Chapter One: In Which Sakura Takes Comfort From Sai


Haruno Sakura walked through her front door and frowned. "Mom? Dad?" She called. When she got no answer, Sakura walked further inside. "Anyone home?" She called. A wet sound made her look down. "Blood?" Sakura blinked. She followed the bloody river upstairs to her room. Sakura opened the door and her eyes widened. Her parents were all over the room. Her mother's gutted body lay on her bed while her mother's guts lay all over her floor. Her father's head stared at her from the dresser while his body lay beside her mother's. Sakura dropped her ninja gear on the floor in a puddle of blood and started screaming.

Her teammates Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke, Hatake Kakashi, and Sai found her 3 hours later and she was still screaming. "Sakura-chan?" Naruto waved his hand in front of her face. Sakura's screams had gone silent about two hours ago. "What's wrong with her Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto yelled. "Well…..she's blocking the way to her room for some reason." Kakashi replied. Sasuke rolled his eyes and gaped in shock as Sakura went to Sai and tugged his arms until they were around her body. Naruto gaped as well, both boys in shock. "But she always fights with you!" He yelled. Sasuke went into the room since Sakura was no longer blocking the door while Sai silently obeyed Sakura's wishes and hugged her.

"Um Kakashi? I think you need to come see this...I think I found out what has Sakura so upset." Sasuke said in an oddly breathless voice. The copy nin and the Kyuubi Jinchuriki went into the room while Sai remained in the hallway with Sakura clinging to his torso. Both looked shocked and sickened at the carnage in the pink haired kunoichi's room.

Sai knew what happened since he had drawn a bug and placed it on her when she wasn't looking. He felt irritated when he first discovered this feeling but had long since accepted it. Now Sai silently loved her. Not that he would ever tell her. That would be a big no no.

'Besides, the Uchiha has her heart quite firmly still.' The black haired artist thought.

Sakura burrowed her face into his neck and valiently fought tears so that she wouldn't seem weak in the face of adversity but her eyes and emotions were defying her wishes.

Sai's eyes softened when he felt small drops of warm liquid slide down his shoulder to be absorbed in his shirt. He silently tightened his hold on her and rubbed soothing circles on her back. He felt that was all he could do for her since he had no idea she was very much as in love with him as he was with her.

Sakura silently cried for what felt like hours to both of them when it was only about ten minutes. The three other boys on Sakura's team came out of her room after they cleaned up the mess for her sanity and now they were deciding where she would stay. Of course Sasuke, Naruto, and Kakashi argued that she should stay with them.

"Sai." Sakura spoke hoarsely.

"What?" The three men asked her.

"I want to stay with Sai." Sakura repeated.

"What the hell do you want to stay with that asshole for?!" Naruto demanded.

"You wouldn't understand Naruto." Sakura replied. She silently packed her clothes and whatever else she needed and set it by the door. "If I can't stay with Sai, I'll go stay with Neji or Shikamaru." Sakura added.

"Even Inuzuka is better than this emotionless freak." Sasuke pointed out. Sakura turned blank green eyes to him and sneered slightly. "You have no right to criticize anyone Uchiha." She said angrily.

"Is that acceptable Sai?" Kakashi asked.

"If that's what Sakura wishes then it's fine with me." Sai replied.

Sakura nodded. "It is." She said.

"Very well then. I have no qualms about it." Sai replied.

Sakura headed out of her house and as soon as everyone was out, Sakura turned and did a few hand signs. The house shimmered as flames surrounded it. "Now no one can come in and defile my house while I'm gone." She said.

Sai was carrying Sakura's things for her so her hands would be free to do whatever needed to be done.

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