Say it." He demanded, nipping at her bottom lip.

She wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and put her hands on either side of his face, thumbs grazing across his ripe lips.

"Scorpius." She looked deep into his playful silver eyes, "I love you."

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