Chapter Fourteen: I Think I Can Say It Now.


Sasuke may seem like a dick, and he is for the most part, but he honestly cares about his teammates even though he never acts like it.

Sai paced in his studio apartment restlessly. Not normal behavior for the dark haired artist, Naruto just watched quietly. "Sai I know you're kind of freaking out in that quiet way of yours so let me offer you some advice. Sakura is the type of girl that doesn't need anything fancy or overdone. If you want to show her how sincere and serious you are, just plan a small, private dinner here or at her favorite food place, buy her some daffodils, and just tell her how you feel. I promise you she'll be happier with that then some over the top confession." The blond said quietly. "Would she? Women seem to like the whole over the top thing." Sai questioned. 'You would think he'd know her better than that by now.' Naruto thought in annoyance. "Yes baka. I thought you knew Sakura-chan by now. She doesn't like over the top." The blond replied patiently.

Sakura sighed as she took her gloves off. "I swear sometimes I think I'm running a MASH unit instead of a hospital." She complained to her nurse. Michida laughed lightly. "Sakura-sama sometimes you are running a MASH unit. When you're assigned to a mission." She replied. Sakura grinned. "That's true. Anyway, that guy is ready to go into post-op." She said. Michida obediently wheeled the patient away and the pinkette smiled. 'Last patient. Yay.' She thought happily. Sakura got cleaned up and changed out of her scrubs and into her normal wear. "Well I'm off for the night Michida. If you need me, call but don't unless it's a dire emergency." She said. "Gotcha Sakura-sama. Have a good night. We should be ok from here." Michida replied cheerfully.

"Sakura I'm glad I caught you coming off shift. Do you want to go get something for dinner? You look trashed." Sai asked. "Yeah that sounds amazing." Sakura agreed cheerfully. She linked arms with the dark haired artist and they headed toward the food district.

The pinkette kept watch over her friend out of the corner of her eye because his chakra seemed to be fluctuating nervously. "Are you ok? Is something wrong?" Sakura asked after a few tense minutes.

Sai stopped and turned to look at her. "I wanted to do this correctly. Dinner, flowers, walking, the whole affair but it seems that the gods don't agree. So here are the flowers." He began by shoving a bouquet of daffodils to her.

Sakura took them with a grin. "To put you out of your misery, I feel the same way. Now let's go get something to eat before I die." She said. Sai laughed and they resumed walking. "You were seriously panicking over telling me you loved me?" Sakura asked as they headed toward their favorite food joint. "Well yes of course. I thought you were still in love with that idiot Sasuke." Sai replied.

"I think I should stop punching you in the head so much. I think I gave you brain damage." Sakura snorted. Sai gave her a dirty look and the pinkette grinned. "I was never really in love with Sasuke. He was a crush that I developed when I was a little girl. Like any normal girl, I didn't really want to give that up until I realized that I was doing the one thing I swore I would never do. Let someone dictate my life. When I realized that's what was happening, I instantly dropped my crush and took a real look at him. Sasuke is definitely not someone I could see myself with." Sakura explained. "And I am?" Sai asked. "Well as much as anyone else I suppose. You don't try to dictate my life and you definitely respect my independence and strength so I'm not worried about that. You're not annoying and we've lived together before without any incident so we're compatible that way. I don't really know of anything at the moment that would make us unsuitable." Sakura replied.

Naruto watched from the crystal ball in Tsunade's office and sighed in relief. "Thank goodness. I thought I'd have to punch Sai in the head a few times myself." He said. Tsunade laughed cheerfully and the two downed their sake shots. "They're perfect for each other. They're both annoying." She agreed. Naruto chuckled. "That they are at times." He said.

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